1. These are the CURRENT Blogs That are being used to expose what has/is happening to leslie But this blog right here is the first one that the two below it are a extension from it holds massive evidence and these two Blogs below this one are a Extention This one https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/ucsd-and-law-library-san-diego-are-they-networking-gangstalking/
  2. https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.wordpress.com/2016/05/
  3. https://2016ucsdandlawlibraryaretheynetworkinggangstalkinghumantraffick.wordpress.com/2016/05/09/first-blog-post/
  4. Emergency EMERGENCY EMERGENCY as of 10/17/.16 Leslie is in a Abosolute Emergency Protocol Status) Her Computer is being Shut Down and will eventually soon be made InOperable ( Either at Buissness’s and or at ANY SD Public Libraries) all Descriptions can be Google and Cross Referenced to GangStalking Crimes so you can deduce that it is VERY Reasonable to Conclude that the Descriptions are being Creativtivly Overtly Covertly Directly Implemented by the Person Persons Group that is Covertly perpetrating the Crime of GangStalking of her, EMERGENCY EMERGENCY this is One of the Most IMPORTANT Emergency Protocols leslie has EVER EVER Activated if Not the Most Important  STAY Tuned for at least the Next 40 Days Especially the Next 21 Days,ABSOLUTELY The Emergency Protocol has been Activated because of a CURRENT THING Leslie has Visually Noticed Read the Next Couple of Paragraphs Follow Instructions and then Proceed to the First Blog link that is together with two other Blogs for that is the Cuirrent one she is Using
  5. These Three Blogs are the Current ones she is Using from Top to Bottom, and ABSOLUTELY Follow Leslie on Twitter DAILY DAILY because she does make Prediction Tweets about what may happen to her How and Who may be Involved and its used to Post In real Time Events being brought about towards her if the Situation allows for it to occur, Twitter Account @higginsgggg—Exposingthruth
  6. Go to the First Blog to stay Current with Leslie DO IT  it is  along with the 2 other Blogs and Much more that will be forwarded to the Department of Education Concerning the School Loans the GangStalking Perpetrators of her in Mich Coersed  her to take out and if Leslie has/is being Subjedcted to the Different techknologies taht ARE ARE All over the Internet to be ABSOLUTELY Connected to these Crimes Meaning that Descion Making is ABOUTELY a Functionality of these Techknologies meaning she couldve been Neurally Influenced to Take out these loans as well after the Idea to do so was presented and REpeatedly presented physically Verbally For her to do so Before watching LISTENING to this Video Scrooll Down in this Blog to the section of Stalked in San Antonio and the KEN 5 PDF Link attached to it NOTICE JOHN Hall within the Video as well, DO IT then Cross refrerence to what Daniel Estalun states about Remote Neural Monitoring as Leslie is talking to him on a National Radio Show that show link Linked below as well
  7. Electromagnetic Stalking Dr John Hall Incredibly Important EDGEAM Interview with Daniel Ott
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24UqFFS6sV8

These Blogs are the 3 Blogs that are currently Active ( they are Absolutely Hacked by the Criminal Perpetrators who have and are Committing this Crime towards Leslie ALL ALL of leslie’s Computer activity and Phone is Being Monitored and GPS Tracked- which are methods of Organized Stalking GangStalking Community Stalking Crimes that can Be Googled so you can Deliberate it as so) leslies been on National Radio Shows Many Times one of these shows she exposed how her Blogs and Internet Activity has/is being Hacked, that show and the Other’s she’s been on are incorporated within these Blogs

  1. https://2016ucsdandlawlibraryaretheynetworkinggangstalkinghumantraffick.wordpress.com/2016/05/09/first-blog-post/
  2. https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.wordpress.com/2016/05/
  3. https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/ucsd-and-law-library-san-diego-are-they-networking-gangstalking/

PS I know the Reason why this Video is Being incorporated without a Current Explanation of Why may seem Biculaor,Just Watch it, and research what is stated to the Video Below it JUST do it- also always remember and spread the Word when Comfortable have tou ever noticed waking Up at either 3:00 AM and or 4 AM, especially if you notice the clock as its occurring and if Smart Meters are in you immediate vicinity, Both Videos refer to how these programs are desighned to get your attention WHY because the Target is Being Remote Neurally Monitored RNM the Attention is Stimulated  Their Neurally Coregraphing Attention CONSCIOUSNESS to Build a Cognitive Model of the Conscious Mind, BRAIN MAPPING for Ultimate Remote Control of it

Targeted Individuals XII: DEWs ELFs Torture


  1. This Blog is a ABSOLUTE PAYBACK to the Federal and State Agenice’s that ARE ABSOLUTELY Responsible for the TORTURE of EVERY GangStalking Victim- F U, can Not be More Clearly Put in your Face, For it is Presented in Part in the Exposure of your Criminal Ass’s.You were warned in 2005 Once leslie makes a choice Theirs no goin back- Fellow Americans Understand Leslie UNDER NO CONDITION’S, will ever stop EVER ,until SDPD Testifies in Open Court they set leslie up thru a Statged event in 2006, which Just Happened to be wheir- RIGHT around the Block from Rosecrans and Nimtiz Blvd, as a result of this ABSOLUTE STAGED event Lesie sufferred YEARS of Torture Explotation and Crimes beyound your Mnds dimensions in Michigan , so no matter what happens This will not end EVER until they admit it in OPEN COURT PERIOD

  2. The Purpose of the Exposure within this Blog IN ITS ACTUAL Motivation is Ezekiel 33:6 Everything is Secoundry



  2. 9/20/16 Post is Just Me Leslie stating Im Still in LaJolla I had to spend the Day running Errands and doing prepp work for Department of Education-STAY TUNED,
  3. I am Working on a Blog that will be UpDated evidence and evidence that has already been forwarded to them ( Massive things concerning them and Leslies Benifits and Her Living Situation is starting to bottle neck at leslie ) so she is working on Information to send to them, Here is that Blogs Link )
  4. https://2016ucsdandlawlibraryaretheynetworkinggangstalkinghumantraffick.wordpress.com/2016/05/09/first-blog-post/
  5. for whats UPCOMING between 9/08/16 and late December 2016 should Literally Prove to EVERYONE who’s keeping a eye on this Blog will observe Federal Agencie’s Participation in this Crime towards Leslie williams, at least The D Of E,? and Cooperating Employment Descriptions to bring about effects used then to exploit them to exploit leslie DEBT BODAGE extortion Cleaverly executed
  6. Participant’s will be ? Police  ? Including SDPD SDSD CHP UCSD Police any of them- Homeless persons or any other transient – BUT UNDERSTAND GangStallking Crimes Can USE ANYONE LITERALLY, including Property owners Public Workers or Contractors for The City County and or Property Owner, Social Deviants, Punks Criminals- Neighbor’s Kids, Creating the Homelessness of Leslie was done to use it ( As it is being Used and Will be) as a Control Mechanism, making targets homeless then GPS Tracking them to their resting area’s , and tracking them and deducing wheir they may go TRUST ME ON THIS ONE, and then using staged events and Buffers between the Target and Police, while acting verbally and Physically that the Event is happening FOR any Reason except for the fact that it is a ABSOLUTE Staged event due to the Tracking ” Stalking” of GangStalking,  this is done in part because you cannot prepare to go to Lawyers Law Firms Activist Groups ETC, if your in Jail or a Isolated enviroment they put you in the motive for the staged even, and if teh Target is in Jail for more than 29 Days the Target will lose social Security and Social Services and they can ABSOLUTELY Statge Assaults and Provavcations in the Detention centers Jails stage the Witnesses’s ,Blame the Target for it Charge them with a Misdemenor and or a Felony causing them to stay in Jail and if its a Felony the target may never be eligible to refile for Social Security when  their Realeased the Motive for the staged Assault and or Provacation Google GangStalking and Jail’s then to Police the Goal is to put up Obstacles so the Target cannot get out of the Current Obstacles and circumstances that they were ABSOLUTELY put in thru these crime’s, the goal is to benefit from the Circumstances and obstacles so they can be exploited to exploit the target, Are we now seeing and Understanding why Leslie cannot UTERRLEY STAND SDPD stay tuned this will be expanded on VERY soon so you can see the jest of the Current matters- The Immediate goal is to entrapp her and keep her entrapped in this school Loan debt, the GangStalking and the Covertly created Homelessness they Created of Leslie  so it can be exploited later SO STAY TUNED
  7. Common sence should expose tpo every one your conclusion that ” Leslie requested almost 28 SEPEARTE Occassion’s between 2011-09/01/2015 and once in a Email in July 2016 for SDPD to file a Police report that she is being  Factually GangStalked Even showing them Audio evidence of 2 men Openenly yelling GangStalk GangStalking GangA Stalking Ill fuck you up RIGHT IN LITERALLY RIGHT IN Leslies face Her Tape recorder Recording it as it was Occurring which the Microphone was Directly below her Chin All claimed they could’nt make sense of what they heard;
  8. That Evidence is Below Its referred as the “ThanksGiving event”( 2013) Not only the Fact they ABSOLUTELY denied right to her face even as their being recorded being able to clearly hear whats being stated they still on every occassion EVERYONE refused to invesitgate ANYONE and ANYPLACE its Occurred at LEAVING leslie in the ABSOLUTELY Continued Victimization of it even up to this Date, 9/19/16- so when a Crime INTENTIONALLY makes you homeless RESEARCH that description to GangStalking Organized Stalking and the Police wont help the Target knows thru MASSIVE experince that if they get a Apartment even a Mptel room even a Room for rent, this crimminal expedition whould ABSOLUTELY create it again- While leslie goes thru thousands and even GangStalking within the structures she is living in so if the Goal is to let you get a Place to get you to go thru your money and then create the Homelessness again what whould you do- the Reasonable Prudent deduction whould be to take the Route to save the Money, its literally this Simple Go thru THOUSANDS of Dollars to get and keep a Apartment  for up tp a Year
  9. ( That you will go thru ABSOLUTE HELL EVERYDAY ) as their Living their thru the GangStalking then Lose it end up Homeless again and you are then Out of the Thousands of Dollars, this has already happened to leslie at least 5 Time’s,
  10. This was Keyworded at Google Search Box
  11. gang stalking creating homelessness of targets
  12. And Google Generated
  13. About 179,000 results (0.34 seconds)
  14. This was typed in at Google
  15. organized stalking creating homelessness of targets
  16. Google Generated
  17. About 342,000 results (0.64 seconds)
  18. Does ANYONE Honestly beleive Leslie is Not aware of what she has Expereinced How,wheir, and, when it was Self Evident Who, we as Humans are able to deliberate what cause and effect is about as were expereicing it, The Stalked in San Antonio Section of this Blog CLEARLY shows leslie Describing GangStalking Methods being Used on her YEARS before she became aware of the Name of the Crime happening to her.
  19. DESCRIPTIONS DONT LIE, and we describe what we expereince, you will ABSOLUTELY deduce this Crime did/IS occurr ( ED )( ING ) because the Evidence in this Blog ALONE INDISPUTIBLY Proves it, so Fellow Americans thru deduction we can easily deduce that leslie was/is victimized, were in Part its Occurred and who allowed it to Occurr- POLICE FBI resulting in the Question why- and the Answer is in the question, so Google
  20. Organized Stalking and Police,,, FBI
  21. Then To GangStalking and Police FBI




  1. THis Blog is Hacked by the Perpetrators so if Information presented is not sequential at any point in the Blog leslie will correct it ASAP, their also compromising the spelling, this is done to affect your comprehension of whats presented & exposed, Make sure you absolutely Continue

When You Watch this Video UNDERSTAND, It is ABSOLUTELY Stronlgy Deliberated that the Development of what is described within this Video came from the Military Non Concensual Human Experimentation of GangStalking Victim’s and While it has/ is Occurring TORTURE was Part of ALL ALL OF IT, as you continue within this Blog you will witness How Important Leslie is , resulting in reasonable deduction that they will staged events to get ahold of her so the truth is Never Exposed legally, PERIOD.

Pentagon Drops a Bombshell Foretelling Their Plans to… Wait Until You Hear What It Is…


Former DOD Contractor Bryan Tew Discusses Conscious Computers & Mind Control



  1. Before you Read this Gmail PDF which is 1 of at least 3 Concerning This Ralphs Location, it is ABSOLUTELY Strongly suggested you extensively research online at Google and You Tube Krogers Ralphs Food4Less and GangStalking – then to Organized Stalking-Kroger’s Owns all 3 of these Corporate Franchises if anything you observe doesnt make sense to you UNDERSTAND as you Continue within this Blog you’ll start to Understand whats exposed that came up when you typed these in, TRUST me



Know the Video Within one of these Two Tweets, show’s  the Time This Filthy Lying Criminal Maggot ralphs Manager A ABSOLUTE Complete Liar is Handing her the Letter of being Banned, the letter is being held up in front of him and teh Time and Date stamp of the Video probvs it occurred around 8:AM on 8/31/16, so obseve them then look at the sanp screen Shots By Clicking on them and zooming them if need be and witness the statements within them who they were sent to and their date’s, and then the Gmail PDF link Right below these two Twitter links Then compare EVERYTHING ELSE leslie has predicted that is exposed in this Blog and you will WITNESS TRUTH of the Filthy Organized Crime syndacite that is doin this to her and the Clever Methods to protect it and who’s protecting it, using them to expose them



Gmail – 8_26_16 Ralphs Grocery Store Sttaged Event GangStalking and Evidence

Gmail – Evidence 1-5 This will be expanded on Soon Leslie is sick with ANOTHER Stomach ache today

Ralphs Payback is Coming

SDPD wont Invesigate Ralphs Their Lying Ass’s Claim they Dont even know what GangStalking is ( and take a Look at that for a Minute THEIR the Police WHY whould they Not Know it exsist’s)

AAHHHHHHHHHHHH but they will ABSOLUTELY Come to leslies current resting area NO MATTER who calls them AFTER a Staged event creates the need for them to be Called NO MATTER what kindve event, NO MATTER who Calls, wheir leslie will be arrested the Evidence ( And Even her Money, Gift Cards, Phone Camera’s Identification’s are stolen ) then they claim she never had any of it, Its easier to Human Traffick someone who’s broke and the Arrest and or Ticket from the Event can produce Jail and ANY Incarceration over 30 Days will Cause leslie to lose Social Security and Social Service’s- Observe how they have threatened this, SLOWLY- Between these two Row’s of 7’s


After you research what’s between these two rows of 7’s , I strongly suggest you research the 8/8/15-and 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Evidence section of this Blog and cross reference to this Section and see truth- I think we can deduce that tracking leslie to resting area’s is INDISPUTIBLY PROVEN and Tracking to Harras and to stage ASSAULTS

The Mariam Bear Park event that began at 9:46 AM on 11/30/16- Notice how it was Predcted in Tweets and Notice how leslie stated she was goig to call the Police On UCSD and RALPHS Scroll and also Witness whats been sent to leslie older Phone Threats of the Police being called and Leslie being arrested for illegal Lodging and the Loss of her benifits because of it.Also Know leslie had two Phones on her on teh Date of teh Mariam Bear Park event 1 was under service Contract the Other wasnt- the one that was on a Service Contract was jammed by a Third partie which occurred aeround 6:45 AM and did’nt become Unjammed until AS SOON AS THE POLICE LEFT LITERALLY within secounds , LITERALLY of them Pulling away from he,r the Phone became UnJammed ,

Leslie called 911 on the Park Ranger from her Phone that was no longer in service, around 10 Minutes before SDPD arrived

11/30/15 San Diego Park Ranger’s ADMIT They lied at 11/16/15 Evidentary Hearing

12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015


Gmail – Massive EVIDENCE Thru Pinned Tweets Attached to Pinned Tweet on Twitter AcctGmail –

Correction of #-1 Evidence and Prediction of Loss of Finance’s

Predicting using tickets Arrests as a means to Affect Lose benifits

This is 3  Letter’s  that the Perpetrators sent to her P.O Box, Notice threats and loss of Benifit’s due to arrests that are staged



Gotta Get be Back Tomorrow ALL ALL Predictions Leslie EVER has Made are in Effect under a EMERGENCY Protocol Effective Right Now 9/2/16 1:45 PM, some predictions are within this Blog Their Goin to Bann her from San Diego libraries Now- see the Goal is Target WiFi Resources ” RALPHS Law LIbrary” then Target the Finances that take away the Last known Current WiFi Resources Boom Isolation of what is then Happening to leslie ALAWAYS REmember SDPD SDSD and CHP are all over the Internet to be DIRECTLY Connected to GangStalking Crime s

Heres a Holiday Commercial Observe and SEE TRUTH

Gmail – TRUTH 4 Pages long

Ralphs 8/31/16  Event Continued



The Security Firm that acts as Security for the Plaza also played a huge role in the Event at Ralph’s on 8/31/16 and the ABSOLUTE Harassment of Leslie as it was occurring- I strongly Suggest you RESEARCH INDEPTHLY KROGERS and GangStalking -KROGERS owns Ralphs then Security Guards and Firms and GangStalking Including Universal Security Which is the Security for that Plaza ) ALWAYS ALWAYS KNOW this When you ever Go into that Ralph’s NO MATTER how  Professional ,Nice and or Friendly or personal they Behave leslie has MASSIVELY MASSIVELY caught them INDISPUTIBLY engaging in Felony Criminal Harassment which entails VILE Criminal Harasment of a Absolute Sexual Nature and participated in,  on Multiple Date’s Ralphs Manegment Employee’s  engaged in the Criminal Harrassment of Leslie ABSOLUTELY, and what they stated to leslie for the Reason of Banning he, WAS NOTHING BUT and Absolutely FLAT OUT IN YOUR Face Bold Flat Out Lies towards leslie and Concerning her which ABSOLUTELY Encompasses EVERYTHING in the Letter they gave her on 8/31/16 BOLDFACE FLAT OUT IN YOUR FACE COMPLETE COMPLETE LIES  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY caught on Tape as the Event Unfolded which recorded leslie trying to call SDPD and her getting Disconnected – So Until that Letter Ralphs gave her can be Scanned and attached a s PDF Link so you can see it Observe these two snap screen shots whats stated within them AND THE DATES they were Made and Who one was sent to THINK the Event occurred today  8/31/16 around 8:00 AM Before customers stating going in ( NO WITNESSES) a Email Attachment was made and incorporated in this Blog on the either the 27’th or 28’th about what occurred at Ralph’s on the 26’th So Scroll AND STAY TUNED ABSOLUTELY, and check this out as the Event was unfolding the ABSOLUTE Lying Criminal Animal Manager that played a Role in it was shaking customers hands as they were entering -Geeze lets all portray on their Video Cameras their Profesionalizm while leslie is being Victimized by them If she gets arrested before she can PHYSICALLY give to her Lawyer the Audio Evidence she has concerning Ralphs IT WILL ABSOLUTELY be a Statged event Ralphs is LITERALLY INDISPUTIBLY EXPOSED in this BLOG INDISPUTIBLY- Gotta Get This Blog will be UpDated massivley in teh Next 5 Days and Follow Leslie on Twitter especially in the Next 30 Days in Case anything is Psysically Brought about towards her along Her routes, places she goes to and the property she rests on, Follow her on  at Twitter @higginsgggg–Exposingthruth

And Never Ever EVER Go into that Ralphs Location GangStalking IS DIRECTLY CONNECTED to Human Trafficking Rings and Remember when You use your discount cards and or Credit card WHO is Processing that for them NEVER EVER EVER Trust them, also Know Krogers owns Ralphs so Observe a Video Below- Those two videos right below these two SNAP Screen Shot Do you Hear in the Back Ground GangStalk GangSrtalker Gangstalking Oh My God and Suck My Dic# said once or repeatedley by anyone around whos is posting the Videos if you do UNDERSTAND that is ABSOLUTELY exposed to be happening around Leslie and in your face showing it occurring IN THAT CRIMINAL RALPHS



  1. Screenshot_2016-08-26-19-15-21
  2. Surrounded by Gang Stalkers Krogers Houston, TX Aldine Mailroute

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tDyjbd0Mhw
  4. Gang Stalking: Directed Conversation: http://youtu.be/kS0q_FliQG4
  5. EMERGENCY Prediction Expanded Deatalls Coming SOON STAY TUNED, STAY TUNED
  6. Gmail – Department of Education 1’st 2016 GangStalking Prediction, 8_24_16 Prediction HUman Traffikcing Debt Bondage
  7. https://twitter.com/higginsgggg/status/768891597459075072
  8. Read and PROCEED
  9. Gmail – -#-1-Part of How Organized Crime in The System that perpetrates GangStalking Isolates their Victims

Gmail – 8_26_16 Ralphs Grocery Store Sttaged Event GangStalking and Evidence

This was Forgotten to be Added in vthe Immediate ABove Gmail PDF

its the Video of Leslie talking to SDPD after she called them Concerning the GangSalking Staged harrasment and Event at Jack Inthe Box ,one of the Jack in the Box Video’s are within the PDF Link  ” Right Above” that this SDPD Psyhscial Interaction is concerning The Event is related to a Different date at Jack In the Box Same location, what do you hear her stating she is Expericning , listen to how he states that evryone is blaming you” Leslie-Staged witness’s, then how he Absolutely ignores her complaints and refuses to arrange a Meeting so leslie can show him her evidence and then Threatens herlook at teh date of when its Published then in the Gmail PDF link and evidence in trhis Blog cleary shows it being ABSOLUTELY caught Before and AFTER the 9/17/13 Clyde lewis Show leslie was on and The Event between her and SDPD at this Jack in the Box CLEARLY PROVING LESLIE has always been stating te truth FROM THE BEGINING and what she is still suffering EVERYDAY EVERYDAY

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?



Due to the Stress that leslie experiences everday because of the GangStalking Crimes happening to her EVERYDAY she literally has SEVERE Stomach Aches that can Last for Hours at lest 4 Times a Week while she is Enduring the Harrassment, sometimes these stomach aches are so bad that she cannot even get to sleep and stay asleep- So when Ever you go to Ralphs off of LaJolla Villiage sq Dr- Take your Phone in  their and or a Recording device and if you see leslie in thier creatively blend in, acting as a Customer and Catch the Verbal Harrassment that’s exposed in this Blog on your recording devices, igf you feel inclined to do this- Now also know the Persons managing what leslie is enduring are compltely aware this paragraph was just typed thru Covert Cybersurvallance of her Internet activity so they may bann her very soon including using the excuse of what occurred on 8/26/16, because 2’nd and thrid parties catching evidence of this Felonie Crimminal Harrassment trapps them in the Legal Culpabilty of it, wiether leslie ever knows it has been caught by 2’nd and 3’rd parties Understand they dont know if someone elese catches it will create problems for them, they cannot predict everything but they can predict a event they stage because what they statge has a Motive TO BANN LESLLIE- OVER ANY EXCUSE ACCUSATION COMPLAINT

  1. Continue with this Blog and Witness what leslie exposed on National Radio Shows on Multiple Dates and What its connected to and WHO
  2. THis is being Introduced so you can review it to give you idea’s concerning secuirity Matters- But what is a Equally importnat reason for it being introduced, when you scrutnize this Video you will show this person illustrating ( EXTREMELY simple Electronic Devices that ARE Used to Mentally Undermine persons perceptions that reult in at Least inducing mental and emotional duress and that can absolutely lead a Unsuspecting victim into beliving their develpoing a Mental Illness) Hearing Voices  being repeated in timed intervels and what the motivation was behind it, after researching this then Google and You Tube V2k The Microwave hearing affect Silent Sound Spread spectrum elf wave transmisssions and Ultrasonic Souind Transmissions including whats exposed at you Tube the Jesse Ventura Brain Invader’s Video which was broadcasted on National TV and Even How Robert Duncan whos on that show is all over the Internet exposing how Sophisticated tecknologies are being used against GangStalking victimes for multiple reasons all of their implmentations induce TORTURE and Manipulation- you will also notice in this show SAN DIEGO
  3. – Electronic Harassment Devices You Need to Lookout For!

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7bsA5GsrVc
  5. To Be A Hero..Know Thy Enemy! Full Film

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POEX4IgtRBY
  7. THe DOD ONI CIA NSA FBI, DOJ,DHS, NRO,DARPA and Law Enforcement is All over the Internet to be ABSOLUTELY IMPLICATED in the Strongest Langauge Possible to be Directly Connected to these Horrific crimes including Lawsuits against them concerning it, a few  are Attached within this Blog
  8. Any Wild Crimminaly Insane person can think to themeselves their wont be Blowback because of what they do because they belive their to connected, to ever experience it, It is always possible to catch a spider in the web they weave and use for their criminality- remember Thinking only goes so far and luck runs out-.
  9. Keep this in mind AND ALWAYS remember, they laughed at leslie as they were exploting her in the worst crime’s imagniable in Michigan -leslie flat out told them One day I will use you against you Welcome to its fuition for it is occirring and WILL NEVER STOP. EVERY Breath of Mental and Pshysical Sufferring Leslie endure’s (ed)  Not to mention MASSIVE Finacial Explotation & Loss, including Insurance Fraud and  the LITERAL School Loan Cohersion of the Perpetrator’s In Michigan For Leslie to Take out, and its Still Accumulating intrest, ( which leslie has NO DOUBT they will target her finances and use the School Loans for Debt Bondage for Human Traffikcing ) leslie endured in Michigan EVERYBIT EVERYBIT of it Is connected to the one STAGED EVENT SDPD INTENTINALLY STAGED and Implmented towards her in 2006- The Goal of this Staged event was to ABSOLUTELY Influence her into goin back to Michigan the MOTIVE for the Event Does anyone honestly believe SDPD isnt aware of what they were ABSOLUTELY Involved in and Connected to ” in” towards leslile in 2006 IT WAS A STAGED INTENTIONAL EVENT- So welcome to Truth Pay Back’s are a Fucking Bitch.And Think to yourself Leslie is one Woman ALL alone Psysically she has taken on all of these filhy maggots and More and used them to expose them, is this not something in your spirt that you whould do if you weir a Victim of whats exposed KNOW that this resolve is in you as well KNOW IT, and always stand your ground.

SDPD Kiss’e Kiss’e in the Rear View,( looking Back) No Fakin with the Saint’s, are you experincing it NOW, EZ as abc- You Tube this Song

bush – Everything Zen (The Lhasa Fe. – Deconstructed

    1. Leslie is one of the Biggest Most Important Whistle Blowers this Nation has ever known, and whats exposed in this Blog is NOTHING, NOTHING compared to what she know’s
    2. REMEMBER this.
    3. Welcome to Leslie Exposing a Living  Pay Back to the FBI for the Explotation of her in at LEAST Michigan, Hows it feel, WITH TRUTH. After U witness this Google the FBI and GangStalking, The FBI related to leslie is discussed below in this Blog,.Observe the Immediate Following, Pay Attention to dates what came 1’st ,2’nd ‘3’rd, 4’th etc..
    4. Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY, Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances

      Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams Remember the Dates


      When we witness what’s just exposed InCorporate within your deliberatioons that John Hall is Connected to the Satlked in San Antonio You Tube Broadacst below and its attached KEN5 PDF Link of leslies 2006-08 Email’s the 2006 made at the Point Loma Libray RIGHT UP the street from Wheir ” Rosecrans and Nimitz Blvd”- which just happens to be wheir her ExHusband Worked as a Submarine Radar Antenna Electrician in 1983-84, Point Loma Submarine Base RIGHT UP THE STREET within a Mile When they were Married and Living in San Diego- AND John Hall is all over the Internet Exposing Remote Neural Monitoring” SubLiminal prograiming -” Which is The Voice Morphing induction Artificial Thought of this Techknology and how this techknology and crime is connected to Rape Gang Rape and Sex Trafficking” -ALL of this is a ABSOLUTE Living Payback to SDPD- are you Filthy Maggots Laughing NOW, Cooralate that just mentioned statement to the VERY FIRST Patagraph in this Blog- SDPD will confess in Court the staged event of 2006 they PLAYED a INTENTIONAL ROLE in Towards leslie

      ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall


      Welcome to Remote Neural Monitoring, Google and You Tube How Remote Neural Monitoring is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY ALL OVER the Internet to be DIRECTLY connected to GangStalking Crimes occurring AGAINST GangStalking Victim’s

      REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness!


      3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description


      What do you see at  16:01-16:43 into this Video, Look at it then Read whats in the Description of Brian Tew’s and cross reference it to the designated section of the forst video Brian’s Video Video Right below then Go Back to this Video and Watch the Whole Thing
    5. Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary

    6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOuMcx8p-7Y&index=31&list=PLG0HywY45nLGdhFKPsq2LDOzRUuh6vbpQ

    8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEBYDzXK4e8&list=PLG0HywY45nLE7jf8Fj6ytKZ8C65tIaT9k
    9. Look at whats described in this Lawsuit-Notice as well remote Viewing well their is a Scetion within this Blog concerning this and Leslie?- and Remote Viewing was ABSOLUTELY exposed on the 9/17/13 Clyde Lewis Show leslie was on
  1.  Notice Pornographic Imaging transmitted inti teh Targets Video Cortex in this Video and the Sexual Descriptions of targets Bodys and Minds being used REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING Torture- Connie is telling the truth, She is a Good Woman KNOW IT

    President Obama, “Please help us.” Connie Marshall – Electromagnetic Assaults 09 27 2013

    1. Now getting Back to the 8/01/11 Blog wrote in Ct and why it was written, predicting what will occir towards her and then Catching what she predict’s, This is One Methodology leslie use’s to Prove Conspiracy concerning every crime she is experincing, and has, so far its working in/on at least five of them” False Arrests and Falsified Police reports, the Harrassment,and the staged assaults, and Being forced to move. OK Pay Attention CLOSELY and Follow Instruction’s
    2. This was Made on 8/01/11 in Canton CT, at the Canton CT Library By Leslie at the leslie made most of it, the perpetrator’s of this crime entered in this Post as she got up and down, for Bathroom and cigareet Breaks at the Canton Library  and put things in it leslie wasnt aware of until 2012 she kept them in their due to trapping them in this technique later and being extremely busy, she did call the Police on the Activity she endured in the Canton Library when they observed her doin this they called the police and the Police did the same thing they did in Mi and San Diego when they arrived ,they claimed they were only their because of the 2’nd parties calling them,  ( See the Ralph’s Video’s immediatley below this Paragraph to witness this Technique “) in the 8/01/11 Blog Written in Canton Ct,do you notice leslie stating what she does is predict what these maggots will do before they do it then catching them after the predictions,
    3. ( 98 % of the Time Predictions are made in Recording Tape Recorders that reflect the Date and TIME at/in Sepearte Enviroment’s , she then leaves that enviroment and CACTHES what she predicts in Enviroments she eventually GETS to along her routes for each specific day. So Read this Blog disect the evidence within this Video and witness her strategies have worked in fact Observe this immidiate one.THis is the Canton Ct Blog Mentioned Immediatley Above,after you read it contine and Observe what she predicts she catches and the Fact tat leslie was on thkis Ground Zero Show on 9/01/15 exposing how her Blogs HAE always been hacked-
    4. https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/connecticut-august-1st-2011.pdf
    5. https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia/a2015-09-01
    6. Now when Youi witness the Blog written in CT , you will also notice WHAT
  2. Leslie stating that “”” In her Aprtment in Dearborn Mi ” Monroe Apartment’s ” That as she was sleeping a Electronic Shock entered her left foot,and the Psychical results because of it READ the Blog and then OBSERVE what was Broadcatsed on 2/13/13 Valentines day, remember Leslie’s testimoney came first
  3. UCLA Psychics Students being exposed at 44;23 into this Coast to Coast AM Broadcast A Elederly Couple experincing  Electrical Shocks in their Bed’s as their sleeping

    Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Low

  4. This Blog exposes UCLA, UC Davis, UCSD, and SDSU GangStalking, exposed by MULTIPLE Partie’s, and guess who is their Legal Advocate PAYED for by whom, thru our Tax’s leslie and YOU,,Filthy Maggots getting payed by their Victim’s
  5. Kamila Harris the California Attorney General- the legal Advocate for the Above mentioned University’s, whom also protrays on her lying website she advocates for crime victims and Human Traffikcing victims Well GangStalking is directly connected to HUMAN TRAFFICKING RINGS, who els’s Web Site states this Bonnie Damuscas the San Diego District Attorneys- are both of them Lying Crimminal Animal’s YOU DECIDE
    1. Now This is the Staged MTS Assault that was executed on 10/10/11, on Bus Route 928, leslie boarded the Bus at the Bus Stop between Stonecrest Walmart and Fry’s Electronic’s, ( which Just happened to be the Bus Stop wheir the 8/15/16 Event took place at-leslie was in the Area due to her having to go to North Central Social Services Office on that date ” She lives in laJolla Ca”
    2. The MTS Assault is the  2’nd of 6 Brutal Assaults for Whistle Blowing- this Assault Video and Info pertaining to it was incorporated within the 8/8/15 Tweet sent to SDPD Cheif Zimmerman ( Exposed within this Blog)- ALL 6 Assaults were predicted, After teh MTS Assault Video Witness the Technique of the Police Mentioned Immediatley above
    3. Prediction concerning the 10/10/11 MTS Assault Read it Carefuly ( Leslie was preparing to go to Barbra Boxer’s Office to File a Complaint against teh Department of Education -Concerning teh Cohersment of the School Loan’s in Michigan WHOM SHE has Contacted OVER 12 Times since 2003-4 THEY WONT INVESIGATE IT AT ALL), and ALWAYS remember it was a FEDERAL Agencie, USPS that INTENTIONALLY Made her Homeless, CONTINUE DO IT, Now this Email literally Predicts leslie stating PREDICTING Assault’s Including on Public Transportation The Assault take’s place 11 Days Later on Public Transportation)- ALL 6 Assaults were predicted before they occurred.The Assault Video MTS Sent her is Altered and teh SDPD report Concerning the Assault is Falsified ABSOLUTELY Detail’s Concerning this are Below


      Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego


      Leslie Left Connecticut on 8/4/11 to come to San Diego arriving 1 day late in reference to its original scheduled arrival ,Arriving on 8/8/11, thier is More ALot more concerning this assault posted within this Blog so watch put for it.

      THis Show’s Many Thing’s Watach Listen and Read Carefully to see it unfold before your Eye’s, Leslie experinced MASSIVE MASSIVE Harrassment inside of Ralphs Grocery Store off of Friars and Frazze RD in 2011-12, she caught it on at least 70 Audio Files at this Location, they then staged a Event using a Propped up Low Life to bait her to take a Video Picture of him after calling her a Bitch in teh Store AS SHE WAS MINDING HER OWN BUISNESS- she didnt know if he whould follow her out of the Store so she discretley took a Video picture of him- Ralphs employee’s TagTeamed her using this Guy and his Staged provacation t make it apear that a Customer was complaining about her, Staged events in GangStalking are called street theaters’ ( Goggle this Description) so they approached her started yelling at her and told her to leave EVEN Though leslie has Caught GangStalking Oh My God being constantly said around her at this Location on AT LEAST 70 Audio Files” their way to let her know she is being tracked- so after walking out she called the Police SDPD, watch their Behavior LISTEN to EVERYTHING she states to them and THEIR REPLIES-( Them Stateing We Came because Ralphs called them) listen to leslie stateing their repeating GangStalking around me- LOOK at the U tube Video’s PUBLISH DATE, THen Proceed to witness it being caught at La”Jolla Villiage Sq Drive  RALPH”S on XMAS Day 2012, at this Location, that Video clearly Shows its Xmas day and Leslie catching this Harrassment then asking people the Address Then Google the Address you hear,

      Learning Disabled Woman Exposes GangStalking at Ralph’s and the SDPD Refusing to take Report


      This Following Video is Ralphs LaJolla Villiage Sq Drive GangStalking Caught Christmas Day 2012 on Tape Recorder, their literally stating this is Occurring on the Audio Evidence in thjkis Video because leslie asks them their address within the Audio File

      1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining


      Now this isnt the Oldest Video Leslie has made in San Diego That shows her predicting Harrassment that she will endure AFTER she leaves the area wheir the Video is Made ( then The Harrassment is Caught AT LEAST on her Tape recorder which runs by date and time) showing it being caught at a Later time then the tIme shown in the Video and even the Publish date of the Video also realize once you witness the eveidence in this blog alone you will clealry deduce she had to have a reason to predict it to begin with because what she predicts she then catches after the prediction meaning that the harrassment was obviously already occurring because whats caught is whats predicted MAKING IT A ABSOLUTE FELONY Stalking tracking on more than one occassion FELONIES

      leslie’s been planning this For years, PAYBACK

      8/14/13 Learning Disabled Woman Makes Prediction about GangStalking Harrassment




      What did leslie state she was enduring along her Routes in the Above 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show-well observe Evidence of it and WITNESS TRUTH and Absolutely Proceed-PAYBACK

      MVI 0619

      1/06/13 Learning Disabled Woman Makes Immediate Predictions of Future Events GangStalking x


  1. I belive this is the Video that exposes CIA’s Connecteion to U of M
  2. Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary


    Recently it is strongly belived SDPD had the Adacity to think Leslie’s Name” Stonecrest WalMart Staged Event, 8/15/16,

    In Response to this Breaking of Gods Law, why is this being stated Because in order for any criminal to engage in Conspirarcy to comit a Crime and the Entire expedition of Gangstalking crimes EVERYBIT of what they do is thoughout and acheived thru Conspiracy against a Target before anything they do to a Target is executed meaning Conspiracy is part of EVERYTHING they do to a Target meaning that what they do has malice of forethought-foreTHOUGHT-Thinking Leslie’s Name to plan the crime’s toward’s her- So this is Just a EXTREMELY MINSCULE Amount of evidence leslie has which Indisputibly proves Tracking Stalking CONSPIRACY to do so and to Commit Crimminal Harrassment Staged arrests and Tickets and ABSOLUTE Felony Court Collusion conspiracy, Read this Email the key is to Cross refetence what leslie states she is experincing when and wheir it was stated then how and wheir and when it was caught IDENTICLE TO A TEE TO A TEE Verbal Criminal Harrassment Indisputibly Proving Conspirarcy to do and when and wheir to do it

    Review this Link INdepthly after you witness this Blog your in Now, How the Immediate Below Song a part of it was explained to be used  against them in June July 2015 Lesllie executed it in August 2015 it absolutely Worked- so this song is being rededicated to whats coming, for they will learn  i Gaurantee you will be Glad you did- 8/18/16 will they arrest ticket leslie steal her property assault her take over her resting area and or propp up Social deviants homeless men around her RETALIATION, its 12:54 PM 8/18/16 Its being p[edicted now


    I dedicate this Song To SDPD’s adacity in thinking Leslies Name ” Smile”

    The Jackal – Massive Attack (Dissolved Girl)

Fellow American’s You are About to Witness  another Genious Implementation of leslie wiliams to bring the FBI out into the Open STAY TUNED, SDPD Leslie did’nt come here to Win she Came here to Lose In doin this THIS EXPOSES YOU

  1. I dedicate this Song to The Spirt of Every Good American, and to the Email directly below this Song, to the death of the Homeless man within the Email, a Man all alone, who Mattered, his life mattered
  2. This Blog was UpDated on 8/19/16 INVESTIGATE whats exposed and Learn TRUTH
  3. I dedicate this Song to Kelly Thomas Ca Police Murder Victim, this is being exposed for the sake of truth and as a Direct Payback to what a SDSD Officer said to leslie on 11/10/14 in a Santa Fa detention center she was CRIMMINALY put in thru a Staged Falsified Arrest by SDPD using UCSD Police as the Buffer between leslie and SDPD, it was said to leslie by one of two female SDSD Gauards in this detention center after leslie refused to sighn a Form that whouldve allowed them to gain access to her Medical Records, geeze I wonder why- so she said “You need to learn to get with the program”- so this is a Reply to that Whore mantality- Leslie isnt playing Games she knows exactly what these filthy maggots are connected to and involved in-UNDERESTIMATE leslie PLEASE, for to exploit your enemys Vanity and Cofindence is a Method leslie will use on them.
  4. Neil Diamond He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother


  5. http://www.amazon.com/Remote-Brain-Targeting-Compilation-Information/dp/1466243880
  6. Do you belive its a Accident ALL of a Sudden in at least the Past 5-7 Year’s that a HUGE amount of Homeless persons and other’s are Pulling out weapons on people, out of the BLUE- Sit Queitly to yourself and ask yourselves not only this Queation but as we go about our day, and have interactions with Family Friends Society Humans Dont Operate this way- so the system whom is IS perpetrating these Criminal Realites use the Guize of Mental Illness and or drug use to excuse away WHATS really goin on , Witness Truth AND KNOW IT
  7. Gmail – Welcome to Truth
  8. Geeze Notice GangStalking Mentioned in the Title of this Video
  9. Notice any Implants, Are these JUST a Few they Put in Leslie’s Body. Yeah Baby I guess every thing being exposed in this Blog Is Bull Sh##- I fuc##### dont think so , Observe and see and know TRUTH
  10. This was Forwarded to leslie from a Anonymous Person on 8/25/15- Prostheics Inplants exposed to be AGAIN conne ted to these crimes
  11. Former Navy Officer Dave Voigts Walks Across Country To Raise Awareness Of NonConsensual Experiments

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SP6IKcWC6I
  13. Gang Stalking Mind Control HOLOCAUST : Illuminati Satanism : THE Great Deception

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a39Env311Ls&index=1&list=PLG0HywY45nLGdhFKPsq2LDOzRUuh6vbpQ
  15. Antony Sutton Psychotronic Weapons and Behavior Modification 

  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVjXytGhXcY
  17. https://targetedindividualseurope.wordpress.com/ti-symptoms/
  18. Put this in You Tube Search Box
  19. Speech Jamming and Thought Jamming: Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment 2013

  20. Then U Tube Jesse ventura Brain Invaders- Notice Any Reporters experincing Speech manipulation
  21. Surveillance Issues | Technologies http://www.surveillanceissues.com/category/technologies/index.html
  22. This Blog was Massively Expanded Upon and UpDated on 8/19/16
  23. Fellow Americans when you get to the section in this Blog concerning leslie INTENENTIONALLY moving close to HFCC and U of M Dearborn Mi because HFCC was already asscoaited, Psyhsically thus then  mentally to this Campighn before they Made her Homeless, the Goal Being, Taking the Campiaghn towards her to this Wooded area Directly By Enviroments THAT ABSOLUTELY were Connected to this Crime, so whatever happened to her could be Folded back onto the Previous Stalking of her around the Same Physical Location’s IT ABSOLUTELY did work ABSOLUTELY HAS leslie employed this Same teechnique in San Diego concerning wheir she is currently resting  at ALWAYS ALWAYS Know this Leslie is Using them in the Midst of whats she experincing she is Goin after them REMEMBER THIS everything she does is done to entrap them, GangStalking is a Crime that INTENTIONALLY OPENLY Creatively Overtly Directly and Directly lets you know your a Victim of it by and thru but not limited to Intentionally reminding you that you are, thru at Least Sensitization methods being repeated around them to menatlly Harrass them, its done to Intentionally Remind you your a Victim of this Crime, EVERYDAY evrywheir the Target go’s to and even wheir they Live
  24. So did leslie ReLocate herself to a Place wheir she has INDISPUTIBLE evidence that is ABSOLUTELY Documented thru Video and Audio SDPD will learn in the Midst of this That even though this Crime extremeley attempts to keep you in a Victim mind set DAILY DAILY that she is Absolutely Proactive in Legally targeteing them In other words It will become Legally self Evident that leslie made a Choice in 2005 She is here to teach them the resolve of this Choice and it will OCCUR
  25. Is this Right here being exposed because of the ABSOLUTE Propped up Physical Street theater ” Staged Event” they propped up to her at a Bus Stop,8/15/16 were she was Openenly harrassed and Psyhically Intimidated for over 40 Minutes , and when leslie called 911 twice she was “GEEZE” not able to get thru until within a Minute of her Bus Coming ( This Blog exposes SDPD to MTS, UNDENIABLY)- the 10/10/11 MTS Assaul- the Altered MTS Assault Video and the SDPD Falsified Police Report Concerning the Assault and the Fact THE FACT SDPD Magically Didnt appear Until the Assaliant was allowed to leave the Area”) that is a  QUESTION  for you see to ” Crimminal Patern’s ,.A Individual Appeared in a White Car as leslie was Unlocking her bike at Stonecrest WalMart and REPEATEDLY asked her if she seen his Watch he Lost she first Ignored him BECAUSE she is ABSOLUTELY Compltely aware these Filthy Maggots propp up Physical Interactions with the Target of this Crime using complete strangers for it- She after ignoring him Finally said No Please leave me alone, he kept asking her then Followed her to the 928 Bus Stop between Frys Electronics and WalMart ( ” He got out of his Car approached her and asked her again 30 Times, she repeatedly told Him No, Please leave me Alone your problems are your problems they have nothing to do with me”) THINK WHY whouild a Person ask the Same thing Over OVER 30 Times, While Standing in front of the Target including periodically Appraoching the Target Physically as its transpiring”). and Weir Two Black Men Propped up around her at the Later part of this Event and them Then  Boarding the 928 Bus leslie got on and Making False statements with each other about aspects of the Event YES , So ReSearch this Email and Research whats exposed and think is this Part of the reason for this event REMEMBER what leslie experinced thru this event is not NORMAL Behavior, it had a Motive, Fellow Americans welcome to Truth which you can Investigate each description and cross reference, Entrainment Comes from Repitition’s, RNM is used to then Identify the Neural Pathways that are created and then Stimulates them by identifying the frequencys of these Entrained Neural Pathway
  26. Gmail – Brain Entrained Forced speech, Remote Neural Monitoring
  27. Timothy W @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues

  28. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVoKFOBsrWQ
  29. What do you Notice in this Video

Teenagers engageing in Hand and Arm Movements ” EMG and Prosthitic Implants” , what you see them doin” Can Be Viewed as what someone whould do if they were engaging in Actions to Hit someone- the Other Movements are sexual- WELCOME to Brain Entrained Motor Cortexed Actions that will be Later Remotely Neurally Stimulated thru Remote Neural Monitoring what types of actions are these the Sex Movements will be stimulated for Human Traffikcing Explotaions and the Fist and Arm Actions will be stimulated for arrests as a Result of staged Psyhcsical Interactions either with police or a Staged event that causes the Police to be called and that their then arrrested for WELCOME to TRUTH- this is a Video about GangStalking MAKE NO MISTAKE about it. The Teenagers and the Neighbor’s are both The VICTIM’S Disgyised as Harrassment, Welcome to GangStalking Brain Entrainment for Explotation, Neural Enslavement for Sexual Enslavment- why do you think these teenagers were used on more then One Occasion REPITITION, Brain Entrainment and you better belive the Police know this Is being exposed

Surveillance video captures teens damaging property, taunting residents in Lakeside neighborhood



  1. So SDPD , how do u like the Truth above , doe’s your uniform SEAM to fit NOW

    Miss Gradenko  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TkviHpvqWU

  2. Organized Stalking Bogus “Investigations” Exposed (Updated Version)

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_cAs3x1P1M
  4. EVERYTHING has a Consequence and they will learn this,make no Mistake about this.Payback for the Stonecrest WalMart event on 8/15/16, thru this Immediate Article being exposed
  5. Ask yourself this how could a Prostitute be a Pollice Whistle Blower “
  6. The Article Right here- which is not in any way associated to leslie” what did she know about SDPD and did this Investigation,” well” was it nothing but a street theater to cover a More Huge prevalant crimminal enterprise within SDPD, when will SDPD learn
  7. http://articles.latimes.com/1990-06-28/news/mn-644_1_san-diego-police-officers
  8. The Vanity of your enemy can be exploited
  9. Continue with this Blog and You will witness a Whistle Blower who’s been on National Radio Shows several times exposing what she knows and what she Partly experinces, and has Proven, Stay with this Blog I gaurantee you will be glad you did

When you get to the U of M Dearborn Mi Video’s and then Cross Reference their Address to the Address of UCSD LaJolla Ca Campus- How and who Tracked leslie from Dearborn Mi to CT to San Diego Because this Blog absolutely exposes her complaining of being GangStalked to U of M Dearborn Campus Police and the Fact she made prior Complaints to them before 1/20/11 and then it being Massively caught again happening around her EVERYDAY in San Diego upon and since her arrival Back in San Diego on 8/8/11 Witeness this Blog and see TRUTH, and one Woman ALL alone Psysically, Who Geniously Employed methodolgies on them Using them to expose them which she is still doin and experincing massive retaliation for it,

Welcome to TRUTH- California and San Diego’s Connection to Human Traffikcing scheme’s 8/12/16- Stay Tuned ABSOLUTELY

You Can Skip this For Now but Come back to it

Gmail – Description’s of Some of the Methods of GangStalking Covertly Created crime’s and Predictions

Google Remote Neural Monitoring and Social Services workers

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO, IS THOURGHLY RESEARCH THIS ENTIRE BLOG: DO IT.and if Your a Good Mature Person You will witness Truth and Decades of Torture and Explotation.and whos been Identified in at least Participating in it, and Protecting it, Is it not so that in your Heart and Mind, that when ANY Human Being is Exploited including Torture and More whouldnt you want the Truth to be Known concerning it,Will we choose to walk in their Shoes to Visualize TRUTH INCLUDING what is  CURRENTLY continuing, Remember DARPA, for is the Harrassment a Target is Enduring about the Brain Entrainment of whos being used for it, GregSchmanski Julliane Mc Kinney Live Leak -You Tube Video WATCH IT
  3. Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams ( Remember the Dates- Cross Reference what leslie States to then Whats exposed the Next Day to then What John Hall Exposed on 9/18/13 and Then ABSOLUTELY Proceed- YOU have a Better chance Staistically, at wining a Multi Billion Dollar Loterry then this Being a Coincidence

  4. Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY,You Will also Notice her Stating how she was GangStalked to Several Apartments ( this Referes to her Being GangStalked to Apartment’s and at Apartments in Michigan) Which the Below  Attached KEN 5 PDF Link and Stalked in San Antonio Broadcast ABSOLUTELY Proves)- Also Leslie states in this 09/17/13 Broadcast she also states How People are Harrassing her at her Hiking Area and Along her Route’s- well this Blog INDISPUTIBLY proves that thru teh Audio and Video’s Caught Before and After this Broadcast she was telling the Truth BECAUSE this Blog exposes the Video and AUDIO of It)  Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances.

  5. If Leslie Disapears who’s exposed in this BLOG IS Conected, no Matter what is ever presented BY ANYONE, Whats exposed is exposed for thae sake of truth and Real Saftey, Please pray for her saftey

  6. Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams Remember the Dates, Cross Reference whats stated in the Paragraph immediately above to the next 4 Items

    Listen to this Carefully and Realize Leslie is Educated and Informing YOU, this Exposes In Real Time Remote Neural MONITORING Influencing, Sub Vocal Speech Monitoring and Inerception and Influencing, Voice Morphing Thought Indcution, Neural Influencing, Thought Interception

    3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description


    This is Being Included to give you a ELEMENTARY Viusal Illustration of the In Real Time Evoked Potentials of a Targeted Individual Being Read and Manipulated REMOTELY with Remote Neural Monitoring with and Without RFID
     Take this Right here and Paste it in You Tube Search Box then Bring it up What do you witness between 2:14 -2:50- when You see the Diagram of the Spinal Ear and Brain Implants do you also notice GangStalking and Trgger Words, and who the Trigger words activate aspects of this Techknowlogies- it is Suspected it has to do with Memory Association Psychiological and Neural Responses when their Hear as a Result Frequencys were entrained within Neural Pathways of the Responses the Frequncey is then interfaced with the Implants, so when the Response is reactivated so this the Frequency triggering the Implant to release Radiation- resulting in a Slow torturouis DEATH
  7. Gang Stalking Mind Control HOLOCAUST : Illuminati Satanism : THE Great Deception

  8. (MUST SEE) NANO micro chips Proofs of Mind Control MK ULTRA RFiD implants


    Brain Tew a Vetran was a recent San Diego Target who sued the FBI and SDPD he then left San Diego and went to another Country wheir He is ABSOLUTELY still experincing these Horrific Criminalitys Observe ” PAY BACK SDPD”, his Lawsuit can be found by using Legal data Bases Cross Referenced to His Name and who he sued i believe it took place in the Year of 2013-14, Read Watch RESEARCH Cross Reference- MAKE SURE YOU LOOK IN THE DESCRIPTION OF BRIAN TEWS VIDEO then Research it
    40,000 Years can be smelt in the Air- Cross Reference that statement to the 05/01/13 Statements Freeman made concerning Project Blue Beam watch this Video and research does this have a NASA Connection Cross reference it to these,. for we are vessels of the Holy Spirt the True Temple, I suggest you dont dismiss this

    Michael Jackson – Thriller – Thriller


    Leslie did this Exposed these truth’s for the Sake of Truth and the American People

    Govt Mind Control Technologies with Dr. John Hall

    Do you Hear GangStalking mentioned on this VERY Recent Show How its attached to Mind Control and then as the Show proceeds ONI is Implicated ? ( ONI- Office of Naval Intellegence)-Whom leslie has implicated several Time’s Remember Leslie witnessed things on Naval Bases in 1983-84 In San Diego,and things her ExHusband Said and did Towards her and his Emplyment Description ABSOLUTELY Implicates him on a HUGE HUGE Scale
    It is ABSOLUTELY Strongly Belived Leslie has at LEAST, at Least 16 Implants in her Body Including her Private parts at least 4 in her Brain Her Bladder her Neck Her Jaw, Her Eyes, Including EMG Implants and Prosthetic Implants and  Many More, how many weir put in her body as a CHILD, TRUST ME, their are reasons for this Statment, CONTINUE with this Blog DO IT
  9. PS When you get to the 8/8/15 and 11/30 15 San Diego Park Rangers Events UNDERSTAND It is Strongly Belived that the Park Ranger who Confessed is a PATSY) JUST Trust me on this It will probably be detailed Later, Truth is More Imporatnt then , presenting the Mirage of what they want you to Perceive, BUt remember the Verbal Confessions Caught on Video and Audio are FACTUAL- and absolutely Matter – FELLOW Americans whats Most Important in this Blog is the Exposure of UCSD POLICE SDSU Police , SDPD,SDSD Deputies The San Diego FBI, and the San Diego Park Rangers the San Diego Prosecutors Public Defenders and The San Diego D/A’s Office and Ca Attorney General ,why are the Police so Important Becuase this Crime whouldnt Survive without their Participation and Protection LEAVING us all Vulnerable to its Victimization
    Now Cross reference this By Following Instructions and you will witness truth Concerning the GangStalking of Leslie in San Diego in 2006 and to at least 2–3 Apartments leslie lived in in Dearborn Mi-IN YOUR face evidence,( and the Below Information Concerning The Monroe Apartment, Dearborn Mi the Blog Leslie wrote in CT on 8/01/11-Which the Perpetrators Hacked in CT and Put things Into it- cross referenced to how it related to what Micheal Firhugh Bell exposed in his Book and On the Coast tp Coast AM Show on 2/13/13 Valentines Day ABSOLUTELY proves she was GangStalked to this Apartment and experinced Torture in it The Apartment that made her Homeless REMEMBER Cross reference the Instructions to whats presented) SDPD this is Leslie’s way of ” Want a Whole Lotta Love” we as Americans can Methorphorically Take our Enemy’s Thru their Own Devices Pay Back SDPD for the Explotation of Leslie she endured because of YOU FACTUALLY INTENTIONALLY coming to her Hiking area to bring about a Staged STAGED Event towards her in 2006-that led to the Explotation, the MOTIVE behind it, so now leslie is Using them to exploit them and the Truth attached to them, Led Zepplin ” Goin back to School YA Wanta Whole Lotta Love” The Skull Fuck leslie is doin to you right now,This Blog in Part is Your Lesson, Fellow Americans Wild Animals Like this Dont Change their Stripes a Assest you can exploit, the Goal Has Always been to Bait them to come to her Hiking area’s to prove they did it in 2006 Leslie risking it all ALL for this Very thing- now what kindve anger whould someone honestly Justifibly have to risk it all to just prove this one thing if they werent telling the truth
    Also do you notice in the Emails within the KEN 5 Attached PDF Link ” Pay Attention to what you Here ( Meaning HEAR) once You go into the Bathroom VERBAL Ques Point Loma Library” It means the REpeating of words and Pharses around Leslie attached to GangStalking, this Email ” Description” to the GangStalking of Leslie in 2006 to the Point Loma Library in 2006- This is leslie coming into their Back Door to make them Shake, You Witeness already in this Blog VERBAL Ques being CONSTANTLY Repeated in the Same Exact Identicle ways AT MULTIPLE LOCATIONS and Dates look at the Video Below the PDF Link, cross reference it to the Above Evidence- VERBAL QUES Just like what was Mentioned around leslie in 2006 ( Without the Word GangStalking)

    Stalked in San Antonio TX

    Take the IMMEDAIATE above ” Stalked in San Antonio Tx ” Title to You Tube Search Box and This Link should Take you to it as well, the Video to Observe is the Video from CauseStalking You Tube Channel This News Broadcast has the Transcript of iot concerning all of the News Broadcast, ALL Statements within it , The date of the Broadcast on Channel  Ken 5  San Anonio Texas was Febuary 17th 2010- Now a Copy of that Transcript was Printed out by Leslie and Incorporated within the Immediate PDF Link Below the Broadcast here- included as well within the Pdf Link are two seperate email’s (Two of Hundreds)- one from 2008 Made in Michigan and One from 2006 MADE IN San Diego at the Point Loma Library in San Diego WHEIR she absolutley Experinced Massive MASSIVE GangStalking at in 2006 when she was in San Diego in 2006 between 1- 38 days- cross reference her statements that are parethesized with a Pen in the 2006-08 Emails  To whats Parenthesized with a Pen In the Included Transcript of the Broadcast IDENTICLE to a Tee Methods used on Leslie in San Diego and in Reference to things she experinced in Michigan in at Least 3 apartments Up to Those Calender Years, also notice who’s in the Broadcast JOHN Hall- and Remember leslie stated these things happening to her, BEFORE it occurred to these Woman and Before she knew the Name of the Crime happening to her Yet what she describes are methods of GangStalking.

    Stalked in San Antonio TX

    I also Suggest you Realize these items, and Cross Reference them, between these 8’s


    REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING (Satellite Harassment/Terrorism) Reality and Awareness! 


    So how doe’s the Two Blog’s here relate to a Pasted section of the Rense Remote Neural Monitoing Blog immediatley Below this Pasted section of it here Between Qoutes

    ” NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain StimulationNSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMB Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MK Ultra program of the early 1950’s which included neurological research into “radiation (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as “Radiation inteligence” defined as “information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in environment,

    Stimulating Neural Pathways and Neural Networks COUPLED with Being able to stimulate the Get Up and Go Response coupled with Voice Cloning the Targets Voice and Transmitting Psychological Neural Influence into the Targets Audio Cortex using the Targets Voice print to get them to make a Decsion concerning the Neural Pathways that are stimulated, Artificial Thought’s Consider a woman or a Man Goin thru a Divorce Homeless while experincing Panic Attacks and anxiety That’s stimulated as well from this Techknology then the Person has a Thought to go drink, as a result of being tracked and the Get Up and Go reposnce being stimulated to go have this Drink then a Transmitted thought thru the above described techknologies to drive Guess what occurrs from it ARRESTS, thru the tracking and Thousands of Dollars generated to WHO THE COURTS, welcome to TRUTH do you notice Drug addiction being identified as well- to support who Drug Cartels connected to the Governement, is this JUST one aspect concerning how the Human Trafficking occurrs, Witness truth thru Research and know that truth is Exposed, Filthy Maggots exploting ANYONE, for Profit Compltely destroying every aspect of their Lives, including eventually using the State to take their Children and Using them as Straw people for Federal State and Local Funds Insurance Fraud and Child Sexual Traffciking including Pornography for same- this is Exposed as a DIRECT Payback to Kamila Harris the Ca Attorney General whom Absolutely Allows GangStalking to Occurr on UC Campuses and SDSU and Protects it Is her Office connected to Covertly networking with Local Authorities in Targeting the Whistle Blowers Concerning it, Batta Boom Research and Witness truth, and Trust me They know its being exposed, are you now witnessing The Depth of Leslie’s ANGER

    So this Song is to keep alive in your Mind What True Love is about

    Neil Diamond – Forever in blue jeans


    What was exposed above Concerning the  ” Elf Wave” Clyde Lewis Show and What was exposed within Days is a  is Because of ( In Part) A PayBack  because of the Wild Filthy Criminal Lying Maggot SDPD Detective ( SDPD Eastern Division) that tried to Bait leslie into goin to the FBI on 8/18/11-  ( Attempting to use leslie against Leslie) the Day after she was assaulted at the MTS Bus Stop on 8/17/11 off of Nimtz Blvd and Rosecrans St) treating her like a Fool to trust whom leslie already knew about LESLIE doe’snt forget ANY OFFENSES,when this Occurred leslie was Literally Hiking at Camping at WITHIN 125 Feet from the San Diego FBI Biuilding ( when their Building was off of Ruffin Rd and Aero Dr) she was Camping off the Ledge right behind Stone Crest Wal Mart, leslie didnt know it until around 6 Months after moving their on 8/13/11- SDPD Played a Role Absolutely in evicting her from that property How it was Brought about was ABSOLUTELY LITERALLY Predicted by Leslie in at least 15 Seperate Audio files on Different dates how they brought the Event about and who was Used IDENTICALLY mathces what leslie predicted LITERALLY LITERALLY THIS IS TRUTH
    ELF Technology and Mind Control with Dr. John Hall
    SDPD FIVE FIVE Freedie told me every Body Sligh DJ Spinning Said my Mind

  2. This video is Only being Introduced to Make You Laugh this Is Leslie ( She has Thousands of Video’s on You Tube dedicated to several Accounts ) and do you notice how leslie states in this Video that the perpetrators at this Previous Camping area yell GangStalk and then Laugh-Look at teh Date of this Video the Date its Published you Clearly hear her state it- well LISTEN to the Video showing leslie catching the Prosecutors and Public Defenders DOIN THE SAME EXACT THING in the SAME Exact LITERAL way almost two years later in DISTANCES at least 15 Miles apart,  that Video shows the Tape recorder of it being caught WHICH shows the DATE and Time, This Cross refernced to the immeditaley Below Video CLearly Proves two things that Leslie was telling the truth about what she was enduring at that area and How the Same Group is Sponsering HOSTING all of it Becuase the EVIDENCE IS THE SAME , UNDERSTAND it means the Courts are ABSOLUTELY Connected to teh Filthy Maggots who are responsible FOR EVERYTHING thats happened to leslie UNDERTSAND , In Your Face EVIDENCE, do U YOU belive leslile is Goin to let them WALK I strongly Suggest you Continue, thru Gods Grace Leslie is a Good Woman , and you just whould Not belive what is still happenong to her EVERYDAY
  3. 12/21/13 Learning Disabled Woman makes a Xmas Comedy Video To Make you Laugh

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB8Z7ryHEJM

This Blog was MASSIVELY MASSIVELY Updated on 8/10/16- PS Please Know leslie is being GangStalked at her newer resting area’s Police have been heard in the Area and UCSD Students have been seen ( that is discussed below) others are being used as well, she has had to reposition herself on this Property OVER 8 TIMES,Will neighbors be solicted to particpate in what happens to her on this Property, Google GangStalking and Neighbors

  1. If you feel Inclined and safe Please contact http://www.rutherfordinstitute.
  2. ANONYMOUSLY on leslies behalf ALL ALL of her Communications are Monitored and Inquires for Help are Being Intercepted this is a Method of GangStalking that is Described as same ALL over the Internet its how they keep targets of this Crime ( in part ) isolated within the Victimization of these Crimes and KNOW this EVERY EVERY EVERY Time leslie has prepared to go to Lawyers , IN Mich CT and San Diego, she has either been Arrested Ticketed Forced to Move Assaulted Property stolen so this will occurr soon so STAY TUNED, its being done FOR THIS PORPOSE In Part, dont think for one minute leslie wont use their methods to excite them out into the Open to entrap them.
  3. Leslie is one of the Biggest Most Important Whistle Blowers this Nation has ever known, and whats exposed in this Blog is NOTHING compared to what she know’s
  4. REMEMBER this.I suggest You Cross Reference the Next 4 ITEMS CLOSELY
  5. Leslie has been on the Ground Zero Show around 9 times -5 of these times are incorporated within this Blog,
  6. This Blog was MASSIVELY UPDated and Partly Corrected on UpDated on 8/05/16

What do u Hear in this 16 secound Twitter Video Audio – It was Caught at Ralph’s Grocery Store, Located on La’Jolla Viliage Sq Dr, LaJolla CA on 7/30/16, its Only a 16 Secound Segment of at least a 5 Hour Audio recording of Harasment at Ralph’s on this Date- Its the Last section of this Tweet Chain Observe It in a Quiet Enviroment, Follow Instructions on whats stated is Caught, then Look at the Email Below it and its Date, and who it was sent Too, and About.( ” The SDPD Northern Division NEVER Replied” and Never made one effort to contact leslie regarding the Email AND NEVER WILL”) Cross Referencing the Twitter Video,PROVE’S the Email was Telling the Truth on its date and Prove’s stalking on more than one ocassion , including to commit Felony Harassment and Conspiry to committ it all, 3 Felonies, meaning Just these two episodes alone should allow Arrests and Leslie’s Ability to sue for Mental and Emotional  Anguish, BUT thanks to the Criminal Animals in the SDPD and The Judicial and Prosecutors office, and SD D/A’s Office that protect these crimes ” ABSOLUTELY” VICTIMS are left not only in  the CONTINUED Victimization but these Same just Forementioned description’s WILL and ABSOLTUELY Have Persecute the Target if the Target starts Demanding their Rights to be Observed, including tracking them to Resting area’s, Hiking Area’s, Camping Area’s ( the GangStalking of Leslie ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY, Created the Homelessness of Leslie This is a Technique that is Utilyzed Eventually towards at least 80 % of ALL Targets of this Crime RESEARCH IT) Online- and them coming to leslie’s area’s is not always directly done by law Enforcement Meaning that but not,” but not” limited to – the Filthy Rats connected to this Crime in the System at the Federal State  County, & City Level have the Comunity Connections to USE ANYONE to stage and Participate in a Event towards her at these Area’s even for assaults EVEN with the Motive to Motivate Leslie to call the Police-whom magically wont arrive until the assaliants are given time to leave the Area, WHICH THEVE ALREADY ABSOLUTELY DONE ABSOLUTELY, THINK this Blog ALONE which is only 0:00001 % of the Evidence leslie Has, and it Massively INDISPUTIBLY Proves leslie was/IS a Victim of this Crime INDISPUTIBLY, IN Multiple States. the Audio Video and Paper Trail evidence INDISPUTIBLY Proves it, and the Evidence Indisputibly Proves the Tracking ( Which is the Stalking of GangStalking- GangStalking is Not Stalking by Gang’s ) of her EVERYWHEIR she goe’s, so when you research, this Evidence you will witness the truth concerning the Tracking of her to prop up the Harrasment Assault’s Falsified arrests  Falsified Police Reports ,Property Thefts and Much More, as a Result including thru Online Research into this Crime You Will deduce that she is FACTAULY being Tracked to her resting areas’, The EVIDENCE in this Blog IS IDISPUTIBLE, BECAUSE that is ABSOLUTELY Proven as well, and all of this Present’s TRUTH.

Do you Hear Suck Dic# said Twice and then GangStalk Said IMMEDIATELY after its said the Secound Time, Leslie LITERALLY LITERALLY Has OVER 1000 AUDIO Files LITERALLY of this Occurring along ALL OF her Routes EVERDAY EVERYWHIER she goes and if she is Arrested Will teh Police Steal Edit Alter Delete this Evidence ABSOLUTELY, If you dont hear it Its because The Video audio was Hacked BECAUSE it was Caught and Transferred to Twitter Video, Leslie’s Online Communications are Monitored and Hacked-LISTEN Carefully

7/30/16 Ralph’s Gang Stalkng https://twitter.com/higginsgggg/status/759804077987377153

Compare what you Just Listened to these Two Items

Gmail – Leslie Williams being GangStalked at Ralphs Grocery Store PROVING YOU were Notified SDPD

Before You Watch this Video, go to the Video right below it It shows a Tape recorder which shows the Date and time of the Event,that’s being exposed and Who’s playing a Role in it them come back to this Event which Occurred in 2013 WHEIR at Jack in the Box off of Rose Crans and Nimitz BLVD, Observe  in this 12/05/13 Video SDPD’s way of victizing the Target and their Verbal Theatric’s to weasal themselves out of Un Coruptly invesigateing what TRULY happened, Pay Back after you watch the Next two Video’s then You Tube Learning Disabled woman exposes GangStalking at Jack In the Box- and listen carefully for what she is stating in this Blog she expoerinces LISTEN CAREFULLY

12/05/13 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES San Diego Police Gross Negligence of Duty ?


This was Caught in the San diego Court House 2’nd Floor Outside of Department 9-on 10/23/15, Department 9 is a Court Room, whier Leslie was due back in. The Persons Saying it are at Least 2-3 San Diego Prosecutors and Between 2-4 San Diego Public Defender’s sitting and Standing DIRECTLY TOGETHER as its occurring while Alex McDonald Leslie’s San Diego Public Defender is Standing right their WITH THEM Laughing as its occurring,  (( Leslie tried to get rid of Alex on at least 3 Occasions and the Court Forced her to keep her Alex Was Nothing But a Propped up, ABSOLUTE Criminal that worked Covertly with the Prosecutors Office to RailRoad leslie? and what about the Judge’s) the Case’s that they Processed Before this Occurred and After proves who was in their at this Time Because Cases were Processed, in other Words case’s can be cross referenced to the Voice Prints, the Reason leslie was their was due to the Ticket given to her in Rose Canyon onb 8/9/15- And the Law Enforcement  Verbal Confessions WIDE OPENLY CAUGHT on Video By Leslie  concerning that Event, were not allowwed in Court, by Alex Mc Donald the San Diego Prosecutors Office and Alex was Emailed this Video Confession, weeks before the Prosecutors office decided to prosecute the Ticket,UNDERSTAND these People are ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Organized Crime Filthy Animals I suggest you continue with this Blog

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God




  1. Recently Leslie HAS LITERALLY CAUGHT the San Diego FBI Being Literally Connected to this Crime LITERALLY, Concerning her,. she will be Arrested to get ahold of this Evidence Before it is witnessed before a Lawyer, leslie wrote in the Blog ENCLOSED within this One in JUNE JULY and September 2015 that she will entrap them this is Particially now acheived, above and know TRUTH

    ( The Enclosed ACLU Posts 2 of about 3-4 Leslie made Comments On_) this in 2006-07-09 leslie went to the FBI Field Office in Detroit (that Particular Office Building was dedicated to also surrounding suburbs of Detroit DEARBORN MI)  she discussed with them that she was being stalked and experincing victimization creativelty, (she didnt know what was happening to her was called GangStalking until 6/9/2009)  she creatively warned them – by stating I’m respecting you right now by telling you this lets hope in the end you respect me- she shook their hand right after stating this-the end of that end in leslie’s mind ended the secound leslie experinced her last menstrual cycle, meaning that this campaighn literally LITERALLY caused leslie to lose her ability to have children (BECAUSE IT DID) Now to a Wild Filthy Criminaly Insane Animal’s who are responsible for this THEY DONT CARE- But they do care about being exposed- ” A weakness leslie uses ” and will experence retaliation for it- Always exploit your enemy’s weakness’s REMEMBER THIS-The Retaliation leslie will experence for exposing this will be Targeting her Finances and Freedom Using the System for it including the School Loans she WAS Cohersed to take out, By the Wild Animals that Infiltrated her life in Dearborn Mi Thru respectible Community Enviroment’s,Intially brought about thru a Staged Event brought about thru WHO-“DEARBORN POLICE” But 1 ONE of the Things to consider THEY HAVE PLANS on doin it ANYWAYS exposure or Not, and we as Human Being cannot hide in a Corner like a Abused Animal and think if I just disappear nothing will hurt me NO, DO NOT EVER EVER have this Mantality Concerning anyone or ANYTHING EVER- Know who you are in God Because he HE is Your Heavenly Father, and he did not create us on this earth to be treated like LITERAL ABUSED DOGS by Criminaly Insane Animal’s, KNOW THIS, REMEMBER THIS

    That Handshake sealed what leslie stated It hasnt been forgotten-people from down South DONT FORGET, Laugh now, But I strongly suggest you realize Just Remember Michigan Laughed at leslie in 2004- the were LITERALLY begging her to leave before she left in 2011, Breif Description of the Detroit Mi FBI Feild Office Lobby ( in the Calender years leslie went their ( at least 35 Picture’s of Deceased FBI Agent’s on their Lobby Wall Killed in the Line of Duty all solved EXCEPT One, this is Something that cant be Imagined)

    Evidence FBI was Contacted  Concerning Leslie by Viewing the Comments features of these ACLU Posts-and the Dates the Comments were posted  ” FBI” ( Take these ACLU URL Address and Paste them in Google search Box Engine Press enter when they Come up Click on their Designated Web Page’s Once they open Up- Scroll to the Comments features) these Actions leslie did? in order to entrap them, “LATER” she has been planing this for YEARS, because as she was goin thru this She, over time became increasenly aware the FBI were connected somehow- lets say for now INTUITION

    ( https://www.aclu.org/blog/tortured-tunes.

    The Directly below ACLU Post has 2 of Leslie’s Comments on it, was this Comment feature hacked by the perpetrators ( AT U OF M as she was making it leslie didnt notice it until after she posted it) Remember the Dates concerning these POsts and the University’s being mentioned in them because on January 20’th 2011, leslie FINALLY CAUGHT on Video INDISPUTIBLE VIDEO eveidence of being OPENLY Harrassed at U of M Library in Dearborn Mi and her Immediately goin to U of M Dearborn Mi Campus Saftey afterwards to Complain report it AGAIN- Remember LOOK at the Dates) The Univesitys in this Blog are ARE U of M Dearborn Mi and U of M Ann Arbor- U of M Dearborn is LITERALLY 40 feet from HFCC weir Leslie went to School weir she experinced Years of GangStalking at and the Wooded area she stayed at in Michigan 99:98 % of the Time in Michigan Was DIRECTLY across the Street from Both- also Know this the Grocery store leslie was experincing Harrassment at mentioned in the Comments feature of this Post was Kroger’s Grocery store off of Michigan Ave and Outer Dr RIGHT around the Block from the Monroe apartment they Stole her rent from Thru USPS and right up the Block LITERALLY from U of M ) Kroger’s Grocery Store Chain OWNS Ralphs and Food 4 Less Grocery Stores so I suggest you Google Krogers and GangStalking and Look at how many targets are complaining about them ALL OVER THE COUNTRY)- Remember GangStalking is Directly Connected to Hundreds of Criminal Motivations INCLUDING Human Trafficking)


    It is now Leslie intention to tie the Dearborn Mi Dearborn Police Connection GangStalking to SDPD it will Occurr, and then attach Dearborn Police Connection to Taylor Mi Police and Wayne Mi Police and their Fire Departments who aided ind abbed in thing’s that occurred to leslie, PS The San Diego FBI have been Caught by Leslie, it occurred in 2012 Linked to What Statements their Security Made to leslie Caught on Audio then Linked to text Messages sent to her phone that wasnt Bought until 2013 those Text Messages sent to her Phone in 2014 , IN ROSE CANYON are IDENTICLE TO a Tee Statements that were About what IMPLANTS, statements that their Security Talked about – Those Statements were intiated BY THEM brought about out of the Blue Thin Air meaning that Nothing leslie stated before or after their statments Introduced this Topuc in leslie presence with them In other words It was Initiated by them , stated by them,, they have been INDISPUTIBLY CAUGHT, and More was caught as Well was the FBI Agent lesile talked to and Exposed ” Among Other things that she was assaulted on 10/10/11 on the MTS 928 Bus then MTS sent her a Altered Video of the Assault and that the SDPD Police Report concerning the Assault was Falsified, YES, she witness his ID Badge sticking out of his Jacket his name was MARIO

    Welcome to U of M GangStalking Finally Caught on Video-1/20/11, after years of Unimaginable sufferring she experinced in their Library and other places on thier Campus GANGSTALKING CRIMES, it got so bad at U of M That Leslie had to call the Dearborn Police on U of M Campus Police, Within day’s The Dearborn Police evicted her from her Camping area RIGHT Across the street from U of M Dearborn Mi around March 30th 2011 within 2 Days of the last event that took place their, she left Michigan for Ct around April 4-5 2011-Filthy Animals protectiung each other and the Instititions that generate Milllions to their Tax Base

    U of M Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011


    And the Criminal Animals Response to it U of M Dearborn Campus saftey 1/20/11

    U of M GangStalker-Harrassing Victim Torture in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011


    At :44 secounds into this Video Freeze Framed a Video Picture is being Taken of HFCC right next to U of M Dearborn Mi -Leslie has been planning this for years, see she experinced GangStalking in 2002-03-04 at HFCC then to her apartmebts after tehy made her Homeless in 2005-6 she decided to go to areas close to teh Places she had already identified tp prove they stalk you to wheir you live The Dearborn Police ended up being connected to this property Evicting her from it around April 1’st 2011, whome she was already exposing FOR YEARS- she then got a Apartment 11/29/09 to entrap landLords and property Owners to USPS it worked as well EVERYTHING leslie set out to do 98 % to the Michigan GangStalking she accomplished USING THEM TO EXPLOIT THEM PS the 11/29/09 Apartment lease was sighned at the Apartment Complex She left U of M Library and went imedaitley their STALKING?

    Gangstalkers Torture Woman in Dearborn on Ford Property across from U of M Dearborn



    Tortured in Dearborn Mi on Ford Property across from U of M Dearborn


    Occupy San Diego Wall Street-Learning Disabled Woman Being Tortured


    008 January 3, 2009


    This is the Inside of U of M Dearborn LibraryTorture in Dearborn–GangStalker?-Ex U of M Circ Staff-2006


    Their is Information in this Blog of a individual being GangStalked at Ford World Head Quarters in Deraborn Mi which is Located wheir, RIGHT ACROSS the Street LITERALLY from U of M Dearborn Mi and Right up the Road from The Dearborn Police-leslie discovered it in Michigan back in 2010- her Aunt Caroline used to work their.


    Cross Reference this Video to the Evidence Above Look at the Dates then Cross REference it to AGAIN what leslie stated Concerning How she stated she was being harrassed at that CURRENT ( Past Hiking Area) she was Staying at AT the Time the 9/17/13) Broadcast this is the One, this Video Clearly Shows her stating what she was Experiencing at that Area( the Camping Area UCSD Police came to her at WITH SDPD and Arrested her on 11/10/14) 22 Hours after leslie made a Tweet they Whould come within a Week-That Tweet ins Incorporated within this Blog) the Audio of the ThanksGiving event is Played withuin this Video One of the Men attached to that event WHICH occurred on Gillman Road RIGHT up the Street from UCSD) was one of teh THree Men that were harrassing her at that area, which is the Same evidence played to SDPD during the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event CAUGHT on Video as she played ot to SDPD and the Park Rangers then the Public Defenders and Prosecutors Were Caught saying it by Leslie on 10/23/15 INSIDE the San Diego Court House) on her Tape Recorder EXPOSED in this Blog

    4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca


    SDPD Shake for me Wanna Whole Lotta Love-“Schools in Session” This song is methpophorically represented WHY because the Neural Implants and the Implants that are put in the private Parts of GangStalking Targets NON CONCENSUALY, assist the Perpetrators in the Brain Entrainment for the Neural Enslavment for the ABSOLUTE COMPLTE SEXUAL ENSLAVEMENT by the worst of the Worst of the Worst People the Target dont know. Assisted by who THE POLICE COURTS PROSECUTORS JUDGES and Much more- so to leslie its Skull Fuck time for the People they used against her, SDPD Research Remote Neural Monitoring and Human Trafficking, ya Know the ABSOLUTE UTTER DISTAIN Leslie has Concerning SDPD and NOW UCSD Police Pi Couldnt be  Mathmatically measured , Magnify this by a Thousand and understand her LITERAL distain she has for the Dearborn Police, whom havnt tasted YET one Direct payback by leslie IT FUCKING will occur

    Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love (1997 Promo)

    Organized Stalking ( Another Nae for GangStalking) is mentioned 99% THROUGHOUT this Entire Book the Author is featured on this Coast to Coast AM Radio Show 2013 Valentines day


    Coast To Coast AM Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment EDITED Only OGS EH Portion Low


    This Blog was Hacked by the Perpetrators after leslie posted it in Ct she didnt notice it until 2012-leslie was on Ground Zero on 9/01/15 exposing how her blogs and more have been hacked from the Begining of at least since the Open Targeting of her has begun ” 2002 ”

    Now right between the Quated Pasted section of teh Blog right here below the Blog’s URL Link, is a Section of the Blog Look at what it states- Cross reference what it states to teh Date it was Published to whats in this Shows broadcast at 44:23 ending at wheir Roger Tolces states it was a UCLA Psycics Student who did It to then Back to How Aron Alexis Stated in the 9/17/13 Cylde Lewis Show ground zero About Aron Aleix was experincing Electronic Shocks as well, Now cross reference that to another thing that is done with Machines desghined to Psysciological interface with a Targets Body THRU a Adjacenct Apartment from the Target


    Targeted Individuals Europe – extended version




    ” Then they finally stole rent in September 2010 and I just said screw this-The Poisining is also a Main Main reason I decided to  leave as well I was deathley sick for over 5 days -that incident was almost undescribable-then the ElectroShcok that went thru my left foot up thru my entire Body it Literally took the breath out of my lungs literally and it ended in my head waking me up in a Extremely violent reactionary way.”

    Now Goin Back Breifly to the Coast to Coast AM Interview Mike Fithugh Bell you clearly heard George Noorey state are these people using Vans to deliver this Techknology ( DEW’s)

    Well That and Much More including GangStalking being Exposed occurring on UC DAVIS Campus By a UC Campus Professor on Thanksgiving 2015 ( So UCSD UCLA and UC Davis 3 UC Campuses Connected to these Horrific Crimes Yet that Filthy Maggor Bit## CAG Kamala Harris allows ALL of it and PROTECTS EVERY LAST BIT OF IT

    Full Show – Thanksgiving Rebroadcast – 11/26/2015


    PS- Applie this to the Delonis Homeless shelter Aspect of What Happened to Leslie in Ann Arbor Mi  in 2008-09 that is Exposed with the ” UCSD and Law Library are they Networking GangStalking” Blog Attached within this Blog

    Dr Robert Gunn Ann Arbor Virtual Prison Video- this is a Detroit Mi Area Doctor Exposing him and WHO ELSE Henry Ford Health Systems role in Targeting persons

    Henry Ford Health Systems Leslile went to on NUMEROUS Times Two Locations within 50 Ft the Other within a Thousand Feet of the Wooded area Leslie stayed at RIGHT across the street From U of M Dearborn Mi – At Least one of these location’s leslie was GangStalked at LITERALLY LITERALLY the one 40 Feet across from this Wooded are Within the Calender years of 2006-07-08- Part of 09-2010 2011

    The Informer Report 9-19-2012 Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Terrorism


    The Deraborn Police Coming to Leslie’s Camping area Across the Street from U of M Dearborn Michigan took place within two wekks of her goin where, Benner and Benner Law Firm in Farmington Hills Michigan, their adress Looked up by leslie from wheir, U of M Deraborn Mi Library and at the Henry Ford Centinnial Library Off of Michigan and Greenfiled Ave RIGHT NEXT TO the Dearborn Police Station, look up GangStalking and University’s then GangStalking and Libraries then to Police then To Cyber survallance of the Tragets internet activity, cross reference these two Items to leslies statement to things you just Observed, How is OakWood Conneted to Leslie, Leslie still has their Buisness card


    Now Open Up the Freedomfightersforamerican web Links attached here Look at Terry Parker Juniors XRays and how this Crime occurred towards him Under the Guise of EPILEPSY

    Terry Parker Junior Implanted Under the Guise of Epilepsy, Below. REREAD Oakwood Link MiLive Above EPILEPSEY- in this Web Site, Chris Zucker the Founder of http://www.Freedomfighterforamerica.com is whom leslie was goin to met in CT from Michigan They Statrted MASSIVE GangStalking of leslie at her Camping area in Ct and ALONG ALL OF HER Routes in Ct UPON ARRIVAL literally preventing this from ever Occurring wheir did leslie look up travel routes from Michigan to Ct and then from their Bus station to Mr Zuckers House U OF M DEARBORN MI LIBRARY, OakWood Hopspitals and their Connected Medical Centers and More were Caught By Who doing this to How many adulats who were then Explouted by the Same people that exploited her, and How was the Dearborn Fire Department connected to it ALONG with THE DEARBORN POLICE- EVER SEEN THE MOVIES The Stepford wives- including the new one with Bette Midler, notice any Neural Implants and Sexual Slavery goin on



  2. You whould’nt Believe what Leslie’s Ex Husband, David Brian Ognian did to her in San Diego and Michigan, Here’s a Description of a Few things he did ( its not being enclosed for Sympathay It is to show you that thru abuse it assists the perpetrators to easier exploit a Disaaociated mind then a Non Disaacociated mind) the purpose for the Abuse.

    David Seduced Lesie, mentally and Emotionally, then Employeed GangStalking Psychological Mechanics on her,after she married him, this was done for Brain Entrainment-IN SAN DIEGO and Michigan, the Above and Below Abuse took place in San Diego and Michigan

    Picture a 198 Pound BIG BONED Man approaching a 119 Pound Small Boned Framed woman as she is Sitting down on a Chair and him hoping up on her his whole Body positioned to pound ALL of his Weight on her Legs as she is Sitting Violently Goin up and down Crushing her Legs, Picture this same man taking her neck and squeezing it to the Point of almost Lost Consciosness and trust me more Occurred- so did leslie find the right times to break his ankle to beat the living shit out of him, attack him as he was sleeping, AB So FUCKING LOUTELY and trust me leslie is not weak,always remember this ALWAYS leslie Doesnt forget and lets no one slide, for this is ABSOLUTE TRUTH  Always Know this, Leslie Fought Back, Google GangStalking and Intimate Infiltration, UNDERSTAND she met him in 1982 Married him in 1983 after being influenced by John Castellanis Little Ceasar’s Supervisor to transfer from the Plymouth and Minock Detroit Mi Little Cesars wheir leslie was working at to the Little Ceasars on 5 Mile and Beech Daly Redford Mi wheir Davids Brothers Wife and her best Freind were employed at who then introduced her to Dave,and kept soliciting her to go with him until she did, anyone at anytime can Google Little Ceasars and GangStalking-also Know this Two sets of people infiltrated her life after leslie left him for good in 1988- one set was from redford who was propped up in dearborn right around the Block wheir she was living in 1989 she lived with them for around a Year in the early 1990’s they lived at 16529 MacArthur i mile and 1 Block away from the House David grew up at and 1/2 Mile away from this Little cesears, and Thomas Rogers had Connections to who NASA Cape Kennedy, the Secound set of persons spotted leslie in 1986 RIGHT ACROSS the Street LITERALLY from a Studio Apartment wheir leslie was living DIRECTLY across the Street, THe Dearborn Police thru tehir tracking of leslie set her up to use the Courts to send her to this Grouop They were involved in Massive Fraud Extortion Insurance Fraud and the Human Trafikckig of leslie in Michigan INCLUDING up to the Week she left Michigan in April 2011- the Ones that Cohersed her into taken Out the School Loans, leslie ABSOLUTELY discovered Physical  Connections between them and the Redford Group, NEVER Underestimate leslies resolve in USING these Filthy animals against themselves, So THink Who solicited John Catellanis the Supervisor for 4-5 Little Cearsars Location;s to Influence leslie to transfer to Five Mile and Beech Daly location Who ever influenced him to do this Is ABSOLUTELY connected to WHEIR leslie lived at with her Parents,

    PS the Staged event SDPD INTENTIONALLY Staged and Implemented in 2006 Towards leslie was RIGHT AROUND the Block from wheir, Rosecrans and Nimititz BLVD, which also just happened to be whier the First staged assault of leslie Happened to Leslie 9 Days after Coming back to San Diego on 8/17/11-( she arrived Back in San Diego on 8/8/11) for the First time since she left when she did in 2006- that assault occurred at the Bus Stop right off the Corner of Rosecrans and Nimitz Blvd on 8/17/11 right across from the Gas Station on the Corner, the Point Loma Subramine Base Her ExHusband Worked at in 1983-84 while Leslie was Married to him is RIGHT DOWN the street from Rose Crans and Nimitz BLVD
  3. This  Evidence PDF link is Being ReIntroduced as a DIRECT Pay Back to the Mental Harasment Leslie Endured today at Ralphs Grocery Store LaJolla Villiage Sq Dr AGAIN on 7/30/16 its explained in Part Directly Below
  4. Cross Reference Information to Dates Locations and what was and who was Caught related to the Information and observe Strategies Used on them-Throwing them into them
  5. Gmail – Fwd_ Part 1 EVIDENCE Zimmerman
  6. Gmail – Prediction of Marian Bear Park Comes true Within Hours
  7. Gmail – Massive EVIDENCE Thru Pinned Tweets Attached to Pinned Tweet on Twitter Acct
  8. SDPD do u feel USED
  9. Gmail – 7_30_16 Prediction
  10. I dedicate this Song to the Legal Entrapment of the FBI BY leslie to expose their always connection of this Crime to The GangStalking of who,How,Part of this is Already accomplished- AUDIO EVIDENCE, Twitter evidence, Texzt Message Evidence make no mistake about it will EVENTUALLY Occur-( 97 % of what leslie stated ( in 2005) she was goin to do to the GangStalking of her in Michigan was acomplished by her towards them By and Thru Walking in the Midst of them and thru using them to expose them 60- % of San Diego Payback has been accomplished the Remaining will Totally encompass Legal Entrapment, of all involved that she is Targeting , including Judges she hasnt met yet, THIS WILL OCCUR.

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-RDhRtbLpw
  13. This Blog was Updated on 07/30/16, At Ralphs Grocery Store, LaJolla Villiage Sq Dr wheir Leslie is Experincing Massive Cyber hacking and Cyber survellance this Blog was edited on a Massive scale by Leslie and what was edited was erased by the Criminally insane animals who are perpetrating this Crime towards her UNDERSTAND 2- Audio Files Were started as of around 7:48 AM on Today’s date , 07/30/16 Leslie predicting on them what whould be Caught on them ONCE she arrived ion Ralphs including by who Bycyclists and Elderly men whom were used on Prior Occassions at Ralphs WERE CAUGHT in Ralphs on 11/30/16 after she arrived THese Cyclysts were seen By Leslie at UC Cylysists on Many Saturdays which is Located right across from Ralphs location- they Repeated Around her GangStalk Suck My Dick Oh My God and Laughed as a  GROUP as it was Occurring-LISTEN CAREFULLY( https://twitter.com/higginsgggg/status/759443602514718720) was a Video Picture Taken of them CAMERA and Posted to Twitter and IT ABSOLUTELY was Caught on TWO seperate Audio Files Leslie predicted in Her Tape recorder it whould be Experinced and Caught BEFORE arriving at Ralphs proving the GangSTALKING of her to Ralphs), and Understand the Predictions were made before boarding the Bus She took to get to Ralphs after she boarded teh Bus she asked teh MTS Bus Driver the date and Time, what was caught was caught after the Prediction’s remember the Predictions were made on a Earlier time frame within the same audio file the Harrassment was caught on at a Later time Proving she is Being Tracked to Ralphs to propp up this Vile Harrassment)  since this Openly ( Meaning Open GangStalking Harrasment) started happening to leslie -2002) she has not lost her temper Once- but when she does be rest assured she will not be Violent what she will do is start a Open in your face campiaghn that will last for months meaning that the techniques she will use will expose IN YOUR COMPLETE FACE who she Psychologically provokes out into the Open ” Thru exposing them” that are connected to this Crime COVERTLY Overtly and Directly, ” THINK UCSD POLICE, RALPHS LaJolla Vl Sq Dr, and SDPD this Blog indisputibly proves leslie already employed this Technique ,and as a result Caught on Video and Audio OUT IN THE OPEN IN YOUR FACE Law Enforcement Verbal confession’s and Participatation, Falsified Police Reports, Illegal GPS Tracking to Commit a Felonie’s, Corruption, Conspiracy, Gross Neglegence of Duty, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice-Including in reference to Materials of Discovery EVIDENCE, Retaliation and Felony Criminal Harrasment,and Loss of Property exceeding 500 dollars as a Result of some of the Crimes listed above, this isn’t being exposed to Brag-Its being exposed so when you Disect this blog you can see as a American that you have the Power to catch a Spider in The Web’s they weave, using them for it ,why did leslie employe this Technique, well The Following is being stated for a Reason-when you disect this Blog and Follow directions You will witness TORTURE, the Majority of it Utilized from a Distance and Massive Psychological Violence, their Attacking the Human Mind and Body, and their also Targeting Mental States thru GangStalking psychological Abuses and Harrassment and Staged physical Assault’s  as well- so their using the Target’s mental and emotional responses to hurt the Target thru the Techknologie’s they use and the Abuse and Crimes they do thru Gang Stalkiing techniques in order to affect the person to weir them down DESIGHNED TO INTENTIONALY INDUCE RePeated TRAUMA’S so leslie us’s them to expose them thru Psychological mechanics she employees on them, Using them to hurt them,and TO EXPOSE WHO”S Connected and Controlled and who and wheir Protect’s it -Payback’s are a Bitch
  14. Pay Attention to the Following Closely CROSS REFERENCE what’s exposed
  15. The Following is a Introduction to some of the Filthy Maggot Whore’s Crimes that other targets are stating their experiencing WHY do you think leslie is exposing it – Disect ,Cross reference and see TRUTH
  16. Now this is what to do Listen to this Show You will hear absolute TRUTH V2K is absolutely Exposed-then research this California Senators Canadite’s Website, V2K and More exposed ( PS the CoIntelpro she discloses is GangStalking Google it)
  17. Know after you listen to this show, then research whats on her WebSite- then disect these two Pasted Snap ScreenShot’s what do you see
V2K on California Seneators Candadite’s WebSite
After you read This, Read the Next One, what do you see-(it will be explained of what it is and how its done below the 2’nd Snap Screen Shot) DO IT
V 2 K Screenshot_2016-06-29-21-48-29


Video Cortex
Soul Catcher Screenshot_2016-06-29-21-42-18
V2K is a Tecknological Crime That is Happening to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of GangStalking Victim’s DAILY  in the United State’s,  DAILY, for decades at a Time, Most of the Time almost 24/7 that allows the perpetrator to use Sound Waves to transmit Vile and Harrassing  and GasLighting dialog OF ANY KIND into the Target’s Audio Cortex Bypasing the ear drums but using the hearing system as the conduit, Research V2K Indepthly at Google and You Tube ITS ALL OVER THE INTERNET Including their Patent’s,
Now do you ” Notice what was caught thru the sophisticated tecknologies this engineer used to catch the Audible Harrassment a GangStalking Victim was Experincing-The Microphones this Engineer used was put right next to the Ear of the Victim-( see the Directional V2K and the Sound System’sUntra Sonic Sound transmission’s that are directionally projected towards the Target are transmitted to be distinguishible to the Target as its  being Amplified as its approaching the Targets head, meaning that the transmission is time Rated to be amplified as its approaching the Targets Head in order for the transmission’s to be Audibly Distinguishable, what was Caught
‘ Small children being sexually Abused- their screams and anguish’-WHEIR DID THE Perpetrators get this in order to transmit it- REMEMBER these filthy maggots are ARE CONNECTED TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING RINGS.At any time anyone can Google San Diego D / A Curtis Web Remote Neural Monitoring Child Trafficking,. PAY BACK For Multiple Reason’s, Leslie doesnt know if Curtis Web Is Connected in any way to teh GangStalking Crimes of her But now this It is on the Internet he is employed in the Fraud Department of the San Diego’s District attorneys Office- in which is wheir she was directed to go to on 10/7/11 – 2 days before she was set up to be assaulted on 10/10/11 on the 928 MTS Bus That assault Video and details concerning this event is incorporated within this blog when she went their on 10/07/11 the person brought out to talk to her asked her wheir she was experincing this crime mostly she told them one of the main places was that bus route, and leslie knew by things she seen when she was their and their postures that their statements wheir just theater
Now Concerning the Secound SnapScreen Shot here
Observe the Video Images of children being Raped ( and Trust Me alot more is happening to Targets Minds in this Realm) are Transmitted into the Targets Video Cortex, exposed on http://www.SoulCathcer.coms WebSites Dr Robert Duncan- Now when you get to the Information online concerning Remote Neural Monitoring you will clearly deduce that accessing the Video and Audio Cortex are two of Several Features of this Technologie as well as the Phantom Touch-( leslie’s Made Videos concerning this)
ALSO you will witness leslie  being on the GroundZero Show ( AGAIN) with Clyde lewis and Daniel Estulan ( its Link Below- you clearly hear him Describe  these aspects of this Techknology) listen to what he says carefully when you access its link below to listen to the Show, know Imagine this Being heard and seen in your mind INCLUDING YOUR DREAMS Fucking Imagine it- and this is just One aspect of HUNDREDS of things they do to targets with this Techknologie Remote Neural Monitoring V2K and the Microwave Hearing affect, perpetrated on 100 % 100 % Compltely Innocent People by Wild Filthy ABSOLUTE Crimminaly Insane Wild Maggot rat ass ANIMAL WHORES
This is Just a Introduction to prove that  Directional Sound waves, are abslutely Posssible for only the Target to hear
 And always remember the Tweets sent to SDPD Cheif Zimmerman on 8/8/15 and the Last one connected on that Tweet Chain attached to it on 8/10/15 included Evidence of a San Diego  Woman’s Exposeing and experiencing Retaliation for exposing the Human Traffiicking of Young Girls in San Diego canyon’s Copied and Pasted, into the Tweet sent to her ” A Tweet Chain” that woman Christie is now being GangStalked and Gang Stalking is Directly Connected to Human Trafficking-Christie was exposing Law Enfocements connection to aspects of this Crime ,and them coming to her home in retaliation for it, they came after leslie in Rose Canyon the next day on 8/9/15 and leslie caught on Video the Park Ranger OPENLY VERBALLY ADMITTING it was retaliation for the 8/8/15 Tweet being sent to SDPD Cheif Zimmerman ( how did he know wheir she was ) that Video is in this Blog-Leslie then caught the Same park Ranger openly confessing, leslie catching it on her tape recorder on 11/30/15 In Mariam Bear Park he lied at the Evidentary hearing concerning the  Rose Canyon event  on 8/9/15-all of this is Exposed in this Blog so DISECT IT SLOWLY, PAYBACKS are a Bitch when you Exploit Gods Children, KNOW THIS for this Blog exposes self evidence of it, PS it isnt believed at this Time? that SDPD Chief Zimmerman is Involved in this But are their entity’s controlling her,Theirs a Relevant Reason for that statement it doesnt come from thin air- that is a Generous statement, this is why leslie stated in the 8/8/15 Tweet chain sent to her That ” IM not YOUR ( YOUR) Average Target)- it was a Ambigous statement?
Are we know seeing the genious of one Woman, Learning Disabled who is able to steer their thinking, JUST LIKE THEY DO TO GangStalking Victims
 , to get them to act out, to prove the tracking of her ( the Stalking of GangStalking) which is used for the Propped up Harrasment Staged assaults Staged arrests and Tickets and all of the Effect’s all of this produces, The Motive behind it, leslie sent that tweet chain to get them to act out Batta Boom and it worked.So fellow Citizens Never belive that Leslie has a Victimized Mind Set what she is doing is Crafting and Utilzing some of the exact things they do to Target’s Use targets own Bodys Minds to Hurt them, think Turning the Tables
( Your not going to understand all of the Immediate following now  TRUST me you will in time), leslie used metorphors of older events exposed in this Blog in June and July 2015 before she employed them in August 2015 and they IDENTICALLY matched what she did,and the results from it ,JUST trust me on this-Its done to Psycholgically RAPE the Filthy Animals that are connected to this BECAUSE they are Monitoring this Blog, Google GangStalking and Cybersurvallance of their Target’s, its like a Bear pissing on a Tree to Mark their Terroritory
Methophorically Like a Spider crawling up their Skin ” a Tweet ( their Connection to it THEIR RESPONSE TO IT ) spins the Thinking of Crimminal’s, ” I close my eye’s To see Inside to expose their Soul PAY BACK for Soulcatcher technowlogies, Leslies next move is already in play, Forestructured exposure is Coming, Hint Grims Story telling is a Clue, so is Topological Social Sets and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strategy_and_tactics_of_guerrilla_warfare Without the Guns  Gettie Up CONTINUE DO IT, crawling up their skin to get them to scratch
Do you Notice ” A Ray of Light ” in the GoArmy Video Incorporated within this Blog REMEMBER all of these Crimes are Connected

                                                     Madonna – Skin (Album Version)


Why do you think this Is Being Incorporated within this Blog

THe Immediate information Concerning Movies is Being Enclosed for a REason UNDERSTAND IT MATTERS TRUST ME it does9 Consider Leslie is aware of how People in the Public may View teh Following due to Skepticim So realize whould Leslie RISK you walking away from this Blog because of whats immediatley exposed Directly below this paragraph if their Wasnt ANY RELEVANT truth to wahts exposed Think about that really hard Queitly to yourself with a Mature Posture, and please proceed, and no matter what NO MATTER what you deduce from It TRUST ME TRUST ME Stay with this Blog)

OK here goes

Leslie is on this Show as well, the Main reason why its being exposed because She wants you to realize that Movies from Hollywood have included Leslies Family Members-

( leslie has on Tape at least twice her Father and Mother Admitting Kate Batts are related to her Fathers immediate Family lineage) the reason why this is relevant is because whats exposed concerning the Hanna Movie TRUST me.

Now also Consider President Andrew Jackson Witnessed the Bell Witch Haunting Himself Psysically in Tennessee ass it was occurring as a Major Genral Research it- THis Haunting its the ONLY Haunting poltergeist In the ENTIRE United States History that the United States Federal Governement has Certified and Being a Authentic Event that factually Occurred,@ 1;33;40 Leslie is on the Show- Leslies Father did tell her Katt Bates was Factually Involved in goin after the Bell Family, The Movie The American Haunting and the Blair Witch Project was made concerning this Poltergeist

And if you watch this Movie I think you will determine that Kate Batts Knew that a Child was being Molested, so dont conclude that if this trully occurred that Katt was evil, Dont ever Conclude


No matter HOW ODD IT MAY APPEAR it is for a FACTUAL REASON, and the risk is being taken to expose it in this Blog  for a Reason NO matter WHAT you conclude concerning this STAY WITH THIS BLOG- and remember leslie methophorically presents what she will do to them because HAVE THEY ever done this to her

Before you watch this Movie Trailor UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND

In 2009 a Certain Individual in a Group setting was shown a Video, in the begining of it a Man Sitting down ABSOLUTELY stated ” Their once was a Very special Girl living in the Woods with her Father” THIS IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH

Did this Occur in Dearborn Mi, was a Specific person living in the Woods in Dearborn Mi constantly praying to her Heavenly father to be delivered from the Torture and explotation she was experiecing, Remote Neural Monitoring, Monitoring her Thought’s ( PRAYERS), and her responses to it

Well look DearBORN

then look DearDEATH

at the Begging of this Trailer- a Movie about Pre Birth Genetic Programing for Supersoldiers- and do you notice the theme of this story is Hanna engaging in techniques that are desighned to get the enemy to come to her Geeze this is what leslie was doin to them in Dearborn mi beggining in 2005, she has the emails files to prove it and I suggest you Google Hollywood and GangStalking, then Supersoldiers and GangStalking UNDERSTAND, PS this Movie, Scences of it appeared on Computer Monitor Screens FROZEN on 3 Sepearte Occassions at USD University , in 2012 Monitors Leslie was sitting in front of, This is ABSOLUTE Truth, no matter how bizzare this appears this is Truth- Before watching the Hanna Movie

Go back to this Broadcast at exactly


56:40 Pre Conception Programming0 fellow americans Ultra Black Ops are not in the Everyday News BUT THEY DO Exist
If you watch the Movie you will notice in two seperate scence it discussed Hanna Being Enginerred Thru her Mothers eggs PRE CONCEPTION Gentic Manipulation

Hanna (2011) Movie Trailer HD


Cate Blanchette was the Character in Hanna That Hanna was Targeting

Leslies Family, are they IMMEDIATE DECENDANTS of Mary Queen of Scotts/King James of the King James Bible, thru the Stewert/Stuart Family Linegae was it Queen Elizabeth that had her killed In the Movie Elizabeth  it was Cate Blanchette who Played Queen Elizabeth, Google GangStalking and Ancient Bloodlines-ya know in the 05/01/13 Ground Zero Show with Clyde lewis that leslie was On The Occults Attachments to Hollywood is clealry exposed and the Occult are also all over the Internet to be Connected to GangStalking Crimes this is just being included as a Commerical Something to think about STAY WITH THIS BLOG.

Elizabeth (1998) Trailer


Before you Continue UNDERSTAND Leslie has ALWAYS been a Extremely Devout Christian who ABSOLUTELY abhors the Works of Satan and his Minions,

Do you Notice The Merivigians and Zion in this  new Matrix Movie and the Secound Matrix Movie this is No Accident

Also Consider the matrix is another slang term For GangStalking crimes and the Name Neo in these Movies stands for the Neo CORTEX- which is the Area of the Brain that is used for MindUpLoading

The Matrix – Child of Zion (2016) Official Fan Movie Trailer [HD] The Matrix 4 | Coming Soon




THE LINK BETWEEN SCOTLAND’S ROYAL HOUSE OF STEWART AND … These are the current House of Windsor (Queen Elizabeth, Charles, etc.) … a ‘Virgin’ from the Stewart Bloodline (also known as the Merovingian Dynasty) to marry into. … found during their crusade in Zion, what have they learned over the centuries?



Leslie on Ground Zero on 9/17/13-Exposing ELF Wave Transmissions Used on GangStalking Victims, exposing how she is Harrassed in Part in San Diego and at her Hiking Area’s and Exposing her Ex-Husbands Employment Description in the Navy and More, listen well and Cross Reference it to what was exposed all over the Nation in National News Broadcast’s Local News Broadcasts and newspapers all over the Country, THE VERY NEXT DAY, Does anyone HONESTLY believe their not still Targeting leslie -and they absolutely will soon start targeting her Finances

Only one Target in the Country did this Leslie Williams Remember the Dates


A San Diego Victim exposing” Inducing Persons to speak Foreign Language” on the 9/17/13 Show as well, also exposed on 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show ( this is a Capabilitie of Remote Neural Monitoring two Techniques Combined Forced speech and Neural Encoding) and exposed in this John Hall Video directly below,Mind UpLoading is Also exposed in the Below John Hall Video which is discussed by Leslie on the Clyde lewis Show Enclosed with Danile Estulan REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING, Mind Uploading was discussed by Leslie on the 9/17/13 show as well, she stopped herself from expanding on it for strategic purposes
and these Crimes also induce Artificial Dreams which are also all over the Internet to be Induced into the Targets Video and Audio Cortex as their Sleeping ( the Dreams 99.9 % of them are of the Target being abused and or watching abuse, including the Targets being abused sexually abused, its done thru Augumentated and Virtual Reality Productions, Google this to GangStalking
Artificial Dreams.
And @ 53:49-Electronic Rape is Discussed in the Below Video by John Hall well Observe a Book written about it then a Seperate Target FROM SAN DIEGO exposing it happening to her- REMOTELY are you begining to see why leslie is doin  what she is
Welcome to truth
Electronic Rape
Victoria Rose

Name: Victoria Rose

I Victoria Lynn Rose, have been stalked raped and I am being tortured, raped, … by v2s (voice to skull) rnm (remote neural monitoring) they have been able to …

You’ve visited this page 2 times. Last visit: 7/10/16
Phantom Touch is the Electronic Rape of Remote Neural Monitoring

Electromagnetic Stalking Dr John Hall Incredibly Important EDGEAM Interview with Daniel Ott

This is related to the Sanp ScreenShots above
@39:05 =40:23 Digital Tape Recorders Catching V2K,& Around 1 Hour into the Video he discusses the Vehichle’s used for DEWS That is exposed in the Thanks giving Alex Jones UC Davis Professor on UC Davis Campus exposing same thing




Leslie was Just Called a Fucking Bitch and threatened to be Banned by a Low Life Ralphs Employee at Ralphs Grocery store on LaJolla Villiage sq Dr on 7/20/16, Are they Continaully propping up persons to harass her concerning her smoking over 30 Feet away from their Entrance-Leslie complained about it to Managment and well “How many audio files does leslie have o Ralphs Managment employees and persons acting as customers repeating GangStalk Oh My God Suck my dick, so do you believe they will stick up for her or claim she is the Problem, they trie to claim multiple people have complained about her smoking-Google Staged Complaints and Accusations and GangStalking then Krogers and GangStalking then Grocery stores and GangStalking, and research how Targets are Harrassed Thru GangStalking at Entrances and Exits of Buisness, do they wait untils he goes out of the store to have a Cigareete and then propp up the Persons they use to Harrass her using normal appearing Complaints, when  you research these descriptions you will discover truth because its all over the internet that this is how Gangstalking harrassment crimes operate, Krogers owns Ralphs So why when you go to google and type in Krogers and GangStalking you see so many generated reposnses from Multiple Targets THROUGHOUT the United states saying the same thing I GUESS everyone is Lying except Krogers- Remember GangStalking is Directly Connected to Human Trafficking-also do you believe that since Cybersurvallance that is all over the Internet to be Connected to be what the perpetrators do concerning the Targets internet activity do you really beleive they are not aware that their being exposd Geeze Look  GangStalk clearly caught numerous time on this Tape Recorder and the date s shown and the Address of wheir its occurring is exposed a s well- the Goal is to act like multiple complaints are occurring concerning leslie and use it as a reason to bann her THE SAME Methods were Caught and used against Leslie at UCSD which is right up the Street from Ralphs, stageing Complaints Accusations is a Huge aspect of GangStalking crimes its done to be used as a Normal Appearing excuse to Bann the Target Their Targeting they will claim Ms Williams has been complained about Numerous Times, by customers and employees – the Motive and Goal For this is Multiple – One to induce fear in leslies mind she will be banned as a Result of these Bull shit complaints In turn this produces effects concerniing wheir leslie is allowed to use WIFI to expose whats happening to her ( the Goal is to Isolate her by taking away what she uses to expose wheir the Crimes are Happening at and How and whos particpating in them , using normal appearing legitimate excuses- and its being noticed that these events are always occurring right under The Building and stores video Cameras Geeze Hummmm)this is why Leslie Tapes these filhy maggots and predicts what they will do befpre arriving at the Places wheir these events unfold,Rememeber, REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS GangStalking IS CONNECTED TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING.lets c if she is Banned from Ralphs today and or on any date in the next 2 weeks its also being predicted they will damage and or Steal her bike, this Crime Just stole her New Bike on Decemebr 7th 2015 Total Loss/Cost of Everything OVER 400 Dollars, making it the 6th bike of leslies stolen from her since she became a Open Target of this Crime In 2002,

Lets c if leslie is arrested Ticketed for Illegal Lodging Tresspassing or encroachment Assaulted robbed and or If Homeless persons camp out at her resting spot or anywheir along her routes getting to any one and or as she is looking for one effective 7/20/16 11:01 AM

1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining


  1. Whats exposed in this You Tube Video can Be Acheived thru Radio Frequencies that are PiggyBacked on other Frequencies  ie…Wave Lenghts /Forms Mudulated to Interface to the Magnetic Resonance frequency of the Brain, these other Wave Forms/Lenghts ABSOLUTELY can include Light including Invisible Light Meaning that the Light in your Home/ Car’s, the Electricity in your walls Including Cable lines ( begin  by researching Lilly Waves)  and Computer/ Tablet and Phone screens ETC can be used,Smart Meter’s can be used as well, READ THIS BLOG DO IT DO IT
  2. Whats in this Is older stuff and Understand AND KNOW this Techknology HAS BEEN IN EXSISTANCE since at least AT LEAST the 50’s, dont ever assume the Criminal Maggots wont wait and Patent something Decades later for the Sake of Confusion and MisDirection

How They Control Your Mind→ Psychotronics/Psychological & HAARP Warfare


When we see the Way these Sattalite’s ENCOMPASSES a Geographical Area it means that the Light emitted from It is used as Carriers Waves for radio Signals And More, its used to Transmit Psycho Tronic Capabilties- also after you watch it research this DO IT- ( the Voice of God Techknology) also Notice how Montuak is within this as well Montuak was also clearly exposed on the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show Leslie was On , cross reference that to what leslie exposed and what was discussed Throughtout the 05/01/13 Ground Zero show she was on as well, also understand these Light Transmission’s INCLUDING using Invisible Light and the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum can be Used for Neural Decoding and encoding



Montuak Exposed again and was Super Soldiers discussed in the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show leslie was on as well, also why do you think that sections of the  Avator movie are shown In This ( MIND UPLOADING ) do you beleive this is a Accident.

Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program


  1. Fellow Americans Welcome to Truth-This Blog Was Massivley Udated on 7/18/16 Because this Expedition will escalate Towards leslie SOON in order to contain her _PROBABLY thru her having to Camp Outside( Illegal Lodging, they INTENTIONALLY Made her homeless to Monoploize on it) so it is Prudent to expose to the Public as Much TRUTH as possible as often as it can be exposed-Always remember when the Government tortures you it will engage in staged events to isolate who they tortured,  USING ANYONE for this Staged event-REMEMBER THIS ALWAY’S EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH LITERALLY,
  2. Leslie LITERALLY LITERALLY RISKS IT ALL, EVERYTHING  in Exposing Whats in this Blog
  3. Prepare your Minds and Hearts
  4. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism – Militia in the US – 6/15/1995 (1 of 2)

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCW76mKnsww&list=PLG0HywY45nLFkptwQPUYrtrRCEHb0RpWi&index=6
  6. Police State 4: The Rise Of FEMA

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6nchQl9JDg
  8. This is a FACTUAL LITERAL Metophorical Visual Representation Exhibited to illustrate to you some of the Things Leslie has LITERALLY endured LITERALLY as a Result of being a Target of these Crimes and her responses to it,. its detailed within this Blog- ” ( he Knows How Far I’ve come to find Him, Who do you think is Afraid -)–ONI ? Office of Naval Intellegence? I suggest In the Strongest Terms you READ THIS ENTIRE BLOG, DO IT
  9. This Blog was UpDated on 7/18/16
  10. The Revenant | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoebZZ8K5N0

A Thousand man Army could come against you but if your Fight is Righteous Before the Eyes of God KNOW Your Fight is Sustainned by him before him and DO NOT GIVE UP EVER Ezekiel 33;6,

Fellow American’s Leslie is all alone Psyhsicaly She is Literally one of the Biggest Whistle Blowers this Country has ever produced, Meaning that Who she is, what she knows, and Who is Involved -they wont let her go-because of it-and her body what is implanted within it, throughout it, makes her physical Intergrity Walking Talking PSHYICAL Evidence, and whats in her body assisted the perpetrators in the Torture of her Meaning the Evidence exist’s proving it occurred DO YOU UNDERSTAND

Observe Whats done to Target’s of this Crime ( Do not DEDUCE these are the Only Implants & Objectives & Crime’s- Because it absolutely not)

Targeted Individuals Europe – extended version



  1. EVERYTHING Leslie did since 8/8/11 up to THRU this Date 7/14/16, was because of the 1 EVENT that SDPD Staged towards her INTENTIONALLY in 2006 a ABSOLUTE INTENTIONAL STAGED Event that resulted in Leslie experencing Horrific Criminalitys BEYOUND YOUR MINDS DEMENSIONS for years, and she has kept score concerning whats she has endured since 8/8/11 and their absolute fools to keep fucking with this kind’ve resolve COMPLTETE FOOLS.
  2. Stay with this Blog, because the Tree is Being chopped down to get the Bear out of it, to show you it Factually exist’s-When you witness the BioEthic Commisiion Video’s below and their are Hundreds of other on the Internet of Target’s Testifying before teh Commision you will observe HOW LOCAL POLICE ACROSS the Country are connected to these CRimes and Use their employment descriptions to aid and Abbed if a Target gets to LOUD in exposing whats happening to them-NEVER EVER beleive Police are your Friend EVER

Between these two Rows of 7’s


Part PART of the Non ConSensual Military Human Experimentation ( ‘S) ? occur to a Target from Specific Distances- Is It Partly Explained here PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY

This is a Foundational RePresentation for you to consider

Google the Following to Gang Stalking, Research What comes Up Cross Reference the Information Synthesize it together

Now What do you see between 0;16-0;19

Look Closely, does it look like a Graphed Outline of the Human Biology in any way, a Electrical Graph, look at it and Proceed



Can The Miltiary UpLoad the Consiousness Including ALL ALL Psyhsiological Signals into a Artificial Carriers ( Remember Electron’s and Photonic Signals CAN BE AT TWO PLACES at once, Its called Mirroring), The Neural Process’s Signals of Every function of Your Brain EVERY FUNCTION emitt’s specific Frerquenice’s Including the Resonaces frequencies Remote Neural Monitoring can Identify EVERY Frequencie what it is attached to and EVERY Psysiological Signal Is the Central Nervous System Used as the Conduit ( Freeway For it ), this is a Older Video exposing the Criminality’s of these Filthy Whores

HAARP Conspiracy Project Blue Beam Is Actually PSYCHOTRONIC MIND CONTROL   


Observe and Continue -Take whats exposed and Research it DO IT

Voice-Hearing, Synthetic (Artificial) Telepathy-also Neural-Decoding-Harassments


Mind reading, Neural Decoding, Synthetic Telepathy, Targeted Individuals Europe


Has Leslie Ever Remote Viewed Sucesefuly-Consider acheiving 200 ,!00% positive results, out of 220 attempts, if this is concerning leslie do you believe the Government whould let her go, Google Psycho Tronic’s and Remote Viewing and GangStalking- then to the CIA, then to Psyhic Spie’s, hear is One  Example of Remote Viewing Is this One of the Thing’s that Leslie has Done at least 80 Times

Imagine having a Thought of a Word and or Subject Matter

Then Walking in to a Library and at any point in time within the Library,the target will notice a Book either Volunetry or Involenterily, they will then sit down and have teh Thought to Take the Book they selected Close their eyes and turn the Book in a Circle three times backwards in front of the target, the yarget then lays the book in front of them all OF THIS WITH EYES CLOSED , sets the Book down on the Table Opens teh Book up to a Random page and place their finger on a Area of the Page randomly selected- and BOOM it lands exactly on the word and or sentence that describes the Thought or the subject matter that was thought, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK UNDERSTAND THIS IS TRUTH, when you have a Target that percentile is 200 out of 220 their not goin to let that person go,

Psi-Tech Corperation-Remote Viewing and Psychotronic Weapons


CIA, NSA Microwave Murder



Research the Following Cross Reference, including to whats Imediatley above this Sentence, This is Leslie on One of many of the Ground Zero Shows with Clyde lewis ( their are at least 4-5 Linked shows of her Being on Ground Zero Within THis BLog AND YOU BETTER LISTEN to what she exposes, DO IT

What does Daniel Estulin Expose as a Result of leslie asking him if hes ever heard of the Blue BRAIN Project of ) REMEMBER GangStalking is Not Just a National Crime its also a INTERNATIONAL Crime



The Space preservation Act and GangStalking

The International Space Station and GangStalking ( Mind UpLoading Mind Transfer Tecknowlogies, ( which is Discussed in the 05/01/13 Ground Zero Show Leslie is On ” Incorporated in this Blog exposed by Freeman within the Show )

LISTEN TO ALL ALL of the Videos related to BIOEthics Commision OBSERVE in your Face testimony of the Torture OF THOUSANDS of Gang Stalking Victims and how their Treated by the System when they expose whats happening to them and or Whistle Blowing Concerning It, INCLUDING BY POLICE,LISTEN TO EVERYSINGLE one of these BIO ETHICS Commision Videos DO IT Fucking DO it and Witness Human Being FLAT OUT OPENLY TESTIFYING their being tortured


CLASS ACTION Lawsuit against Amy Goodman and More


TI @ 2011 the Study of Bioethical Issues


Mind Hacking Mind UpLoading Mind Transfer  Techknolwogies


Harrp and GangStalking

Remote Neural Monitoring and GangStalking

Sattalites and GangStalking

Psycho Tronics and GangStalking

( Psycho tronics were ABSOLUTELY put within the Original Space Preservation act of either 2001 or 2002) it was eliminated because Congress didnt want it to be exposed that Space based Weapons encompass this Satalite Capabiltie, Psycho Tronics means elecTRONICS are Interfacing with the Psychological, Biological Pshycsiological Systems of a Human and when they decide Animals Biological Systems, for Manipulation Experimentaion’s ,explotation, and Induced Death).

NASA and GangStalking


This is being shown to You To Prepare your Minds and Hearts

  1. USA Militia Declares Civil War!! Cops & Military Watch!! 2015

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG3kdlAC5Ls
  3. http://www.surveillanceissues.com/
  4. USA Militia Declares Civil War!! Cops & Military Watch!! PART 2 (2015)

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viqUhWlYo9Q
  6. Commerical Dont assume of why its Included ( It Just is)
  7. Disturbed – Down With The Sickness [Music Video]

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09LTT0xwdfw

Fellow Americans as a Result of what Occurred in Dallas on 7/7/16 the Country is Raliyng in Support of The Police ,as it SHOULD ALWAYS ALWAYS be when a Police Officer is Killed,

This is Leslie on Ground Zero AGAIN ” ( The Other Shows she has been on Many of their Broadcast links are incorporated within this Blog” ) Listen at 52:05 into the Broadcast on 07/07/16


If you continue with this Blog then you will observe TRUTH LITERALLY-Its Imperative that we as Americans search out the truth so we are not deceived- and a ABSOLUTE Huge aspect of Gang Stalking Crimes operate INTENTIONLY Thru Deceit, Lies,Covert Participating Relationships, MisDirection, DisInformation , SLANDER ,and MUCH MUCH MORE Now Before you continue Remember this Police Officers have and ABSOLUTELY ARE BEING Targeted with this Crime as well, and leslie has made at least two videos describing how , and even tweeting it to Multiple City Police Departments across the Country, on multiple Dates, those Video’s are attached within the Information within this Blog and you will discover they were Published long before the targeting of Police started in this Country. Relating to these Protests that are currently occurring and have been since 2013 ,Google and You Tube Hemit Ca Police Gang Stalked.

Now This Pasted Blogs URL and then The Video Right above it, then the Text Below it is being included so you as Americans can Deliberate What you think and Feel as a Result- No Matter WHAT Continue with this Blog DO IT

Do Not Conclude the Following is Being Presented to Bash The Police Just Observe and you’ll Understand

 FNN: Funeral for Dallas Officer Brent Thompson, Killed in Dallas Police Shootings – FULL MEMORIAL


This exposes the Death of a Target and Activist of GangStalking who died all alone after experincing decades of Torture, her life Mattered, the sufferring she endured has not been prosecuted to date.



We in America Have Laws That Govern Our Nation To Protect the Nations Sovernity to Protect its Infrastructure and to Protect its Citizens,

The Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, and Each States Constitutions, and Gov Codes Penal  Codes and Civil Statutes, when You are put into the Program of Organized Stalking Campaighns EVERY EVERY one of the Targets Rights and Human Rights are COMPLETELY Stripped from them, Targets are CRIMINALY experimentated on which ABSOLUTELY ENCOMPASSES TORTURE DAILY EVEN Decades at a Times- which is only one aspect of the Extreme Criminalitys the Target endures DECADES at a Time DAILY, Meaning That as these Torture Campaighns are being Endured, the Target is ALSO within this Enduring MASSIVE Other Criminal Campighns occurring to them ,they are literally Walked into INTENTIONALLY Homicide or Suicide a UNKNOWN amount of Targets have been Killed or Suicided ALL ALONE DYING PHYSICALLY ” ALL ALONE” thru these Extreme Criminal Expeditions, ( and the Filthy Criminaly Insane Maggots that do this WILL ABSOLUTELY take out ” Covertly” third Partie life Insurance Policies on the Target for Monetary Gain off of the Deaths  they INTENTIONALLY INDUCE, DYING all alone even LITERALLY TORTURED UP TO THEIR LAST BREATH LITERALLY.Now Imagine you dying in a Wooded area ALL ALONE even experincing being raped or even GangRaped right before the Death by the Same Parties,responsible and or connected to this Crime, the Target their Last breath is taken all ALONE, their Lifes flashing before their eyes their Memories of playing innocently as a Child a Memorie of their Mother Comforting them their dad playing ball with them, their bodies posssibly never discovered and if so maybe then sold for Organ Harveting and or for Cadaver research by the SAME Filthy Crimminal Animals that committed these crimes, so why is this all being stated Because even though the DOD NSA CIA  DARPA and the Miltary and MUCH MORE are ABSOLUTELY VERY STRONGLY Implicated all over the Internet for being the Main Responsible Entities hosting these crimminal Realities ALL LAWS are broken concerning the Crimes happening to Targets so breaking this down further we can observe the Sate County and City Laws that are broken concerning the Crimes Targets endure Making these same responsible, we then Break it down further to what- GOOGLE NOW GangStalking and Police DO IT FUCKING DO IT, Observe The Thousands of Web Sites coming up Implicating them,so why does a Police Officer deserve a Funeral as you witnessed above while Knowing in your heart their Not only involved in these Crimes but also Controlled by them WHEIR are the Honorable Funerals for Targets-WHEIR ARE THEY Targets like maybe even Leslie have spent THOUSANDS of Dollars exposing these crimes to protect the Communuity even Police, SACRIFICING because of it yet their Contributions are never Congradulated or reconized Yet targets still expose and endure thru it to help the Communnity INCLUDING the Police because they know what is Factually happening and Coming Observe the Immediate below Video, Then Cross Reference the Information disclosed in the Video to THE YOU TUBE Video ” The GangStalking of Police Officers Learning Disabled Woman exposes-” their are two Video a Two Part Video series Watch them in Order- the Persons they are using to Harrass a Target are currently being Neurally Coreographed for FUTURE EXPLOTATION

Julianne McKinney on microwave harassment and mind control


Wheir are the Funeral Processions for Gang Stalking Victims and Whistle Blowers Concerning it

Whire the Fuck are they

Dallas police funeral procession 7-13-16


The Hypocracy of the System at the Federal State County and City Level should Cause the Ones who AT LEAST allow it to occur within its Juristiction’s BELONG in Prison for the Rest of their Filthy Criminal Lives,UNDERSTAND this is Even Being done to the Children of Targets including their Infants and ENTIRE Family’s are Targeted, and the same responsible Parties WILL ABSOLUTELY Target Police making them ABSOLUTELY equal to every target who is Targeted , in reference to how their Lives are just as important

Before you Jump to Conclusions about why this is being incorporated, Understand it is because the Goal is to show you how the system can be used to, in a  piece meal fashion to  COMPLETELY Destroy your Life,  Intentional or Not, this Video was picked because the Organized crime members in the system are actually aware of this and INTENTIONALLY DO IT using their employments descriptions for it, for example at the Federal Level the Target is Selected and once put on their Red Line List and thru the Interstate tracking EVERY aspect within the System is Notified pertaining to how Humans operate within the System The Ability to Work Un Corruopted Health Care Social Services , Victim Services Law Enforcement assistance and much more the Goal is to make sure You are denied Not only your basic Human and Civil and Constitutional rights but to also Covertly initiate and  manage its entire destruction so you cannot function within it only to be exploted thru it for their benifit, it is LITERALY how they Operate and what they do-PS since  As a Example ,  Even Though this Video does state the Victim got Busted for weed” its importatnt for EVERYONE that sees this blog and Videos of leslies to Know leslie DOES NOT DOES NOT Do any kind of Drugs and she doesnt drink at all PERIOD

This Video is being shown so you can see a small illustration of how Intentional Behavior using Law Enforcement to bring about effects, taht can be Long Lasting  Leslie Knows it for a ABSOLUTE FACT the Police exposed in this Blog pertaining to California and a some of the Departments from Michigan ARE ABSOLUTELY connected to this Crime she is/has Experienced (Ing)

Retired Baltimore Cop Michael A. Wood Jr. Explains the Criminal Justice System in 1 Minute  


Now before you proceed I’m Going to state right now some of the Criminal Motivations of these Criminally Insane Filthy Maggots so you dont think that the imediatley Below Video is Just about a Guy who’s being cleverly harrassed by Sick Neighbor’s, and that ,that is, the Totality of this Crime UNDERSTAND Its one of the Smallest , Smallest aspects of this Crime, but over time it induces MASSIVE MENTAL DURESS because its doen everywheir a Target goes after you follow directions concerning the Immediate below Video PROCEED and you’ll see why its being included, then Proceed ,

Here are a Few of the Crime Motivations their Connected to -Human Trafficking , Non Consensual Miltiary Human experimentation ” WHICH ENCOMPASSES TORTURE DAILY 24/7 ” even for DECADES at a Time Including it Inducing Death and as its occuring the Target can be Laughed at, Mocked and GasLighted as its occuring to you.Child Trafficking Prostitution Rings, Rape ,Gang Rape, WHILE ITS VIDEO TAPED AND SOLD while the Target is Mocked as its occuring, false imprisonment INCLUDING thru Police, Stolen Car Rings, Identity Theft, Baby Breeding for Multiple Criminal Motivations, Snuff Films, Drug Dealing, Trust Fund Liqudation, ILLEGAL CRIMINAL PROBATE CONTROL for Massive MULTIPLE  Explotation’s Including some listed Above , Debt Bondage for Human Trafficking, MASSIVE INSURANCE FRAUD SCHEMES and these are just a FEW A FEW, of the Crimes these Criminaly Insane Filthy Maggots are connected to and ABSOLUTELY Involved in, and This Blog absolutely EXPOSES University’s Buisnes’s, San Diego Public Libraries INCLUDING the North University San Diego Library LaJolla Ca, the Point Loma Library Point Loma Ca and the Library off of Governor Ave and Gennese Rd San Diego and the Serra Mesa Library right up the street from the San Diego Eastern Division Police Department, Now Understand this as well Cyber Survallance is all ALL Over the Internet as being a Method the perpetrators of this crime use Covertly concerning them Cyber Survallying the Targets Internet actvity including of the Targets  Cell Phones, so the Government at the Federal State and Local Levels, which have encompassed this Crime within Corporations and Institutions such as The Educational System , who ARE ARE hosting this , Perpetrating this,Operating as a Networking Nationwide Syndacite, so doe’s anyone HONESTLY believe  that since thru Cybersurvallabnce they dont know their Being exposed- their response will be to propp up between 1-4-5 Persons to stage events accuastions complaints against leslie ” Including with Witnesses, to use them as Normal Apearing excuses to bann her, the campaighn will absolutely continue towards her and then the places that banned her will not have to worry about legal culpabilty because the same syndacite knows they will escalate the campighn towards her in order to entrapp the Target Physically for explotation in a  Isolated enviroment, which ABSOLUTELY encompasses the Crimminal Motivations described above

This statement was written at the North University San Diego Public Library on 7/11/16 12:08 PM

Now This right here ” the Immediate below Video” will soon be ReOreintated within a Different section of this Blog ,recently Leslie Typed in at You Tube GangStalking and Noise Harassment it was around 7/5/16, and discovered this Video.

Now one of the Methods of Gang Stalking crimes is Sensitization Methods , which includes Repeating Words and Phrases and Sounds, around a Target to make them sensitive to it , its Covertly and Creatively done as the Initial Sensitization is being formed ,and its 98 % of the Time CONSTANTLY Repeated around a Target everyday EVERY CHANCE THEY GET including all day, Now the Key here is to get a Good Set of Ear Phones, and eliminate all ALL Noise occuring around you, and then start this Video,

What your listening for is this- “GangStalk”, then ” Oh My God” Said Before or after it as well as Suck My Dic# being said around the same time , and then listen for these three phrases said twice in these way’s– now also notice how Forced Laughing is occurring before during and or after it- Its done to make the Target feel mocked as a result of these words being said and even repeated, their Intentionally makeing sure he hears this,-( before proceeding UNDERSTAND Organized Stalking GangStalking perpetrators can hack into a Targets You Tube account, and use the Edit feature to take out the Signifcant words being said that clearly expose that this crime is staged without the Target even noticing it, and since this video was published in 2015 Im pretty Confident the Target himself has no need to go back and listen to it because he knows its a harrasment Video- now also before proceeding This Target could’ve made this Video based on the fact that he is experincing noise campaighn’s he may not even be aware these words are being said around him yet, and this has happened to several targets when their making Videos about other aspects of the targeting happening to them, so LISTEN CAREFULLY CLOSELY SLOWLY, in the ways I’ve described and then Proceed because this is Just a Illustration concerning a Small aspect of this crime. TRUST ME

Especially listen at 2;58 Forward

Gangstalking Noise Harassement (Perp Party)


Now some sections  of this Blog will be ReOrientated  periodically for Relevant reasons,.

Ok now the reason why the Immediate above Video was enclosed is so you can look at what is stated being done to this Guy,How its being done and Make sure you go Back and look at the Comments other Targets made concerning them watching the Video and you can research their Complaints by keyWording them, per description.

Now When you Meticously research this blog you will view the Same Method being Used on Leslie ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY, and how shes been exposing it since goin back to 2013 pertaining to this specific aspect of whats happening to leslie

Now OBSERVE the Following the Key to see all of this Immediate evidence is to spend the next 2 Hours ” Not Including the Video Times, but you have to watch the Videos to see a Few Aspects of TORTURE and Control,-

Look at the Title of this Book, paste the URL, and research this Book

This is a Supervisor that works at USPS who wrote this Book GangStalking even in its Title, and throughout the Book


Now look at what a Seperate Target stated in a PDF Documentation file FROM A SEPERATE State ( and notice its Chula Vista SAN DIEGO) these three which means the Video too discusses MULTIPLE WOMAN Experincing Electro Magnetsic Rape Achieved thru Remote Neural Monitoring and gangStalking is Mentioned in all of them

Targeted Individuals & Mind Control w/ Dr. John Hall



  1. This Bog was UpDated and Partially Modified on 7/10/16-Leslie hasnt been able to UpLoad any Video’s in the Past two Months as a DIRECT RESULT of the Clever manuvers of the Places she was using to do so, them engaging in behaviors that stopped her ability to do so, and please Understand the Perpetrators are Hacking into Leslie’s Twitter account Email accounts Blogs ETC and ReArrangning the spelling of words and ReOrientating words to disorintate viewers sequential observation of whats presented, and MUCH MORE, anything that they can do Covertly they will WILL absolutely do
  2. Now Before proceeding AND MAKE SURE YOU DO –DO IT-your going to observe whats in this immediate below Gmail PDF FILE that incorporate’s some things you should deliberate, but its being incorporated just for that sake Its being illustrated so you can see some things concerning current events in our Country only- this Blog after you observe this email file it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to Observe They are seperate Issues from the Gmail PDF FILE except for a few Specific Inclusion’s
  3. I find it Interesting the Drivers side of the Car is on the Wrong Side of the Car in this Live Video and Why did Facebook pull it Immediatley after it was posted,
  4. GRAPHIC Facebook LIVE Video Shows Black Man SHOT & KILLED By Police In MINNESOTA!!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqROP_T5jyM
  6. Now Whats This Look at the Structure of the Bus in this Assault Video then You tube MTS San Diego Bus’s  concerning other Videos of the Inside of MTS Bus’s- compare wheir the Back Doors are Located How the Rails next to them are Positioned and how the Mirrors on the Rails are Oreintated-Their BACKWARDS, and the Back Doors are  on the Opposite Sides of the Bus in this Assault Video of Leslie Williams in reference to how their actually on the Structures of the Interiors of Buses-and why is Leslie and the person used to assault her SITTING ON THE OPPOSITE sides of the Bus in the Assault Video in relation to wheir they were actually sitting on before she got up and after, same concept as the Above Video,watch deliberate and ABSOLUTELY PROCEED
  7. Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb3s3TwtEUc
  9. When you open this Read Deliberate from top to bottom then Observe whats in the Middle of the Email ” evidence” , then to whats on the Right from top to bottom Cross reference dates to whats exposed to Locations to confessions and see sections of proof
  10. Gmail – 7_10_16 Presentation of Evidence and MUCH More
  11.  I find it very Interesting everytime a Mass Shooting Happens GunControl is Imediatley discussed, I find it also Interesting everytime Mass Protests occurr because of Real or staged Police Brutality the Government throws out the Idea of Federalyzing the Police, which ALOT of Police Departments are on board for it to occur, for several Reasons JOB SECURITY and Federal Benefits and Grants and Equipment, do you think just for the sake of Consideration that any Killing of a Average street cop whould be used for that Banner, including staged events to produce the deaths so who whould kill Police Officers to initiate this Discussion – in other words sacrificing them- so please dont ever, EVER believe leslie doe’snt care about the Innocent ALL ALL INNOCENT LIVES-Google and You Tube President Obama’s recent discussion since 7/7/16 Dallas Event concerning Federlyzing the Police-THINK DO IT, and trust me when You get into this Blog you will LITERALLY see MInd Blowing truth’s, evidence to support it and the Importance of who Leslie really is STAY WITH THIS BLOG DO IT, if your a COP BE CAREFUL
  12. Fellow AMERICANS Research this Blog Closely Carefully and you will ABSOLUTELY witness a Learning Disabled Woman ALL ALONE Physically is literally one of this Country’s MOST IMPORTANT Whistle Blower that has ever existed LITERALLY and How important she really is, and the ABSOLUTE GENEIOUS Strategies she has used to Box This Filthy Criminal Maggots in Using them to expose them, and you will witness YOUR Spirit, the Human Spirit within us all to remain free and to not be Victimized by our Government,The Police and Organized Crime that is attached to both-( if your a Law Enforcement Officer- JUST PROCEED Because what leslie is/has exposed is even being exposed for your sake becuase leslie and other experienced Targets of this Crime absolutely know it for a fact that Police officer’s  have and are also being Targeted-so JUST PLEASE TRUST ME PROCEED WITH THIS BLOG ) she is doin what she is doin for YOU
  13. Watch this and PROCEED, Metophorically Look at this Video from 7:55-9:19
  14. Metophorically
  15. leslie Took them to SEVERAL Different Wooded Area’s Under the Guesz ( the Smoke  used to confuse them ” it Being-“of running from the Stalking” when this fear they thought she was experincing which she induced in their Minds thru her Videos of their Harrassment THEY ASSUMED”) to prove the Stalking of her from Place to Place to prove this crime is / was happening to her, leslie INTENTIONALLY TOOK THEM TO ROSE CANYON and Other Places, and this Technique was used to bait them to act out to prove who’s connected to it, and it absolutely worked USING THEM TO EXPOSE THEM and the evidence in this Blog ABSOLUTELY proves it INCLUDING MULTIPLE Law Enfocement Confessions and MUCH MORE, PAYBACKS are a BITCH
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihnMpJF3ksw&list=RDL5dHthUVCt4&index=2
  18.  The Reason Why the Following few Videos are being Incorporated within this Blog On 7/7/16 is To IMMEDIATELY PROVE to you a Few Things, ( But please Understand this Blog exposes Torture Human Traffiicking Rings MASSIVE MASSIVE Felony Criminal Harrassment attached to Conspiracy to Commit it AND MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE STAY WITH THIS BLOG Because whats in it will Literally Expose to You HOW IMPORTANT Leslie williams TRULY is and who’s attached to this Massive Criminal Expedition, and dont Misunderstand what you have read so far and what your about to IMMEDIATLY View – as a Result of you proceeding you will witness EXTREME CRIMINALITYS – IN OTHER WORDS PROCEED DO IT)
  19. Now this First Video is Being Incorporated so that THe Goodness in YOU will be excited STIMULATED as a result of what you Witness, and how Good Decent People Will respond to defend and Support the Most Vulnerable Watch it and Proceed

Bikers come to 5-year-old bullied girl’s rescue


The Following is a Video of SDPD UCSD SDSU USD SDSD Police Whistle Blower Being Brutally assaulted on a MTS BUS, Which was the 2’nd of 6 Brutal Assaults,The Last assault leslie endured was on 12/02/15 at the San Diego VA,after she arrived their from the Bus Route 41- she predicted this Assault in a Tape Recorder before she Boarded the 41 Bus as she was in Mariam Bear park, and on teh Bus Route right before arriving at the V/A and within 5 Minutes before the Person who assaulted came within Visual Sight of Leslie at the VA-It was a ABSOLUTE Staged assault and the Motive for it is suspected so that at Least the San Diego V/A could Openly tell her no Weapons are allowed on their Property and To absolutely posssibly file a Falsified document detrimental concerning leslie pertaining to the Event, every event this crime stages HAS A MOTIVE, you can also Google How Vetrean’s are being GangStalked at teh San Diego VA and who’s implicated in Perpetrating it and know this Leslie has caught on Tape on Prior dates verbal Harrasment at their Bus Hub that was Caught at UCSD and her Previous Hiking area’s ,the 5’th one to date as of 7/7/16 occurred in the San Diego Court House on 11/13/14 in a Holding cell Leslie was Put in by SDSD Deputies-( was that assault Orchestrated thru at least SDSD Officers with at Least a UCSD Police Connection?-SDPD was Used to arrest leslie for Illegal Lodging on 11/10/14 which resulted her being in this Holding cell on 11/13/14), Now this MTS assault Video sent to Leslie is absolutely Altered More information about this is Incorporated within the attached Blog Links within this Blog it was sent to her by MTS altered, the Police Report attached to this Assault was ABSOLUTELY Falsified and Facts were Omitted that leslie reported to them concerning this Assault). The Assault was LITERALLY also Predicted in a Email 11 Days before it occurred which you will View and leslie even predicted were it whould occur at ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION

OBSERVE the Email Prediction then Watch the Assault Video then procceed -DO IT-

( PS The Assailiant who assaulted her DID Engage in GangStalking activities on the Morning of the Assault on the Bus Towards leslie and ON OTHER DATES on the Same Route,Bus Route 928, In which SDPD lied about that aspect in the Police Report concerning this aspect pertaining to this Assaliant as well )  https://targetgangstalking.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/assault11.pdf

Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego


This is Leslie attending the First News Conference that was done concerning the City of San Diego Going after San Diego Mayor Filner what does the Shirt say she is Weiring, freeze frame it when you see it then Watch the Video concerning what these City Officials are claiming about The Harrassment and Abuse of Woman including Serial REPEATED ABUSE-yet they completely ignore what she is weiring and her as she is literally standing 1 FOOT behind them as their saying it

7/15/13 Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assaulted on MTS Bus On Local News Broadcast-4


Now This is the Card of the Absolute Crimiinaly Insane Wild Animal from the San Diego District attorneys Office” Leslie discussed the fact that The MTS Assault Video was Altered by MTS and the SDPD Police Report was Falsified it took her 7 secounds to say this to him-HE CALLED HER MENATLLY ILL-so his Filthy ass is being exposed by his Name -TO SHAME his Criminal A… Look at this Video and PROCEED TRUST ME

2/21/13 Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assaulted MTS Bus Mocked by District Attorneys Employee


Now the Above wassnt exposed to have youb feel sorry for leslie and these Following Immediate statements are not being  Made to make you think leslie is a Hero- JUST PAY ATTENTION

It was exposed to EXPOSE to the PUBLIC TRUTH concerning these Networked Filthy Crimiinal Maggots and what they will do to the Most Vulnerable, BUT AHHH Now Pay ATTENTION Who is Leslie williams and what is the depth of what she knows-what she is going thru and will continue to Do in order to expose what has happened to her what she knows whos played a Role in it UNDERSTAND you will witness who leslie TRULY IS when you Proceed A Multi ALPHA BET AGENCIE Whistle Blower Continue and witness truth

  1. This Blog was UpDated on 6/5/16, Please PLEASE Please Contact
  2. The http://www.rutherfordInstitute,com to expose to them this Blog Their Intercepting Leslie’s Communications for help which is all over the Internet to be ABSOLUTE Methods of these Crimes so the Targets remain’s Isolated within them,so the Perpetrator’s can be allotted the time they need to Incremently Implement their Methods to acheive Multiple Criminal Motivations they have for the Target,
  3. Police Reports and arrests and Tickets Public Defender Prosecutors Members of teh DA’s Office Judges and State and or County Connected Psychologists are used to Bring about some of the Criminal Motivation’s One of them being ILLEGAL CRIMINAL PROBATE control for Racketeering Insurance Fraud and Human Trafficking and Pornography Rings once their Put in Enviroment’s they Syndacite’s own and Operate, GROUP Home’s Using the Homelessness as Part of the Conduit for it, The Homelessness Covertly created by them, in Leslie’s Case it was acheived thru but Not Limited to a United States Postal Service clerk who received & particpated in Stealing her rent she mailed thru USPS Certified Mail Return receipt Mail Theft and Mail Delayment the rent Payed for thru a USPS Money Order at Deraborn Mi City Hall Postal Office in 2010 CONTINUE because this is Expanded on more below. Google Isolation and GangStalking
  4. Open This ” The Enclosed Below the Email pdf Links and the Radio shows Take a Close Slow LOOK at Everything, Cross Reference Dates to Whats being Exposed to Location’s and you will witness stalking from One Location to the Next, to the Next to  ETC… and the Harrasment is IDENTICLE to a Tee, look at also who is exposed, and see truth.leslie is Being harrased at Ralphs Grocery Store  on a Massive Scale La’Jolla Village Sq Drive, and at San Diego Libraries She will be Banned from both of these Places Using Normal Appearing Excuse’s Complaints ALL STAGED, and Make no mistake about it they will absolutely alter and or edit their Video Survellance Camera’s to make it appear no Kinds of harrasment ever Occurred and that leslie’s Responses wheir based on things that did’nt and or never occurred ( To Protect them selves from Criminal and Civil Culpabilty,even to make leslie appear crazy “” WHICH IS, IS A Absolute Methodolgy of GangStalking crimes that is all over the Internet being exposed as same, Here’s a Example that Immediately Should Show you that their Propping up Staged events, and if you do’nt think These SICK FILTHY MAGGOTS wont alter Evidence Videos, Below is a Video absolutely Proving that MTS Altered the Video of Leslie being assaulted on MTS BUS Route 928 on 10/10/11- ( and the SDPD Police Report concerning the Assault was absolutely Falsified and Facts were omitted that leslie told them) The Assault Video is Below and a Email is also exposed CLEARLY proving leslie predicted this Assault 11 days before  it occurred and whier it whould happen at, in a Email ” The 2’nd of 6 BRUTAL Assaults, the 6’th took place on 11/13/14 INSIDE the San Diego CourtHouse Holding cell after they staged a Arrest of Leslie for Illegal Lodging, thru UCSD Police and SDPD 1.5 miles off of UCSD Campus
  5. Review this,then open up the Email PDF Link, right below it- the Pollice came to the area on 11/30/15 Arriving at 9:46 AM and Leslie’s Phone 1- of two she was using at the Time was Jammed and it remained Jammed for Hours it became UnJammed the SECOUND POLICE LEFT, Look at the Time Frames leslie predicted they whould arrive within
  6. 11/30/15 Mariam Bear Park Event predicted The NMorning before Park Rangers arrive ( WHO WERE THE SAME ONES used for the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon event-Within 12 Days afetr the Evidentary hearing concerning that event https://www.instagram.com/p/-t8uP_zUau
  7. Gmail – 11_30_16 Mariam Bear Park Confessions and Physical Interaction’s
  8. Remember these Criminal Expeditions are DIRECTLY CONNECTED to Massive Human Trafficking Rings Sexual Servitude rings, Rape, Torture, Massive Insurance Fraud extortion,Illegal Probate Control for Same  and this ABSOLUTELY can be, and is achieved in Syndacted Owned and Run Groups Homes the Target Is CRIMINALLY PUT IN-  thru the GangStalking Crimes connected to Police, fire Departments Ambulance services Doctors Prosecutors Public Defenders, Detention Centers Judges, Members of the D/A’s Office by labeling the Target as Mentally Ill a a Threat to themselves or others, and or cannot take of themselves THESE are Criminal Schemes acheived thru IN PART the Criminal Illegal GPS Tracking of the Target to their Camping and or Resting area’s, after they have been made INTENTIONALLY Homeless thru the GangStalking Crimes ( In Leslie’s case it was acheived thru a USPS postal Employee stealing her rent she mailed certified Mail return Reciept in Michigan The Same syndacite connected to that worked covertly in Partner ship with Dearborn Apartments Property Owners,these descriptions can be Googled and Cross referenced to GangStalking Crimes and methods) for arrests Tickets assaults and Detention Centers Jails Prisons- this is what UCSD SDSU Ralphs Grocery Store LaJolla Village Sq Dr and San Diego Public Libraries ARE ABSOLUTEY Connected to , and the Other Places and persons exposed in this Blog Leslie being the Target

Now whats This Cross Reference Times leslie made Tweets and what the Perpetrators sent her by hacking into her phone and the types of threats and how they are related to what she sent earlier on the same Date Leslie’s tweet is first Compare dates and times

ThanksGiving 2013 La Jolla Caught Event Right up the street from UCSD AND Leslie Just left Ralph’s when this occurred on Route to her Hiking area at that time https://www.instagram.com/p/uijPKczURL/ 11/9/15 Prediction Arrested 22 Hours Later , acheived thru UCSD and SDPD Police on 11/10/14   https://www.instagram.com/p/vL-iUzTUcA/
Xmas day Rose Canyon-Leslie made this Tweet because of hwat she heard being said around her IN ROSE CANYOBN https://www.instagram.com/p/xGH5xxzUX-/

This is Evidence of what was sent to her Phone after she sent the Immediate Above tweetEvidence     https://www.instagram.com/p/xEqVekzUad/      https://www.instagram.com/p/xEqVekzUad/

This is GangStalk and GangStalking being said on Bus Route Lander Yucca Valley Bus Services on 12/11/12 around leslie it is 1 of owner 50 Audio files concerning Identicle harrassment leslie endured in Yucca Valley along ALL OF her routes in Yucca Valley when she went thier for one week in December 2012, the Person she went to go see David Larson- his address and all Public transportations services and their Routes weir Looked up on Computers at UCSD BioMedical Library and at The North University San Diego Public Libraries and SDSU love Library-ALL OF THEM are exposd within this Blog

Yucca Valley

  1. Welcome to being a Victim of GangStalking Torture- Google and You Tube whats exposed in this Radio SHOW DO IT and then Compare whats exposed in the Show to the Following three Links which are teh Two Snapscreen Shotts and the Remote Neural Moniroing attachments ” Its Capabilties pertaining to Video and Audio Cortex Mind Hacking and how and what is Transmitted into the Audio and Video Cortex of Targets by  the Sick Crimminaly insane Maggots that are doin this To Targets
  2. https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia/a2015-09-04
  3.  Do you Notice that its VILE Sexual Abuse that was Recorded as it occurred to Children ( how whould they get ahold of something like this ” The Perpetrators” is what is Transmitted thru V2K into the Targets Audio Cortex and thru Remote Neural Monitoring into the Targets Video Cortex, Compare whats Stated within these Next two snapscreen shots
  4. Soul Catcher Screenshot_2016-06-29-21-42-18
  5. V 2 K Screenshot_2016-06-29-21-48-29
  6. http://projectsoulcatcher.blogspot.com/
  7. http://www.mindcontrol.se/?page_id=7488
  8. In fact when you look at the immediate Gmail PDF Link that encompasses and exposes the 11/30.15 Mariam Bear park event-the Day before leslie sent a Tweet on Twitter that the next day she was goin to call the Police on Ralphs and UCSD
  9. Between 11/13/14 up thru 7/4/16 Leslie has had to move over 14 Times- and each time she has had to move it took up to 10 Days just to resituate the Property to the new areas up to 10 Days to get Situated at each place in reference to Finding Hiding area;s for her Property and concealing the Landscape from View Not to mention ALL OF THE RUNNING in between to get her daily needs met What is Involved in Preparing and Doin Laundry and then rehiding itr then re getti g to it for a Clean change of Clothes and ABSOLUTELY what Massive psychical exhaustion is involved in all of this and what she has to go thru in resituating it all because of Rain and Flooding not to mention daily errands for Water Food and Cooking  and getting to her resting areas with her bike with her Back Pack Duffle bag and Loads of Groceries Leslie is literally experincing a ABSOLUTE LIVING LITERAL HELL goin thru this EVERYDAY and the harrassment and Fear that was /is Cultivated pertaining to propped up staged events at these areas and other’s that were created thru DNLP and the Direct Conversation Techniques and sensitizations Methods that were created and reinforced to Induce fear of Assaults Robberries Rapes and Aressts and tickets WELCOME TO GNAGSTALKING CRIMES Propped up bu absolute Filthy Criiminaly Insane Animals which is Nothing but Organized Crime in the system at the FEDERAL State County and City Level Working as a OPERATING Networked Syndacite and their are Corporate Connections to it and MUCH MORE
  10. https://twitter.com/higginsgggg/status/748544546691125248
  11. This is Leslie on one of Several Ground Zero Shows ( the Other Show’s shes been on , their Links are incorporarted within this Blog,

Remote Neural Monitoring, Mind Hacking Mind UpLoading  Mind Transfer Techknologies


  1. Please Pray for Leslie’s Saftey,She is absolutely being Gang Stalked at her Current resting area, the GangStalking expedition Covertly created the Homelessness of her, Staged events and Phsysical Interactions with persons the Organized Crime syndacite in the System ” DIRECTLY Connected to the Police,and Federal Government, who’s hosting the crime towards her and other GangStalking Victims in San Diego, are propping up to stage events in order to bring about effects ” That are then exploited to exploit the Target and to benefit the syndicite and the COURTS are used for it, the Police are used to bring the target to the Courts- and Understand they will Use a Third Party to Use a Homeless person or Someone thats pretending their Homeless ( To make the Target beleive they are) to Stage Assaults Robberies Rapes so that the Trauma from teh Event Mentally provokes the Target to Call the Police even though they will make sure that the Person used has time to leave the area before the Police arrive) from them They Include Assaults of any Kind Robberies Arrests Tickets and they WILL USE ANYONE and ANY employment Description for this Including propping up witness’s, this is HOW GANGSTALKING Crimes OPERATE LITERALLY, some of the Ones that have been Identified ARE UCSD Students, and Make no Mistake about it UCSD Staff and Students were ABSOLUTELY used in the GangStalking Harrassment and staged events on their Property when leslie used to go on their Campus
  2. Fellow Ameircan’s REVIEW and research this BLOG ALL OF IT because the Truth is Presented Foundationally, I guarantee if you DO You will ABSOLUTELY be Glad You DID LITERALLY LITERALLY.Whats in this Blog is ABSOLUTE TRUTH
  3. before Proceeding ” This needs to be Understood the Perpetrators of this Crime have hacked into leslie’s Blogs and Posts and emails they have been doin this since at least 2006, leslie has been on National Radio Show’s ,their links are below” exposing that this has always been done to her.
  4. This Right here will soon be Moved to it’s appropriate Place within this Blog ‘ If you want to look at it right now It is to be Cross referenced to the Section within this Blog ( their a Gmail PDF Link that holds the Rose Canyon evidence ) it is to be attached to -The Mariam Bear park Confession caught on Audio is related to Perjury at the Evedentary Hearing Concerning the Rose Canyon Event- that took place on 8/9/15 )
  5. Gmail – 11_30_16 Mariam Bear Park Confessions and Physical Interaction’s
  6. Good afternoon The Immediate Following is a ABSOLUTE Payback for three Reasons-7/01/16

  7. For Stamford Police Connecticut’s role in the GangStalking of Leslie Wiliams from April 2011 to The First week of August 2011 and their Lying Criminal Ass’s will lie about ALL OF IT, ABSOLUTELY, Always Remember this, Stamford was Connected to What Occurred to Leslie in Hartford Ct

The Secound is a DIRECT Payback to the Filthy Animal Whore’s that ABSOLUTELY were responsible for the Death of this Healthy Young Woman who was a Good Mother and a PERFECTLY SANE HUMAN BEING who was Killed by Capital Police in 2013, she was from Stamford Connecticit she Absolutely was a Victim of GangStalking, Illegal Non Consensual Neural and EMG and Prosethic Implantation- and Understand Remote Neural Monitoring and Other Techknologies used by GangStalking crews can induce Forced speech Induced speech-all of this was done to control her Physcial Moter Cortex Actions including her Legs Feet Arms and Hands actions and speech to assist the perpetrators in deaming her as Physically engaging the police in Stamford and Controlling her in Running away from Capital Police -( here’s a Immediate Example to prove this can be acheived Google EMG Stimulated Responsive Implants and how they can control the emg Function’s  combined with the Prosthic Implants that control the Arms Hands Legs and Feet of Targets  DO IT,  and her  saying things to make her appear mentally ill all of these decriptions can be Googled to GangStalking crimes ( is this why her body was cremated before it was returned to her family- without her familys permission- to destroy the Evidence of the Implanations) and Illegal Criminal Falsified Police reports and Criminaly petitioning of her into Mental Health which is a Methodolgy of GangStalking Crimes in order to discredit her after she was used UNDERSTAND what you are about to view, will lead you to continue in this Blog and as a result your World View will LITERALLY change forever, TRUST ME CONTINUE because what is Right below this and whats described thru your research will prove to you that this is what is occuring to GangStalking Victims DO IT and you will witness TRUTH

THe Third Reasons its being exposed is a Payback to the Criminal Animals that are/were responsible pertaining to any and all Good Police Officers who have been targeted and are trapped within this Campiaghn some probably have been Murdered,and Imprisoned and we all know what happens to Police Officers in Prison Rape and Assaults, not to mention that if they had family’s their wives and kids were probably incorporated into the campiaghn’s for explotation as well including human trafficking them, this is TRUTH, PS You can also You Tube this Title it is a Two Part Video series

” Learning Disabled Woman Exposes the GangStalking of Police Officers”

Is what exposed above and Below the Reason why so Many Police Officers are being dismissed arrested and even Prosecuted for Brutality Research it and THINK

Listen to this Before proceeding and Make sure you do proceed, DO IT

GangStalking Remote Neural Monitoring CONTROL

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (05-22-2011) James Lambert & Dave Larson on Gang Stalking


Do you Notice Brain Implants and Prostheic Implants, do you Notice Stalking used to keep Targets of GangStalking in line Well GangStalking is also used to steer the Target anywheir they want to ANYWHEIR

Targeted Individuals Europe – extended version



Watch this and then Compare it to the Next to Video’s in reference to things exposed

3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description


Mind Control Brain Implants – Targeted Individuals


Do to you notice Synthetic Telepathy ( clearly mentioned in the Immediate Above Video ) and Gang stalking exposed here. Batta Boom

Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!



Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!

Jade Helm Terror Brutality Cripple Targeted Individuals: TI’s Confession.


Before you witness this ABSOLUTE Jaw Dropping Exposure, the key to rememeber you will be presented evidence  that absolutely exposes the techknologys the ways their used in part, the depths of how their used , cross reference the material exposed to what is exposed about what media stated this woman was expeerincing

Here it goes, What do you Witness speciially when it comes to this techknology being used on peoples TVS,

Then On Radios Scanners ,Voice Morphing, Synthesize the Following, thru Cross referenced research from each description, then ask yourself WHATS UP, IS it ORGANIZED CRIME, and were any Bill/Laws Passed as a result of this event, GOOGLE IT was it staged as a result of stalking her from Connecticut to Washington,Google Interstate Stalking and GangStalking.

PAYBACK STAMFORD for the GangStalking of Leslie williams PAYBACK

ESPECIALLY Pay Attention to the  “TV” EXPOSURE and how it coorelates to the GodLike Productions Statements croncerning what this Woman Experinced, and how it was used against her

RNM Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Terrorism voice morphing tapping into my scanners.mpg


what do you see at 0;59


The Game (2/9) Movie CLIP – The Game Begins (1997) HD


Woman killed at Capitol, Miriam Carey, thought President Obama was …

Oct 4, 2013 – 8 posts – ‎2 authors

the possibility of RNM-remote neural monitoring is high-especially given the … after telling policeshe was the ‘Prophet of Stamford‘, it emerged today. … health evaluation after an encounter withConnecticut police almost a … Little Erica was rescued from th


This is a Insert from the Immediate above Link,

She also believed he had been electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television like in the movie The Truman Show.


Well do you belive what you witnessed with Your Brain and Eyes is something that DOES’NT EXIST, THINK.

Gmail – 3_28_16 Prediction

  1. Steve Quayle: Marine Claims Civil War 2 About To Start

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUzHaYDIwzw
  3. This was Noticed by Leslie because it popped up on her Computer Screen, very Intresting, how did this get sent to kevin Folcuner
  4. Gmail – Harrassing a Patran in The NU SD Library on 6_28_16
  1. The immediate Following is a Absolute PayBack TO UCSD POLICE and their Lying Filthy Criminal Whore ass’s- PS their is additional Massive Evidence  in the description section of this Video
  2. 4/17/14-Learning Disabled Woman Exposes 1/09/14 & More UCSD Event GangStalking?-2

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LReE_osGEfM
  4. https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/gmail-evidence-1-sdpd.pdf

UCSD Club Med GangStalking Harasment towards Leslie Williams-Cross Reference the evidence in the Video to the Above Video that has 1/09/14 in its You Tube Title pertaining to how leslie states in it how she harrassesed on their Campus and wheir it occurrs at ” IN PART” Club Med restaraunt BioMedical Library and their Price center

UCSD Gangstalking caught being Repeatedly said 8/16/2012 around Target of this Crime 3-of -3


  1. These are the Extremely Vile Things that are Criminaly Intentionally CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY Repeated around Leslie is Ralphs on LaJolla Villigae Sq Dr LaJolla Ca” I Apoogize for haveing to be descriptive in exposing whats Repeated but its being exposed in order to show you the Vile Nature of it the Conspiracy to Criminaly Harrass Concerning it and the Absolute Criminal Illegal GPS Tracking Concerning it” which is the Stalking of GangStalking” because its Obvious outside of the Employees engaging in this that the Others are obviously told shes in their ” By Who”, SDPD Northern Divivion was Notified thru Email on  6/16/16 they never replied ” As Usual” a Copy of that Gmail PDF Link is Below

    Here is what is INTENTIONALLY CONSTANTLY repeated

    GangStalk Suck My Dic#

    GangStalking Suck My Dic#

    GangStalk Suck Dic#,,SUCK SUCK

    GangStalk Oh My God GangStalk Crazy

    GangStalk Weird

    Stalk Stalker Suck Suck

    Dic# Dic#


    leslie has Hundreds of Audio Files of this Being repeated AT Time’s ABSOLUTELY Constantly and its repeated for her to hear Around her at her New Resting area as well and here is a Older Video on whier she absolutely exposing it occurring around her  at a Older Camping area,Look at its Publish date then Go to the area’s in this Blog that show The San Diego Public Defenders and Prosecutors being Caught saying it, LITERALLY LITERALLY, its exposed below Different Location Different Dates IDENTICLE TO A TEE Harrassment

    4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca


  2. Their is a Gmail PDF link Incorporated on 6/26/16 below Its Name is ” Ralphs and San Diego Library The Law Library and UCSD Exposed” Read it Today But its Better if you look at some evidence first and research the methods leslie described within it so you can immediatley see that the Gmail PDF Link DOES DESCRIBE Truth
  3. The Whistle Blower Leslie Williams Being on National Radio shows exposing sections of what she Knows, and whats happening to her and Much More their links are within this Blog, and the Attached Blogs that are pasted within it,THis Blog was UpDated on 6/26/16- OBSERVE and Know Truth, Google and when Appropriate You Tube the Descriptions of this California Senators Canadite WebSite, who is Running against Kamila Harris the Current California State Attorney General WHO IS legally discussed in this Blog, what do you see ” Description’s of ” Aspect’s of the Torture”n of what is Occurring to GangStalking Victim’s- Google how GangStalking is also referred to as CoIntelPro, how this Crime is connected to V2K and the Other Descriptions on her WebSite she is the Only one outside of Jim Guest and Senator Ron Wyden, who have actively done anything to assist in ” at least” exposing some of the Crimes of GangStalking, the key to seeing how the crime’s she mentions on her Web Site is to take their descriptions and cross reference them to first Gang Stalking then Organized Stalking,at Google and You Tube, and you will witness truth and Torture, Remember UCSD, UCSD Police, SDPD, SDSD, and SDSD Police, USD, USD Police Played a Massive Role in the Protection of The GangSralking of Leslie and She was Massivley GangStalked on all of these Campuse’s leslie will ALWAYS Expose UCSD until their Filthy Lying Criminal Ass’s admit in Court they were connected to Extreme Harrasment, and Threats , and the  Criminal Banning of leslie on their Campus and the  Illegal GPS Tracking of leslie to prop up the Arrest of her on 11/10/14 which in turn caused her to be assaulted in the San Diego Court House on 11/13/14, to also being CRIMMIALY put on Probation for 3 years using the San Diego Prosecutors Office, and ABSOLUTELY the San Diego’s Public Defender’s Office INTENTIONAL CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR and the Loss of HUNDREDS of dollars of property Most of it Brand new in Rose Canyon As God as my witness they will always be exposed and eventually sued until they admit the Truth, make no mistake about it.Leslies disdain of them has almost surpassed the distain she has Concerning SDPD and if you have been following leslie online watching whats happening to her then I think you have a real good idea concerning the depth of these issues,. PS Leslie doesnt belive ll SDPD Officers are Criminal’s but Consider
  4. It is STRONGLY Suspected that Any and all SDPD Officers that have and ever approach her are being controlled, its not Spirtually Righteous to use a Broad Brush to claim that all SDPD Officers are  involved in Organized Crime But ABSOLUTELY Remember the Organized Crime that is ABOVE them ” Their Ranks” are who is Controlling ALL OF THEM, so its prudent in our deliberation to consider that it is belived their are good ones on the force.This Blog INDISPUTIBLY prove’s Leslie is being GangStalked Daily, and Law Enfocement Corruption and Participation and Confessions Review this Blog DO IT I Gaurantee you will be glad you did

Witness TRUTH, this is the Senators Canadite Web Site who is exposing Sub Crimes of GangStalking and those SubCrimes are also clearly exposed on the Clyde Lewis Show Link dated 9/04/15 That is incorporated in this Blog, and some of them is what is exposed in The Jesse Ventura Brain Invaders show-Do not dismiss this because what is exposed described encompasses Torture


11/10/14 UCSD GangStalking Human Trafficking Leslie Williams TTTTT LaJolla Ca  


San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulEXcgCsI_4




The Clyde lewis show she was refeering to in this Video its actual date was 9/01/15 not 9/01/14

Now these Email PDF Links are a Interuption to the sequential flow of what has already been exposed they are in Part emergency email PDF Links- also Take note below is a Email sent to SDPD Northern Divisionn on 6/16/16 concerning leslie experincing horrific Vile Verbal Harrassment AGAIN at Ralphs Grocery Store LaJolla Villiage Sq Drive on the same date They did’nt reply ( They never Reply) -Follow leslie on Twitter


( @higginsgggg  because prediction tweets are being made concerning them coming after her and how at her resting area- ( Retaliation), KNOW this Fellow Americans Ralphs Managment Cashiers deli Personal and Star Bucks employees in Ralphs ARE PARTICIPATING in the Organized Stalking Harrassment of leslie ABSOLUTELY and the persons who are managing them are also propping up persons to sit around her to repeat the same harrassment the Ralphs employees are engaging in ITS been caught on Hundreds of Audio files of it occuring at Ralphs UCSD SDSU USD Her Camping and Resting area’s, San Diego Public Library’s and Much More the Verbal Harrassment is IDENTICLE to a Tee and if leslie is arrested are assualated they can easily steal this evidence ( which will be part of the Purpose of the event- this statement is being made on 6/26/16

Gmail – Ralphs and San Diego Library The Law Library and UCSD Exposed

OK Here is the Email series thats being started

Gmail – 6_21_16 San Diego Michigan GangStalking Criminly Linked together and More Part 1 Read then go to Part 2

Gmail – 6_21_16 San Diego Michigan GangStalking Criminly Linked together and More Part 2 Read then go to Part 2

11/12/15 UpDate GangStalking Leslie Williams LaJolla San Diego-1 of 2


Organized Gang Stalking Alert! – U.S. SENATORS NEED YOUR STORY ASAP!


Look at the Dates of these Video What Leslie is stating she is Experincing wheir she is stateing its occurring at and then whos caught after the fact, and wheir at

Notice How Leslie states in this Video Right here that ” Their Putting People on the Side walk and at that Camping area To say specific things in Specific Way IN LaJolla, Look at its Publish Date, Listen to it, then Look at the Video Right below it – HER stating she was experincing it at a Camping area she was staying at Off of Friars and Frazee Rd 45 Miles from Lajolla BEFORE MOVING TO LA Jolla  being done for her to experince RIGHT off the Side walk of her Camping area BY MTS BUS DRIVERS, look at Enviroments to Publish Dates to statements and the Evidence exposed

In this Video you Hear GangStalk Oh My God happening in the Thanksgiving event, and the Yucca Valley event then Below you hear it being said by the San diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders years later which occurred on Gillman Rd as she was heading to that camping area the perpetrators coming out of the Parking lot of the LaJolla Hideaway Condo’s onto the sidewalk, her riding her bike heading towards that wooded area wheir the Video is made at and one of the two men that played a role in it was one of the 3 men that they propped up to hike out, camp out 150 feet from her at that camping area off of Gillman Rd

1/22/14 San Diego GangStalking CAUGHT In Your Face Caught Learning Disabled Woman  


Now Consider , this when looking at this Video of the MTS Bus Driver being exposed at her Previous Camping area, doin the Same thing ” Her tape recorder was running as this was occurring so it shows her stating the Bus and the dispatch conversation she was having, they obviously had to know wheir she was to propp them up to do it meaning that they knew wheir she was living, and when she was their, listen to it then observe whats stated below it

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Overt Oragnized Stalking tactics used by MTS Bus Driver


Leslie was Brutally assaulted on 10/10/11 on Bus Route 928 when she boarded the Bus from her Camping area” at that time the Camping area was 150 feet from the San Diego FBI Building when their building was located off of Aero Dr and Ruffin Rd back in 2011-2012, ( She moved from tvhat one to the One that the MTS Bus driver was exposed at “in the Video directly above” which was her 1’st camping area she picked when she arrived in San Diego on 8/8/11, the assault Video was altered by MTS and the SDPD Police Roport concerning the assault was completely Falsified and facts were omitted that assault video is exposed Below along with the Prediction email predicting the assault and wheir it whould occur 11 Days before, that email prediction was made at USD library They went into her gmail account and erased it with other emails leslie made in CT before arriving in San Diego ” One showed her reviewing Parks to Camp in before coming to San Diego ” Rose Canyon was one of them and a Detective at the eastern division was told by leslie that she predict what may occur towards her before it occurrs oin email files and video’s and leslie has indisputible proof of her being GangStalked all over USD Campus

10/29/15 GangStalking Caught In the San Diego Court House/ IDENTICLE to Rose Canyon Harrassment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V_2QlHzHYo

How Many Victims From San Diego do you Notice on this Blog


And Look in the Comments feature of this News Article, how Often are the Targets implicating the Police


This is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY a Gang Stalking Crime” The Immediate link below this Paragraph” Gang Stalking Crews are DIRECTLY DIRECTLY Connected to these EXACT IDENTICLE TO A TEE CRIMES Committing them in the Same Exact Way Literally,, in which leslie was exposing BEFORE this story broke.Witness truth and why they made Leslie Homeless, welcome to what the Police Agencies and More are ABSOLUTELY Connected to and Controlled by ORGANIZED Crime in the system at EVERY level, that are connected to every type of crime motivation you can think of, and the Money made off of Torture Murder Racketeering Insurance Fraud Extortion funds from the crimes their Committing, Leslie’s a Average American a Person Just like any other Law Abiding person, who is being Targeted in ways that are absolutely Criminal in the Most inhumane ways your minds can conceive DAILY, RESEARCH whats in this Blog DO IT, GangStalking is Nothing But Crimes designed and Implemented for Control, Money, Explotation and Power PERIOD.You better read this Blog.This Blog as you GO THROUGH IT Exposes eviudence that describes what leslie is stating she is experincing, Indisputibly exposeing that fact she is experincing it


Listen to what leslie states you’ll hear being said AT UCSD PRICE CENTER in 2013, then Look who’s wide openly Caught, in the Video Immediatley Below it, and by whom and wheir

6/24/13 GangStalking UCSD Price Center Do you Hear what she states Direct Conversation Method’s


Now see the 2 at the End that is disconnected from the URL address by one space, Copy and Paste it in your URL Address Bar Move the 2 next to the 1 and bring it up Massive evidence of leslie enduring AFTER the Above UCSD Price center Video was Published, look at Publish dates and what she states she is experincing and Wheir being stalked from place to place to place enduring the same exact Identicle  harrassment, INDISPUTIBLY Proving the Illegal GPS Tracking of her and the Covert Physical Survellance and know this the Best Buy leslie has bought her phones at ” LaJolla Viliage sq Dr Plaza, who set up her phones when she bought them were Repeating the same harrassment on those dates and EVERYTIME she has been in their- I strongly Suggest you Google Store’s Businness’s and Corporations and GangStalking, Cell Phone TRacking and GangStalking, and Repeating word’s and Phrarses Sensitization methods and GangStalking, which is used to mentally harrass a Target and to Intentionally let the target know their being tracked and harrassed because of it, The GPS tracking is also used to propp up ANY Staged event, Harrasment Intimidation , Arrests Tickets,Assaults Robberies Rapes,Using Neighbors, Landscape workers Property Owners against a Target at their Camping area and or resting area, to act as a Buffer between the Target and Police- Its the police reports Information sheets and Incident reports that assist the perpetrators in the San Diego D/A’s Office Prosecutors office Judges  and Public Defenders office who are WHO ARE the Conduit used for the Illegal CRIMINAL To the Extreme Probate control for the Above mentioned Criminal Motivation that Include the Crimes that occurred to the Mentally Disabled in Phildelphia-GangStalking is a NATION WIDE Crime Syndacite up and Operating in the System at the Federal State County and City Level Municipalitoes, using the System to commit and acheive their crimes ,Targeting the Innocent and Vulnerable, Always remember The Police, and Described description’s disclosed in this Blog and the Pasted Blogs within this Blog are ABSOLUTELY connected to these Crime’s, Leslie is literally being GangStralked inside of Ralphs Grocery store 6/26/16, LaJolla Villiage Sq Dr as this is being written Literally LITERALLY, so its being predicted on this date the time being 8:55 AM that a Event Complaint accusation theft may occur and the evnet will be used a s Reason to bann her Ralphs TWO LOCATIONS is exposed within this blog and the Tweet chain withon it

https://twitter.com/anonimous558/status/66810986727453491 2



and Geeze whats this

4/17/14-Learning Disabled Woman Exposes 1/09/14 & More UCSD Event GangStalking?-2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LReE_osGEfM

And this is the Wild Whore UCSD Police used the One that threatened her RIGHT outside of UCSD BioMedical library in July 2014, in whom leslie reported it they then allowed him to return to the Library on several occasiions leslie recalling the police and then refusing to come out but yet they UCSD come to her hiking area twice 3 miles away

These Filthy animals were Caught today on Multiple Recording Devices in Ralph’s on 6/16/16 SDPD Notified

Gmail – Leslie Williams being GangStalked at Ralphs Grocery Store PROVING YOU were Notified SDPD

and Fellow Americans this is It Occurring at the Same Location on Xmas day 2013 at Ralphs Grocery store off of LaJolla Villiage Sq Drive listen Carefully

1/24/2013 Learning Disabled Woman Proves GangStalking Direct Conversation Method is Happining


4/01/15 UCSD GangStalker who Threatened Leslie Williams Shows up at Ralphs LaJolla Ca



THis is a Commerical Break anything you hear in it Just Google and You Tube It

Research it ENJOY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22eKaP9vEbYSteve Quayle -The Takedown of America

Look at the KINDLY Reply of these Criminal SDSU Police Officers during a Staged event towards leslie when she tells them GangStalking is Directly Connected to Human Trafficking will you make a Police report, they Brutally Arrested her went into her bra took out her tape recorder and erased the Audio File that captured the Entire event,

The Event Occurred on 1/01/13-You clearly hear leslie state that they “SDSU Police” used the Young man to call them to make it appear they had a Normal Reason to approach her” even though leslie has used the SDSU Media room services at least ob 30 Occassions even checking out their material as a Guest,now below you will witness a UCSD library security Guard flat out admit that a staged complaint can cause her to be banned the confession caught on tape on 11/20/13- the same harrasment leslie was enduring on UCSD Campus had also been caught in the SDSU Library Media Room and on the Campus, that’s been caught at at least 3 Camping area’s ROSE CANYON Included which is the Same harrassment exposed concerning thev San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders on at least 10/23/15 inside ther San Diego Court House, linking all these places and persons to the Same HOSTED Crime meaning that who’s been caught is being steered by the same persons because the Harrassment is IDENTICLE TO A TEE LITERALLY, and when you get to the Stalked in San Antonio Section of this Blog and you witness the 2006 Email in its PDF Link you will notice how the Media Room is Mentioned concerning the Point loma Library 2006, and the Statement” Check around the Bathroom at the Point loma Library You Never know what you might here ” Meaning HEAR”

Look at its Publish date’s then Observe the Video Below it , then remember what’s above this Exposure concerning SDSU MULTIPLE LOCATIONS spanning YEARS at a Time

1/22/14 Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Video of SDSU Brutal Arrest 02/01/13  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt7UUwan2SE

This is a Video From November 2012 it wasnt Uploaded for awhile due to leslies schedule becoming Completely compromised at that time Do You Hear GangStalking GangStalk GangStalker Oh My God Being Repeated

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes GangStalking Harrassment- Direct Conversation’s at SDSU on 1/26/12-2


6/13/16 If leslie disapears she wants everyone to know that she made a choice and ABSOLUTELY sticks by it and plans to, not to leave San Diego La Jolla FOR ANY REASON She does not hang Around ANYONE IN ANY WAY CONCERNING ANYTHING and hasnt at all since arriving in San Diego on 8/8/11- -and know this ‘The Perpetrators have hacked this Blog, and leslie has seen information online concerning targets Mainly woman disapearing and the perpetrators impersonating the target online to make the public believe that the target is still posting RESEARCH this ,so leslie makes sure she is seen in LaJolla at least 3-4 Times a week Physcially she is being Gang Stalked at her current Resting area and UCSD Students have been identified so she moved to a seperate location on the Same Property as a Result and is already hearing the same harrassment she endured at UCSD directly DIRECTLY Parallel to the new Resting area, this Blog INDISPUTIBLY proves leslie is a Victim of this Continuing crime and once you research this Blog you will see how Important leslie is especially since recent events  have unfolded in the past couple of days ( which other Targets of this Crime are getting anxious because of what has UnFolded all over the Nation read this blog and you’ll understand, 6/13/16 ), all predictions ABSOLUTLEY still apllie’s for the next 90 Days, and always know when GangStalking Victims are flagged to be Openly Harrassed including even  made Homeless this crime is a Multi teired Crime a Foundational Crime meaning that the Heiarchy of the Things they do to a Target are built upon in order to achieve their Ultimate Objectives ALWAYS remember Discrediting a Targets Mental Stalbilty, thru Doctors Nurses Administration staff and Police and Judges, etc… is/are the ABSOLUTE CoOperating partnerships to do it they do this to  PERFECTLY SANE PERSONS , this is a  HUGE ASPECT of this Crime, Google these description’s to GangStalking then Organized Stalking, also always know when the Event occurred in Mariam Bear park, on 11/30/15, (within two weeks of the Evidentary hearing concerning the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event- Same Park Ranger’s ( the Park Rangers wheir already flagging her their she didnt know it until 11/30/15- Leslie has proof of this ABSOLUTE INDISPUTIBLE Proof”) within the Time Frame of the Prediction tweet leslie made early that morning, 11/30/15, that the Police whould show up as a Result of what Leslie knows concerning SDPD and the Park Rangers AND MORE, leslie wanted to make sure she wasnt assaulted in any way once they approached her-”  CORRUPT police will claim that you pulled a weapon on them in order to justify ANY VIOLENCE they do to you, and she remembers ABSOLUTELY how she was setup in Connecticut on HER WAY TO ACLU, by Police and Travelors Insurance  in  Hartford Ct concerning the GangStalking of her in Stamford and Canton Ct Connecticut Google Police and GangStalking and Buiseness and GangStalking and Insurance Companies and GangStalking ” One of the MAIN MAIN things they do to Target’s is Claim the Target is a Threat to themselves and or Others, so when they arrived in Mariam Bear park on 11/30/15, after the Park ranger confessed to lieng at the evidentary hearing on 11/16/15 leslie started getting very nervous so she called the Police on him with the Phone she bought in 2013″ the new One was jammed” she told the 911 Operator she had 3 Pocket Knives and Maze and what should she do with them since she was requesting the Police to Come they told her to take them off her waist and put them on the Ground she did, and took a Video picture of it she also told 911 about the Confession  of the Park Ranger ( enclosed in this Blog, and on leslie’s twitter account, they ignored it- Two Days later they staged a Assault at the San Diego VA within 30 Minutes and 5 Minutes of leslie predicting it on her Tape recorder Before the Assailant approached her within 100 ft of her before it occurred, he accusses her of pulling out a Knife when she didnt as he was threating her  in Massive ways to physically attack her- 75 Feet from UCSD property Google San Diego V/A and GangStalking and The Department of Homeleand Security and KNOW TRUTH, review this Tweet Chain NOW



Whats in these Blogs effective the dates of their Conception’s the Dates of the Evidence in them the Places and persons Caught and Exposed and the Absolute FACT ,

SDPD UCSD SDSD SDSU USD Police ABSOLUTELY KNOW for a Fact Who’s Managing the GangStalking of her and they will lie about thru their teeth and Call leslie crazy concerning it ALWAYS remember this Especially if leslie Dissapears and or is Arrestsed, this Blog proves their Connections to these Crimes

Gangstalking In America


Read this now These are LITERALLY LITERALLY part of these Schemes connected to GangStalking Crimes


I want you to listen to this Video at the Part concerning Jim Jones and how he made Social Security and welfare Reciepiants hand over their Income and Deprived them of sleep and isolated them THIS IS EXACTLY A HUGE PART OF WHAT THEY DID TO LESLIE in Michigan and what they attempted to ABSOLUTELY Do in Connecticut,and what their goin to try in San Diego Which os why they created teh Homelessness and are keeping it created

Racketeering, Isolation and Control

The Worst Massacre In American History – Jonestown Massacre- Mass Murder Full Documentary


Notice Fire Department Police and Public Workers invloed in the GangStalking of this Couple LandCopting being the Motive , Which leslie has been exposing since 2010, Leslie is enduring Horn Blowing at her current resting Area, and persons goin by and Saying GangStalking Oh My God and Suck my Dic### JUST like at UCSD abd who and wheir is exposed in this Blog

Evidence of Gangstalking (ABC News)


I suggest you listen to this, these perpetrators Do Propp up speakers around a Target and the sensors they activate the sounds thru the speakers THis has been discovered thru Research, they are sensitization methods Done as part of EEG harvesting the Targets Neural Repsonses when they hear whats Broadcasted thru Remote Neural Monitoring, its called HetroDyning

Gang Stalking / Targeted Individual – How to survive, What to do & not to do




This Video is being added because Leslie wants you to listen to it pertaining to Police Courts TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHT’S and you as a Result become VOID, then look at their Corruptions and Lies after you watch this Video by proceeding thru this Blog EVERYTHING IN IT, and you will see truth of it, always kmow this to the Marrow of your Bones,THe Government can DO ANYTHING ANYTHING they want, To you, Your Family, Your Property, thru and by the mechanisms they have propped in the system to do it, leaving you completely and ABSOLUTELY Helpless because of it, and ANYTHING MEANS Anything


McDonald’s Massacre 1984
Within 35 minutes of leslie watching this on the News as it was unfolding, in her apartment when  she was married in San Diego David Brian Ognian, her Husband at that time Came home from work very early ” He had NEVER done this Before or after this event” turned off the TV Offered leslie a Joint and distracted her for the next two days,San Diego CA I strongly Suggest you research this Blog INDEPTHLY, because his Fitlhy Criminal ass is Exposed in this Blog

I want you to think about this Before watching this, ” The Video Immediately Below” and then  Proceeding, Now even you listening to what leslie is stateing is on her phone before its played to SDPD, then it’s played to them RIGHT UP TO THEIR Ear and they still deny being able to hear it, making them at least at LEAST, the 12’th of Seperate SDPD Officers being played it, DIFFERENT ONES everytime, Different Date’s and Location’s, its why she always asks them ” Do You Know Me as they approach her at any time they approach her” all of them say they cannot make sense of it, when you hear it below, you will conclude their BRIEFED WHAT TO say before approaching her, because YOU can clearly hear this Harrassment INDISPUTIBLY being said Around her Towards Her BEACUASE its clearly Taped of it being said”,Why do thye deny being able to hear it, because its been Caught in SEVERAL Government Building, including Police saying it, SDSD Officer’s included which this Blog exposes as well making the City and County Legally Culpable for Criminal Harrasment, Criminal Intent to Harrass with Conspiracy, Gross Negligence of Duty, Conspiracy against Right’s,Conspiracy under the Color of Authority, Falsified Police reports, and Stalking all Felonies attached to it, WHY MONEY, once they admit it they are legally bound to report it, it then becomes a Matter of City County Record, leaving all places and person’s identified wheir this has occurred at to be legally Culpable, This is truth.

Now before you listen to this Video ( which is the Third one pertaining to this Event-The secound one is Below it-its Title being ( ” 8/9/15 San Diego Park Rangers admit’s it Worked..)”, now before listening to this Understand what she plays these officers, is as Follow’s

Leslie has AT LEAST Over 1000 Audio Files Of ” GangStalk, GangStalking ,GangStalker Oh My God and or Weird and or Crazy Being said around her BACK TO BACK Repeatedly said around her EVERYWHEIR she goes EVERYDAY Including at her Camping area’s,Resting Area’s,Hiking Area’s, Proveing INDISPUTIBLY that she is Being Illegaly Tracked ” GPS’ed, and Pshyically Survalled along her routes in order to Prop up the Harrasment around her WHICH IS IDENTICLE to a TEE EVERYWHEIR she goes, this GPS tracking is also done t to prop up staged assaults, arrests ,Tickets and Robberries, So leslie predicts what she may/will experince and then when the event that she predicts happens, proving conspiracy, she exposes it WHICH this Blog Indisputibly Proves, this is what is Played to the SDPD Officer’s in Rose Canyon on 8/9/15, in which you will see in the Video Immediatley Below they deny they hear it, which you will witness NOW MAKE no mistake READ and Observe this Blog throurghly because the Truth Unfolds IN YOUR face and you witness whats  in it

This is what is Played to SDPD Officer’s and San Diego Park rangers on 8/9/15 In Rose Canyon , GangStalk, GangStalking being Repeated Around her, with Oh My God BACK TO BACK

This Thanks Giving Event 2013, caught in LaJolla on Gillman Rd https://www.instagram.com/p/uijPKczURL/

and this

Exposing Yucca Valley Ca GangStalking Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Direct Conversation-1  


Cross Reference Dates to Locations, look at what leslie is exposing to then how its Caught Later at different Locations, and how what she predicts comes true after the predictions are made in Email Files Tweets on Twittter, video Files, and Blogs

Now It Is then Caught by Leslie pertaining to AT LEAST 2 San Diego Prosecutors and 3-4 San Diego Public Defenders Openly saying it, repeating it, then laughing as their doin it, while Alex McDonald is standing their right with them Laughing her ass off as its occurring-Alex was the San Diego Public Defender they duped her “Leslie” into taking AND KEEPING after several Complaints leslie made to the Court concerning her illegal Behavior pertaining to the Confession of the Park Ranger Video, Pertaing to the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event, them being caught on 10/23/15 Its Information is below with the Two Videos proving it they were Caught ON AT LEAST 10/23/15 in the San Diego Court House pertaining to the  hearing that was connected to the Illegal Lodging ticket from this Rose Canyon event on 8/9/15 the Video’s your about to watch)-RR Colony 5 is Clearly Mentioned by Leslie in the You Tube Video with  11/04/13 in it’s Title” Which was Made (  at the Camping area Coded Gill x 2 Im a  Woman Not a Man H/A Location ) Video Below

Gmail – Predictions made on 12_22_14 Effective for two years starting on 12_22_14 Prediction Letter 1

@ 13;21 SDPD Officers Played EVIDENCE Again EVEN as their Recording it being played to them On their  Chest Video Camera’s and their Tape Recording devices YOU CLEARLY hear them Deny hearing it, while duping her to sighn the Ticket in order to listen to it, Listen carefully-its the third video pertaining to this event the secound is right below it, the First and secound Video was taped BEFORE SDPD ARRIVED-the Secound has the San Diego Park ranger’s Confession

8/9/15 GangStalking Audio Evidence Played to SDPD Officers they Denie they Heard Harrassment


Now The Video Above is the Third Video that was started in Rose Canyon as Soon as the Park Rangers approached her in it, up until they all left, on 8/9/15 ” Leslie had to Change the Batteries in her camera 3 times is the Reason why, what important is Video Two the Park Ranger flat out admitting it was a Setup , before SDPD arrives OBSERVE

Gmail – Fwd_ EVIDENCE Zimmerman

Illegally GPS tracking leslie to Rose Canyon to Prop up the staged ebvent they Brought about Towards her

Watch this and Proceed


Gmail – Additional Evidence of Leslie being Indisputibly GangStalked in San Diego and Yucca Valley Gmail – Fwd_ EVIDENCE Zimmerman


He Says Exactly Listen, Mariam Bear Park Event 11/30/15,

12/31/15 Park Ranger Confessing He Lied at Evidentary Hearing on November 16th 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qheI7…

The Evidentary Hearing was Concenring the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon Event concerning the Same Park Ranger’s- Disect the Blog ” UCSD and Law Library are they Networking GangStalking”for the Rose Canyon Evidence and Confession’s, their Illegally GPS Tracking her to stage these event’s.

11/30/15 San Diego Park Ranger’s ADMIT They lied at 11/16/15 Evidentary Hearing



Gmail – Fwd_ EVIDENCE Zimmerman

LISTEN This Harrasment is Identicle to what Leslie Played to the SDPD Officers in the First Video in this Blog, Who is being Caught Were San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders caught Repeating it on 10/23/15, a Longer Video concerning this is below she caught them on at least 10/23.15, in the San Diego Court House Leslie having to attend a hearing as a Result of the 8/9/15 Rose Canyon event, the Video’s ABove

10/29/15 GangStalking Caught In the San Diego Court House/ IDENTICLE to Rose Canyon Harrassment


11/04/13 Learning Disabled Woman GangStalked n LaJolla Ca Develops Shell Game to Entrap GangStalking



THis Blog was Massiveley Updated on 06/07/16 Review it because what was exposed in it will ABSOLUTELY OPEN YOUR EYES, DO IT, Spend at Least Two Hours on this Blog ” Excluding the time it takes to listen to the Radio Show links of leslie being on National Radio Shows, and what it relates to, and the Other Pertininent enclosed radio shows that coorelates to the subject matters I GAURANTE if you do this I gaurante it YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID,Please Pray For Leslie’s Personal Saftey Thank You.

Leslie is Being GangStalked at her current resting area UCSD Students have been identified-its somewhat exposed below, 6/07/16, all predictions in this Blog ABSOLUTELY apply to that area and along her routes for the Next 6 Month’s ( REMEMBER ( just because Tickets and or Arrests and or Assaults dont happen in the Near Future the GangStalking is ABSOLUTELY still occurring towards leslie EVERYDAY EVERYWHEIR she goes, and their Just Bidding their time right now REMEMBER THIS)

Follow SDPD Whistle Blower on Twitter at  ( –@higginsgggg— Exposingthruth ) Observe closely the PINNED TWEET attached to that account, Cross Reference whats Exposed in it, The Multiple Location’s Its Been Caught at, and the Time spans between them, Leslie currently has OVER 1000, 1000 Audio Files of this IDENTICLE TO A TEE Verbal Harrassment Occurring around her Concerning her EVERYWHEIR she Goes MANY MANY of them Show it being said NON STOP, and she is ABSOLUTELY experincing it at her CURRENT RESTING Area’s.Will they use Neighbor Property Owners to call the Police will they Use Homeless persons Drunks Punks Social Deviants to stage any kind of Event to use the Event to have the Police Called either By He,r them, Neighbors or Propped up Third Parties,Staged Witness’s Welcome to GangStalking Staged events which are called street theaters in GangStalking Crimes

Leslie has Lost her ability to UpLoad Video’s at the Law Library effective, 4/16/16, Their Name HAS ALWAYS been in the Title’s of these Blogs SINCE THEIR CREATION It’s why no Videos have been UpLoaded lately but she has made Videos since then they havnt been UpLoaded yet,So Understand if shes arressted they can EASILY steal her Money Phones Video Camera Identification Medicare Cards Bus Cards Evidence Gift Cards Food Stamp Card and then Claim she never Had it-” Leslie has Used her You Tube accounts to Upload Videos of these Assests, the Videos were made private 99 % of the Time so she could record these assests were in her possession DO NOT EVER DISMISS these statements within this Paragraph ” IT is easier to Human Traffick a Person if they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, UNDERSTAND these Statements are being made for FACTUAL REASON”s

This section right here is being incorporated within this Blog, because Leslie is about to shoot some Move’s ” ALL LEGAL” to excite these filthy maggots out into the Open, so pay attention to the Following Closely CLOSELY, Leslie has literally, LITERLLY been ISOLATED in this Crime EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY since 2001-meaning that she has been all alone, this Isolation was Intentionally created within two weeks of the Open GangStalking of her started,and was achieved 4 Days before the First School Loan Came in she was Cohersed to take out in Michigan, she has been Harrassed EVERYDAY along all of her routes since this Calender year and at her Camping areas and Apartment’s since 2001 she has experinced HORRIFIC Criminality’s that are LITERALLY almost Indescribable, including Human Trafficking of her in Michigan, the absolute attempts to do so in Connecticut, at St Lukes Homeless shelter in Stamford CT and tennessee, she has LITERALLY been running since 2002 ALL ALONE, LITERALLY,14 Full Years, and what is exposed in this Blog Indisputibly Proves it, So scrutinize it slowly and the Key is to Cross reference, witness the Genous Implementaion of Strategies of a Learning Disabled Woman Who has kept a Vow she made in 2005, to box these Crimnaly Insane Maggots in to expose them

Now Understand you can go to Google and You Tube and THOURHLY RESEARCH

How Organized Stalking GangStalking Targets are being used for Non Consensual Military Human Experimentaion, including DARPA being Strongly Implicated in Perpetrating it ” Which ABSOLUTELY Encompasse’s Torture, DAILY For Years at a Time Google it DO IT, when you research this, you will discover it Because ITS ALL OVER THE INTERNET, its been covered on National Radio Shows TV Shows and Researched and exposed by Independent and Alternative media, Leslie has been on National Radio Shows exposing part of what she knows” Those links are below,and this is only ONE of the MANY crimes that can occur toward’s specific Target’s of this Crime and this specific Crime, of these crime’s include MULTIPLE Facet’s of Experimentaion ALL OF THEM are done thru TORTURE, Now when you deduce that this is factually occuring to Targets thru the exposure from your research , You will absolutely conclude that the entity’s responsible for it use the system and the propped up mechanism’s within it to protect themselves from legal Culpabilty concerning it, which absolutely include goin after the target before the Target can get ANY KIND of legal help, and including preventing them from getting out of the ISOLATION, and including preventing the target from getting out of the Covertly created Homelessness the perpetrators put them in and keep covertly Managed, which is used as a Mechanism for Control and eventual Explotation, so Now research how some of the techniques of this Crime , that are Covertly done that assists the Perpetrators in keeping the Target in the Isolation and even in the Homelessness;RESEARCH the Following to first Organized Stalking then to Gang Stallking ,

Intercepting Target’s Phone Calls, Email’s, ReRouting their Call’s and email’s for help, Deleting and or ReRouting Tweet’s from Twitter, any Regular Mail Service Communications, can be and are ReRouted Intercepted Stolen and or Delayed that the Target will send for Help , USPS UPS Fed Ex ETC…Faking Email Reply’s E Illegal Gps Tracking of their Phones and even their Computers, Hacking into same for Cybersurvallance for threat Assesment concerning what the Target’s doin.

Now when you research this you will deduce that these are some of the Mechanisms these Filthy Criminal Animals are using to keep the Target Isolated from legal Assistance and Much More, Now Look at these link’s NOW, Leslie is attempting to communicate with them,” The Rutherford Institute- Below” and has’nt received any Reply’s at all WHY is it because of whats mentioned above, same thing concerning Law Firms Lawyers Activist Groups Human Rights Group’s, so she has to resort to something she has always been hesistant of doin Asking the Public to Anonymously contact this WebSite to forward to them the Title ” Link ” of this Blog so they can see whats happening to leslie wheir its Occurred so they can maybe help her-” to AT least keep the Local Municipalities from being used against her, which in turn may open windows of oprotunity’s for her to then be able to more freely UnCorruptly contact the Places she scrutinzes online for help-WHEN CRIMINALS Know their Being ACTIVELY watched by people who can hold them accountable they are More then Likely to remain on the edge of the Crimes their perpetrating instead of directly coming after the Target-EVERYTIME they use Local Municipalities against Leslie or any other Target it is done to bring about effects  and circumstances that are INTENTIONALLY desighned to bring the Target closer to the Explotation of the Target pertaining to the Other Criminal aspirations they have for the Target  ” Human Trafficking Massive Insurannce fraud racketeering thru Illegal Criminaly obtained probate control , all of this is acheived thru the Illegal Lodging Illegal Trespassing Illegal Enchroachment ” ( Which is why the Homelessness is created and Covertly kept Managed kept mananged ” (Included Below is a Link concerning Erica Dean Gillmore) review what she exposes and Leslies notes concerning it) and is part of the Reason the Police refuse to investigate leslie being GangStalked because their buying time in order to achieve this over time, Incremently Implemented, thru the Illegal GPS Tracking,Covert Partnerships with Neighbors Properrty Owners – even Landscape Companies can be used as a Buffer between the Target and Police, GOOGLE IT ( which is Who was used against Leslie  in Feburary 2012 as she was Hiking 100 Feet away from the San Diego FBI Building behind Stone Crest Plaza Wal Mart-when their Building was off of Aero Dr and Ruffin RD San Diego, and Leslie LITERALY LITERALY Predicted in Numerous Audio Files that they whould be used as a Buffer between her and Police for the Event that Occurred LITERALLY “SDPD “they can also attempt to take syndacted probate control by trying to claim the Target “Including leslie” is a Threat to herself or other’s AFTER STAGED EVENTS” ASSAULTS” are propped up and executed, and or that Leslie cannot take care of herself because shes homeless and wont get out of it even though shes been offered services ” Leslie has been Massively GangStalked to Homeless shelters Motel Rooms Apartments Section 8 and Low Income Housing and at least 25 diferent Camping area’s in  Multiple states, so whould you trust ANTWHEIR the Organized Crime that is in the sysytem whould attempt to steer you to and other places that are implicated to be at least influenced by these syndacites in the system Churches and charities Non Profits have also been implicated, Human Trafficking is a MultiBillion Dollar Operation in the United states alone it didnt get that way, without the Governemnets and Law Enforcements involvement  Whats In this Blog INDISPUTIBLY In your face Proves Factually Leslie has/IS being GangStalked and Massive Criminalitys she has/IS enduring because of it, So what Im Goin to show you right here is 0.000000000000000000000001 % of the Evidence leslie has,


In the Above LInk Erica is told by a PROSPECTIVE Landlord she applied for tenancy to, Told her a Man Approached him and Told him not to rent to her-It also Discloses how they tried to suck her in to Prostitution, and Leslie knows it for a Fact thru EXHAUSTIVE research pertaning to how these maggots operate they created the Homelessness by Flooding her Bathroom ceiling then they Used the City inspector to collude with th LandLord Property Owner  to deem her apartment UnInhabiitable Google these desrciptions to GangStalking Organized Stalking RESEARCH what Comes up

Ok now Proceeding to the Stalked in San Anotonio discussed below and the PDF Link its Coorelates to

Pay Attention Closely, this was Broadcasted on 2/17/2010 THe Examinor Article was Posted 2 Day’s Later,pasted below this Broadcast, Now Before you scrutinize the Broadcast the Woman’s Testimony in it and the Examiner Article posted 2 days after the Broadcast, concerning the Broadcast, what do you see here,

Read this Paragraph then Cross Reference whats described in it to this PDF Link that is part of the evidence described within it

In the First Part of what’s in the Transcript

”   What you see is a pen being used to  ( Parenthesize), and {Bracket}, sections of the Transcript of the Broadcast pertaining to aspects of the Woman’s Testimony they give in the Broadcast ( Broadcasted on 2/17/2010)

Then you witness two seperate emails leslie wrote
One in 2006,( Written at the Point Loma Library in San Diego in 2006 whier she was Massively GangStalked at PHYSICALLY and in which her computer Activity Hacked by the Perpetrators in 2006 LIBRARY COMPUTERS, the other made in Michigan  in 2008 ,
What do you see in  NUMBER 1 and 2, and Number 5, in the First 2008 Email Exposed in the PDF link,and then whats Parenthesized in Page 2 of the secound email made in 2006, IDENTICLE Testimoney That the Woman gave in the Broadcast years after the emails were made and sent, ( whats Parenthesized and Bracketed in the Transcipt of the Broadcast) these events took place in 3 Apartments in Michigan up to 2008 and in subsequential Apartments after 2008 up thru October 2010, and this is onlu 0.0000001 Percent of the Evidence concerning Michigan’s GangStalking of Leslie and San Diego, ( And ASK yourself How did they Get into her Apartments LANDLORDS PROPERTY OWNER”S ) Now when You research this You Will deduce leslie was telling the truth concerning what was happening to her in these Apartments proving she was GangStalked to them MULTIPLE Apartments in Michigan, RENTED in different Calender Years( and the Harrassment she endured and THe Mail Theft and Delayments she experinced WERE MASSIVE-Other Things Occurred as well) NOW Take that to your deliberations and keep it their then Investigate how the same perpetrators Covertly Collude with Property Owners LandLords to create the Homelessness of the Target-in leslies case they Tag Teamed between the Property Owner and a Postal Employee to steal her rent Thru USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt services USPS, Google Mail Theft and Mail Delayment and Organized Stalking then to Postal Employee’s and you will see their being implicated by THOUSANDS of Targets ALL OVER THE INTERNET.(Its why Leslie rented the Apartment on 11/29/2009 and why she used USPS to mail her rent SHE WAS targeting them to prove they Particpated in Creating the Homelessness of her in prior Apartment’s LANDLORDS-PREDICTING this whould occur in 9 NOTARIES Before they stole her rent-and Boxing in USPS because of their Prior Behaviors RETURN RECIEPT Leaves a Trail-and she Purchehed this service thru Dearborn City Hall USPS Post Office the Same Building the Department of Housing development is in who Leslie absolutely knows for a fact that they were Involved in Massive crimes she endured ,NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE Leslie resolve to prove whats happened to her EVER, she made a Choice a VOW in 2005 that it was her ABSOLUTE Intentional to use all Identified Persons /Places who particpated in things that perpetrated and or assisted will be boxed in to prove prior involvement Leslie using them to expose them),she went thru THOUSANDS of Dollars and absolute hell Just to Prove this Concerning the Monroe apartment, off of Michigan Ave and Outer Dr The Dearborn Apartments
THe Following are some of the Michigans Post Offices that particpated in Felonie Behaviors Dearborn City Hall Michigan and Schaffer Rd Dearborn Post office Michigan and Greenfield ave, Dearborn Heights Post Office Ford Rd and Telegraph Rd Taylor Post Office Taylor Mi Goddard Rd off of Telegraph Rd ) Now deducing thru this PDF alone you can clerlry see Just that leslie has proved this and you can see at least she has been GangStalked since 2001-2010 which is the time frames these events transpired thru , PS THe SDPD came to leslie’s Hiking area within 10 Days of the 2006 Email being wrote and sent and Evicted her thru EXTREME imtimidation and cohersion on 11/05/2006 a ABSOLUTE Staged event, this was doen because of other emails she wrote concerning them before and after the date shown in the 2006 email enclosed within the PDF Link   https://ucsdgangstalking2014humantrafficking.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/smncopier215091613300-ken-5.pdf  “”””

SMNcopier215091613300 Ken 5

Stalked in San Antonio TX


http://www.examiner.com/article/human-targets-kens-5-reports-on-texan-tis-tortured-houses-of-horrors Now some of the 2006 emails are breifly shown in this Video but also look at what leslie exposes in this Video and then How it was caught and who she caught and wheir AFTER its Publsh in the Tweet Link below the Video, then You can Review this Video Right below here again to reWitness leslie stae that one of teh 2006 emails flately states that leslie heard threats concerning her in Point Loma Libary in 2006 after relisting to it observe the Video right below this One and then the Blog Below it Proving what

7/12/13 UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE of the GangStalking of a Learning Disabled Woman Tortured for Years




Put the 2 at the End next to the 1 at the End Paste it into a URL address Bar and hit enter

https://twitter.com/higginsgggg/status/66810986727453491 2

8/20/15 Video of GangStalking Text messages & More sent to Learning Disabled Woman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IINCsJYoFek


Both Woman Complained of being Raped in their Own Homes due to this crime exposed in this Broadcast” Stalked in San Antonio” and John Hall Clearly exposing it in this Radio Interview as well as Exposing Remote Neural Monitoring and other Techknologies being used on her and other Target’s of Organized stalking- Listen to it then ask yourselves this, Once they take Syndacted Probate control of the Targets the target is put in the Homes these Filthy animals own, and operate, for Extortion racketeering massive insurance fraud and Human Trafficking REPEATED RAPES that are video taped and Sold, The Probate Control is expedited thru and By Organized Crime Syndacted Prosecutors Public Defender’s Police and Judge’s, their Held captive FOR YEARS-GROUP HOMES, INSTITUTIONS DETENTION CENTERS- this is what UCSD SDPD and other California Law Enforcment and Government Agencies are DIRECTLY Connected to – HUMAN TRAFFICKING Creatively Achieved against the Innocent and Vulnerable Scrtunize Slowley and Research whats exposed and PROCEED for Massive Evidence PS 6/03/16 Leslie IS IS Being GangStalked at her Current Resting area and UCSD Students have been identified in participating in it ABSOLUTELY

Electromagnetic Stalking Dr John Hall Incredibly Important EDGEAM Interview with Daniel Ott


Their a Link in this blog of Leslie being on the Ground Zero Show on 2/05/14 and Remote Neural Monitoring is exposed and what its capable of

So will You help expose whats in this Blog to the Following, by Anonymously sending them this Blog Link-Perferably more than once and spreading the Word CONTINUE with this Blog DO IT and Witness TRUTH



Gmail – Additional Evidence of Leslie being Indisputibly GangStalked in San Diego and Yucca Valley

If Leslie disapears it will be a Direct result of her being a Victim of this Crime, and what /WHO /where is exposed. She Doe’snt Hang around ANYONE and INTENTIONALLY has’nt since day 1 since she has come back to San Diego on 8/8/11, she doesnt do Drugs or Drink or steal, AT ALL, she stays to herself, minds her own Buisness, and does’nt bother a soul in any way concerning anything anywheir

Its being predicted right now 09:07 AM 06/07/16 that leslie will either be assaulted robbed homeless persons approaching her at her resting area and or hanging out or camping out any where around her within 300 feet of her, Social deviants, Mentally ill persons, punks ,criminals  approaching her or her property for assaults any kind of incident especially any kind that bring the police to that area ” Covert Law Enforcement Staged events and the types of persons they use for them-ABSOLUTELY” it’s also being predicted she will be ticketed, arrested, forced to move, Including being Psychologically forced to move by and thru but not limited to Propping up the decribed above anywheir along her walking routes to her resting area and or within 300 feet of that resting area, this is done because they know it will pschologically intimidate leslie, its also done to CONTIUALLY tie leslie up within the Time it takes to Find a new resting area and to move her property to it,LITERALLY or that Neighbors,or any one affiliated to them or the property’s they live on or are on, will be used to call the Police at her current resting area, and on the ENTIRE Property for the next 45 Days,And as a result of you reading this Paragraph alone Can You begin to see what leslie has to endure JUST Concerning the area’s she uses to rest at, and you whouldnt believe what she has to go thru to hide her property and to avoid being seen by neighbors and the fear she has to endure concerning this and  being assaulted and or arrested or ticketed DAILY DAILY DAILY. Neighbors are ALL over the Internet to be particpant’s in these crimes, Observe how their exposed for being so and How This Crime has reached out into the Cyber World exposed on the New’s, then Observe the Follow up Video pertaning to FACTUAL Covert Solicitation of Community Members to use them against a person based on Lies and Deciet DO it that Video has been Incorporated within Thousands of Blog’s Petition’s You Tube Links of Target’s in their attempts to assist them in exposing these specific Technique’s ( a Few of Many) these perpetrators use to get innocent people to do tings towards the target for them so they can benifit from it After you watch it then go to Google and type in Fake Bogus Investigation Files and Gang Stalking Slander and Gang Stalking ETC….

Go to Google and Type in U of M, Dearborn Michigan’s Address then Google UCSD LaJolla San Diego’s Campus Address, how many miles of distance between them

Does it appear to you that this Individual is Up To no Good He came and sat Right next to leslie at U of M, Dearborn Mi, in the library after harrassing her from a Distance with his Friends Watch him once the Camera is Put on him Then Proceed to the Next Video Leslie reporting it to U of M Campus Police right after leaving the Library after the event occurred this occurred on 1/20/11 IN MICHIGAN, ( Leslie was online for YEARS exposing U of M and HFCC next door to them

U of M Torture Victim in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011


U of M GangStalker-Harrassing Victim Torture in Dearborn Mi-Gangstalker Caught-January-20-2011


Now in the Immediate Above Video you clearly hear leslie state the ones who were harrassing her are using Hand Signal’s

Well whats This,it’s three SAN DIEGO Teenagers admitting what, on 1/28/12, 1 Year and 8 days after leslie reported the same technique to U of M Campus Saftey in Michigan 3000  MILES away IN MICHIGAN on 1/20/11 Hand Signal’s Psyhsical Gesture’s,( which is a Method of GangStalking Sensitization tactic’s).That are intentionally repeated around a Target to Mentally Harrass them,The Video Below show’s a Audio of the Confession of these three Teenagers from San Diego ( by the Way they were propped up on the 928 Bus on 1/28/12 to do it towards leslie AFTER Leslie Boarded the Bus, meaning that they got on the Bus to do it towards her after leslie boarded the bus from a Bus Stop before the Bus approached the Bus Stop they got on from, so she was being tracked in order to use them, the 928 Bus was the Same bus Route she was assaulted on on 10/10/11 which is Incorporated below, the Assault Video is Below and teh Bus Stop these three Teenagers Boarded the Bus From was very Close to the Bus Stop the 10/10/11 Assaliant who assaulted leslie boarded the Bus From ( Right up the street from the San Diego Eastern Division Station.Who were responsible for falsifing the 10/10/11 MTS Assault Police Report, ABSOLUTELY

Learning Disabled Woman Catch’s Gangstalker Admitting they were sent to Harrass her-Read Comment


And this is a Teenager admitting a SDPD Officer put him on the Corner to do it Listen to this Video all the way to the Last secound

2/20/13 Learning Disabled Woman Catches ANOTHER GangStalker ADMITTING sent to Harrass


She has also Caught 3 UCSD Students admitting they were put in her Physical Presecence to do the same thing two on 10/07/14 at Gillman and Meyers Bus Stop and 1 on 10/10/14 at the Bus Stop across the streets from Ralphs in LaJolla Ca, CAUGHT ON TAPE, Psyhsical Gestures is Clearly mentioned by leslie in the 11/10/14 Video below


Listen to a Stranger


Leslie requested thru SDPD UCSD SDSU Police to file a Police report that she is being GangStalked on over 25 Seperate Occasion’s, different Location’s, TWO Police Officer’s per Occasion and was TOLD NO EACH and everytime Different Police Officer’s per Occasion, Even playing them INDISPUTIBLE Audio Evidence of these Two Different Events,LISTEN Carefully, ( they Claimed they could’nt hear what leslie was describing to them and walked away, they were played the Thanksgiving event and the Yucca Valley event on all occassions ) Now Understand By Listening to the Evidence and Following the Instructions of the additional Video’s she exposes in this Video and all publish dates of all of them and then Correlate them to the Follow up Video and see whos been caught and  exposed since this Video was published, and you will witness Coonspiracy Collusion Gross Negligence of Duty, Criminal Harrassment Felony Stalking and Illegal GPS tracking all Felonies, as a REsult you will ABSOLUTELY see leslie was ALAWAYS telling the truth concerning UCSD and the Fact the Harrassment she endured their was IDENTICLE to the Harrassment she experinced at that Camping area,( And Others) The Harassment IS IDENTICLE  So watch this Video then the Ones below it and you will witness TRUTH.

( PS Sorry if it appears leslie is a Little anxious in this Video ” she was running late on the date she was making it and it had to be made so she was somewhat stressed to hurry and get it made so she could start her day-Also please Understand Leslie was ABSOLUTELY kept in a NON STOP  Criminal Harasment Campaighn at that area DAILY , and was absolutely kept in a Non Stop Cycle of fear that was INTENTIONALLY overtly created thru repeated overt threats perpetrated from a Distance that the Cops whould be called on her LITERALLY-that GangStalking technique is called DNLP , UNDERSTAND watch this Video then Proceed Follow Insructions and YOU WILL WITNESS IN YOUR FACE EVIDENCE, before you watch it Witness this THis is GangStalking and Observe the Neighbors who were experincing it pertaining to how they say they were affected by it, UNDERSTAND Leslie knows it for a Fact IT IS GANGSTALKING

Surveillance video captures teens damaging property, taunting residents in Lakeside neighborhood  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV2TcQX3-P4

11/04/14 BEST EVIDENCE Video GangStalking Of Leslie Williams Learning Disabled Woman


In the Above Video You Clearly Heard Leslie State San Diego Prosecutor’s, And How leslie states she was GangStalked inside the Hall of Justice ( she got their Building confused with the San Diego Court House  ( Back in 2013) is what she meant to say , do you notice at 48:49 her say these Words and Phrases were repeated around her in the Court Hoiuse , BOOM look at who was caught on 10/23/15 in the San Diego Court House in the Immediate Video Below this Paragraph -PS leslie can Prove that these words and phrases were caught in the San Diego Court House, on the Dates she has been their before, including the Date she refer’s to in the above Video because IT WAS CAUGHT ON TAPE) Now Look at the Publish Date of the Immediate Above Video, Then Look at this, it was Caught on 10/23/15 Inside the San Diego Court House Secound Floor Department 9 ( Which is a Room on the Secound Floor) leslie caught it on her Tape Recorder as the Door to the Room was Temporaily Open what You hear is at least 4 San Diego Public Defenders and and least 2 San Diego Prosecutors repeating what leslie stated she was experincing at her Camping area and at UCSD and the other decribed area’s and places  in the immediate above Video,while ALEX McDonald a San Diego Public Defender that they RailRoaded leslie into taking and Keeping was standing 1 foot away from them WITH THEM LAUGHING as it was Occurring, the Video shows her Tape recorder proving the Date it Occurred ( And Know this The Date this Occurred and its time frame it was caught , and the Voice prints caught Indisputibly connects them to this crime because they had already processed persons in the Court room before it occurred before the Judge meaning that their is a Court record concerning who was in the room, proving who was caught and wheir and when

San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defeders Repeat GangStalker Suck My Dick GangStalk Oh My God


And this is the Video Leslie made at the Camping area the thanskgiving perpetrators were connected to it was UpLoded on 1/30/14 the Thanksgiving event is Clearly played within this Video it is Better More Clearly audible for you to hear ABSOLUTELY You clearly hear them Say GangStalk Oh My God GangStalking GangAStalking Ill Fuck you up, you also hear leslie state that their Saying Suck My Dic# well whats heard in the Above Video exposing the San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders, and the Date they were Caught, and their is Video’s online showing leslie stating the same thing was happening  towards her ALL OVER UCSD CAMPUS SDSU CAMPUS USD CAMPUS and Much more, Caught in THE SAME EXACT IDENTICLE WAY to a  TEE, leslie is Forced to live like a LITERAL ANIMAL EVERYDAY because of this Crime LITERALLY So correlate these Video’s Cross Reference what she states she is experincing wheir it is occurring at , Cross Reference Publish Dates to then what and wheir is Caught after their Publish dates and you will witness TRUTH,  ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS, UCSD  POLICE, SDPD are nothing but ABSOLUTE lying Criminal Animal Whores

4/15/14 CAUGHT CAUGHT GANGSTALKING Learning Disabled Woman Lajolla Ca

as a result leaving her in the Continuing Victimization of it, including the Homelessness and Assaults, but they will arrest her and or Ticket her for Illegal Lodging Trespassing or encroachment EVEN though the Gang Stalking of her INTENTIONALLY made her Homeless-which is a Method that their doin to Thousands of Targets ALL over the Country.

This Blog is a Direct CONTINUATION of the Blog that has been used since 2014 up thru 4/18/16-Leslie has not been able to access that blog anymore due to the Computer Hacking attached to the Crimes of Organized Stalking, at Ralphs Grocery Store L’aJolla Ca,and San Diego Public Librarie’s whier MASSIVE GangStalking crimes have been perpetrated towards leslie EVERY TIME she has went their, EVERYTIME, PS the Perpetrators are hacking into this Blog and screwing up the speling within it

Now before you  go to that blog ( it’s Link below” its important to consider this Blog whats in it is a Continuation of the main Blog that’s been used for the past two year’s” Now this Blog and what’s in it are addeddums to what has already been exposed in the Current Updated Predictions and More in this blog and the one just discussed, so its suggested you deliberate this one and stay tuned to it then follow the Instructions concerning the Pasted Blogs, its very unfortunate that this expedition has caused this , but the Absolute sick criminally insane perpetrators of this crime did this for multiple reasons including possibly  hoping the public wont take the time in having to jump thru the hoops to see the sequential flow of exposure of the timelines of the crimes, this is the blog ” what is Pasted Directly Below within Qoute’s” that has been used for the last two years and their addedum posts, Before goin to the Immediate pasted blog right below this paragraph continue reading whats right below it

That Blog’s Title is ” UCSD and Law Library are they Networking Gang Stalking Human Trafficking” WAIT READ WHATS Next First, right below this Pasted Link


The Following is a ABSOLUTE Direct payback for ALL of the Years of Massive Extreme Human Suffering and Explotation of leslie, which included Human Trafficking of her in Michigan,which was absolutely connected to the Director of the Department of Housing at Dearborn City Hall ” Dee Dee Garrett”, the attempts to do so in Connecticut ” and the Staged arrest of her in Connecticut as she was on  her way to the ACLU to follow up on a onilne complaint she made to them concerning the GangStalking of her in Connecticut, and Tennesse, “Woodland apartment Complex”, she has endured as a Result of being a FACTUAL Victim of this crime Covertly Overtly and Directly perpetrated towards herself and EVERY ASPECT of her life, Organized Stalking GangStalking is a Crime Perpetrated by a Networked National Syndicite Operating within the Federal State County and Local Governments and Law Enforcement Communites, and More, ACROSS the entire Country  ” F YOU to the perpetrators cannot be more clearly said, The First reason for it being exposed is a Direct payback to UCSD and the Director of Security of UCSD libraries due to her absolute Criminal Felony activity she engaged in towards lesie and UCSD Police, which includes them coming to leslie camping area on 8/27/14 and 11/10/14 INTENTIONAL Staged events which were done in order to bring about desired effects PROBATION, which was Crimminaly Obtained thru The San Diego Public Defenders Office ” Exposed in the Blog that is Posted in this One” , and to act as a Buffer between her and SDPD which were used to arrest her on 11/10/14 at the same area , UNDERSTAND ANYONE, ANYONE, that is used as a Buffer between Leslie and SDPD will ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED and ABSOLUTELY taught a Lesson to UNDERSTAND, you better think twice, Leslie goal In part is to use SDPD to expose them, when a Buffer is used between leslie and SDPD it clouds the transparency of their actual involvement” the motive of why the buffer is used, Leslie is very ,VERY terroratorial concerning this matter because her main Motivation is to use SDPD in order to expose their ALWAYS involvement of this crime towards her Goin all the way back to 2006, never underestimate this territorial instinctual mindset, leslie has towards SDPD,, EVER, because paybacks are a Bitc#, due to what has happened to her because of them , NEVER, underestimate leslie’s resolve in exposing them and using them, for their exposure to this crime EVER. here is a Brief explanation of why its been decided to expose it to you, it is here between quote’s read carefully.

” We as Americans work hard to provide for ourselves and our Familie’s, we are Hamstrung daily by Arbitrary Tax’s Utliity Costs and Growing Food Bill’s,we have NO whatsoever say in how much were forced to pay,  Most people are ABSOLUTELY completely fed up with it because this money could be used by us to provide for our famile’s, instead it goes into the pockets of inflated Government and Tax Subsidized Universitie’s, etc…UCSD, and UC Davis SDSU ETC…

Theses Tax’s pay for the Operation’s of these Universities to Pension’s Salerie’s , Including “UCSD Police and their ABSOLUTE Crimminal Ass’s” and who pay’s for Kamila Harris the California Attorney General salery who is the legal Advocate for UCSD SDSU ETC, who’m by the way has Human Trafficking information on her Web Site ( A Complete JOKE ),Tax Payer’s do, YOU, YOU, PS Google Kamila Harrass and GangStalking you will witness OTHER San Diego Targets of this Crime Petition’s to her concerning the Victimization’s their Enduring as a result of being victims of this Crime ” she did’nt assist ANY of them.

So what is this section of this Blog exposing concerning this,

READ CAREFULLY, then Listen Then Research, Cross Reference, whats exposed to their Dates, to location’s, to who’s exposed.

GangStalking Organized Stalking Victim’s experince ABSOLUTE Horrific Criminality’s that are LITERALLY beyond the Minds Intitial Comprehension, Torture Included, Human Trafficking Non Concensual Military Human Experimentation ” Observe this Quickly ” Non Consensual Human Experimentation Blog of another Target of this Crime

and MUCH, MUCH MORE, their Made Homeless, forced into Intentional covertly created and kept managed Financial destitution, Falsley arrested and or ticketed thru Staged Event’s achieved thru Illegal GPS Tracking Covert Psyhsical Tracking ” ILLEGAL SURVELLANCE”, Google Organized Stalking and Police Organized Stalking and FBI,

So considering just what has been exposed so far that you have just read what Target’s do is first run to the Police and Government, and media for help , Over time as the Crime continues they realize thru experince and educated knowledge that the Immediate Just forementioned are connected to the crime’s and the protections of it, so the target’s start exposing the crimes happening to them including by police and the Government and wherever and whom ever is participating in them towards them, Now Stop reading this Right now Open up a New Window on your Computer and bring up Google search Type in Cyber Survallance and GangStalking then to Organized Stalking, meaning that the perpetrators Covertly Monitor ALL or the Targeted Individual’s Electronic Communication’s, Internet, Cell Phone ETC in order to see if  what their doin, to scrtunize if it is a Threat to them or can be used as a Benifit for them pertaining to what they want to bring about towards the target against them  so TRUST me whats being posted today is being viewed by them ( 5/23/16), after you research this Now Understand-UCSD Knew lesile was exposing their Sick Crimminal Ass’s EVERYBIT of it was Monitored by them NO MATTER WHAT THEY EVER SAY ABOUT IT”, they then developed thru Conspiracy, staged events to document falsified statements about leslie and to bann her, Observe CLOSELY, SLOWLY



Geeze whats this, UCSD Library Security OPENLY admitting a Staged event can Cause leslie to be Banned Hummmm-CONSPIRACY

Learning Disabled Woman EXPOSES Library Security ADMITTING Staged Complaint can Bann her UCSD   


and this is a Blog that was being used in 2013 concerning UCSD and their ABSOLUTE Lying Criminal Insane ass’s


Procced and witness leslie using them to expose them PAYBACKS are a Bitc###

So what is the Motivation of the First part Payback to the Above Exposed, Targets of this crime while in the Midst of enduring it DAILY DAILY  expose whats happening to them and some even use creative ways to predict what may/will occur towards them in order to prove Conspiracy , online, UCSD Knew they were being exposed ABSOLUTELY, so they developed schemes to bann leslie to wash their hands of what they were perpetrating towards her INCLUDING USING STAFF,to stop the exposure, and so once the expedition stared exploting her thru other avenues UCSD could say that within those calender time periods the GangStalking of leslie wasnt occurring on our Campus because she no longer comes here ( Because of being Banned-) they didnt want any current connection of the crime happening to leslie attached to them once they escalate the campaighn towards her which will lead to the explotation because they knew leslie was already exposing their attachment to this crime happening to her, on their Campus, so they engaged in ABSOLUTE Criminal felony behavior to bann her for this purpose and to stop the exposure- so how did this affect leslie as a result of being banned, Outside of the Above explanation, as a direct result of leslie being CRIMINALY banned her ability to use the Public Libraries on their Campus she was using to expose what was happening to her was taken away, how are you the Public supossed to see CURRENT CURRENT evidence of ANY crimes shes enduring if she cannot expose it Including anything that happen’s to her that she predicts before hand thru emails tweets on twitter Video’s and any Police Involvement etc.. UNDERSTAND, like for instance, to see what I mean do you know how a Abusive Partner Isolate’s the Partner their abusing , by taking away their cell phone, computer taking away the Credit cards isolating them from Friends and Family Same concept-Google Isolation and GangStalking Organized Stalking, taking away Leslie INTERNET Avalibility was the second main Motivation of why they banned leslie from UCSD,and the Excuse of Banning her permently was never expressed to leslie when they did it ” Which was thru a Letter”.

If she cannot communicate to the Public what has, and is currently happening to her, the How, and wheir its occurring, How are you goin to know its happening UNDERSTAND, the Motivation behind the Criminal Banning of her ABSOLUTLY, and this is what Your paying for, thru YOUR Tax’s, Organized Stalking is DIRECTLY Connected to Human Trafficking Google and You Tube it.

So Here is part of that payback, Do you Notice UC San Diego, LaJolla Mentioned in this Broadcast and the Salk Institute which is RIGHT RIGHT off of UCSD LaJolla Campus, 25 Feet across the street from them Its Clearly mentioned on the 9/02/15 Clyde Lewis Broadcast below

Also UC Riverside Campus —James Holmes—Hummm So Listen to it then Review the Alex Jones Interview of a UC Davis Professor exposing Directed energy Weapons being used on their Campus and GangStalking- Directed Energy Weapons are SubCrime’s of GangStalking Crime’s Google and You Tube it,, it is what is exposed in the Jesse Ventura Brain Invader’s Show that is on You Tube that you can watch These are 3 Campuses The California Attorney General is the Legal Advocate for As well as SDSU, the Blogs attached within this Blog INDISPUTIBLY prove Leslie being Gang Stalked and Harrassed in the Same way at UCSD SDSU and at the Camping area UCSD SDPD police came to on 11/10/14 and 8/27/14 Connecting all 3 places to the same exact IDENTICLE TO A TEE VERBAL HARRASMRENT which was then connected to the San Diego prosecutors Office and Public Defenders office INDISPUTIBLY , INDISPUTIBLY ,Proven as well, The Evidence was Caught on HUNDREDS of Audio and Video Files, So slowly Scrutinize the Attached Blogs within this Blog and SEE truth Indisputibv in your face proven,

and UCLA Physics Majors are Clearly exposed in the Blog” Its link above” to be Directly connected to GangStalking ” UCSD and Law Library are they Networking GangStalking”

PAYBACKS are a Bit## Hows it feel SDPD UCSD Police to be angry ,to feel at least momentarialy Powerless, to feel fearful, to have someone else control your anger Hows it feel -well Fuc### welcome to what GangStalking VICTIMS ENDURE DAILY DAILY 24/7.Leslie Williams Lost her last chance to Have children as A DIRECT RESULT of the INTENTIONAL STAGED Event SDPD pulled towards her in 2006 at a Hiking area, Never underestimate her utter distain for these Filthy Maggots,

Now here are those Broadcasts But First Listen to this Closely Do you Notice DARPA connected to what leslie is exposing wel their CLEARLY mentioned in the Follow Up Broadcasts- is this A Small Section of the  Neural Torture Targets are enduring, MILITARY Non Concesual Human Experimentation connected to GangStalking Crimes

3/26/16 Remote Neural Monitoring EVIDENCE GangStalking RESEARCH C Description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOqy756-pNI

Now Look at this then Proceed to the Broadcast’s

Darpa Scientist admits V2K and Synthetic Telepathy using Cell phone Towers, Read this Then research these terms to GangStalking

Here are 4 of Many Shows leslie has been on, on Ground Zero, Notice the Dates to whats exposed then cross Referenced to whats been caught since, proving she was telling the truth from Day One -and by the Way in the Original Blog that leslie has been using since 2014 exposes a Blog posted on 8/1/11 cross reference her stateing she was electrically shocked as she slept to another complaint Aron alexis stated that what was happeing to him, to then what targets are exposing happening to them at You Tube Brain Invaders Jesse Ventura
Leslie exposes E.L.F on 9/17/13, and that her ExHiusband was a Submarine radar Antenena Elelectrician, and Ringing in GangStalking Targets ears
well whats this the very Next day, 9/18/13
Now Pay Attention to this, Blue Beam is Directly connected to Holographic Images which includes Aliens ( As Crazy as it Sounds-U Tube and Google it) Aron Alexis was working on Software SubContracted thru the Navy  to simulate Alien Invasions) 4 Connection’s to Who and what Well this is Leslie discussing the Blue Beam Project on 5/01/13
If leslie was Cleaverly stating it was her that experinced Project Blue Beam as a Child is what she saw as a Child in the Experince at exactly 1:44 Into this Video, and if you research this you will discover at least 3 Children Parents EXPOSING the SAME Exact thing Google and You Tube Children see Jeus in the sky and or Clouds Look at when they say they seen it and Leslie clearly states The Blue Beam experince Occurred in the 60’s, when you go to the Main Blog that was started in 2014 and used thru April May 2016 you will deduce information in that blog that Compliments whats in this one ABSOLUTELY, like How long leslie has truly been a Victim of this Crime.Also When you look at this Video Understand Video and Audio implants used to be Needed in certain representations of these Holograms they are no longer needed but are still being used Observe
Light Including Invisible Light acts as a Carrier for the Radio Wave’s that encompasses the Visual and Auditory presentations, they Piggy back the Radio Waves on Sound Waves Light waves, lasers,etc ANY kind of freuqency you can think of Research it and you will know truth Data Grams Data Dumps Neural Encoding is another Thing that can Interfacee with the Targets Brain, using them as delivery modalities for Information data Dumps that can later be stimulated for conscios Proessing and Forced speech, speaking what is dumped Neurally Here is a Example
Do you Hear the Vetrean In this Broadcast, discuss how he is Speaking Languages hes never learned and Artificial dreams in the Link right below this Video



Above Continued
Now goin back to the 9/17/13 Broadcast Leslie clearly states they set up Homeless men at her Current Camping area ” At that Time to yell Repeadedly GangStalk Oh My God Weird Crazy, and that it was being repeated along all of her routes Including at her follow up hiking area’s ,and Video’s were already online Published on YouTube and Blogs concerning it being Caught being repeaededly said in the Same exact IDENTICLE way  at UCSD SDSU before 9/17/13  , well whats this , It’s the  San Diego Prosecutors and Public Defenders Saying what leslie stated she was experincing on the 9/17/13 Ground Zero Show and what she was exposing in this You Tube Video MADE at that Camping Area
the Very area she was referring to on the Show, the Woods off of Gillman Rd RIGHT up the street From UCSD
This is leslie talking to Daniel Estulun and Clyde Lewis and he exposes Remote Neural Monitoring WHICH is all over the internet to be used on GangStalking Victim’s
and this is Leslie on the Show exposing how her Blogs have ALWAYS been hacked by the perpetrators of this Crime
Observe Closely then Cross Reference SEE TRUTH

8/26/15 San Diego Park Ranger Says It Worked when told she Baited Police to come to her


Now if you slowly observed and Cross referenced the Above evidence alone and what was exposed and whpo was caught: Know that the Gillman Camping area was in LaJolla Ca,

THis Camping area was the one she was at back in 2012 before coming top LaJolla in October 2012 What do you hear leslie stating a MTS Bus Driver is doin Right off the entrance of that area- then look at its Publish date, then Observe her being assaulted on a MTS Bus-the 2’nd of 7 Staged assaults the assaults and how they were predicted before they occurred are exposed in the Blog discussed at the Top of this Blog

Learning Disabled Woman Exposes Overt Oragnized Stalking tactics used by MTS Bus Driver


MTS Altered this Assault Video and SDPD Falsified the Police Report concerning the Assault and Facts were omitted from the Police Report that leslie made to them

Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assualted on MTS Bus- San Diego



This is a Commercial Break ” from this Blog, yet how many things are in it that can be cross referenced to what you see online concerning the Blue Beam Project

Now What Your Goin to witness in this PDF Link DO NOT DISMISS IT even if you dont belive it REMEMBER IT and Before Opening it up Go to Google and Type in Synthtic Telepathy and GangStalking then Research Project Blue Beam and GangStalking and Observe how its even in this News Broadcast Broadcast, PS Ignore the Overture Mocking of these News Reporters, TRUST ME

Organized Gang Stalking And Electronic Harassment On MSNBC News!


Tooth Implants are all over the INTERNET to be Connected to GangStalking

Observe just one Post Concerning it


You will also notice Microwaves discussed in the You Tube Video at the Bottom of this Email PDF Link

Gmail – Commercial for Blog Witness Truth and KNOW IT




Knights of Malta Who Queen Elizabeth is Connected to, It was England’s Royal family whom killed Mary Queen of Scott’s Leslie’s Imedaite Distant Relative” which is discussed in the Blog exposed within this one, and the Knights of Columbus Hall’s and the Catholic Church was Massiveley connected to some of the Crimes leslie endured in Michigan the Archdiosese of Detroit, in which he was connected to a Building on U of M Campus the Richard Gabriel Building a Knights of Columbus Hall, and a Church Sacred Heart, which he was Directly connected to ALL THREE PLACES, and all three places leslie Endured GangStalking Psychological Operations BEFORE  she knew what was happening to her the Church after she discovered it, Human Trafficking was connected to it

THis Broadcast was Broadcasted on 9/01/15, leslie has been on this show several times including on 9/1/15, the Night before


Alex Jones Show: Thanksgiving Edition – AUDIO (11-26-15)


Here is some Ademdum Blog’s that corelates to the Immediate Above Blog LInk




Click on this Right here

Take this Tweet URL and Copy and paste it INCLUDING by putting the 2 at the end of it into a URL address Bar, then hit enter and what do you see


These are Gmail Attached explanations of sections of these crimminal expeditions stay tuned because these are a Gmail serie’s

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